Im finally making the Smash Bros Fic I wanted to make. The current title is a prototype and may change if I find another one more fitting.

Summary: Tired of always being saved, our favorite damsels in distress get their chance in the spotlight when every male in Smash Mansion and beyond is captured by Tabuu. Now on a journey between worlds to find their friends, these girls will prove once and for all that they're no damsels!

Chapter 1: We're no Damsles

Zelda twitched. It couldn't be true...again. After looking over the days battle roster, she couldn't believe that Master Hand wasn't putting her in any matches...again. It seemed that day after day, she was getting left out of the fights and forced to do things like cooking and cleaning. What was she as maid? Well, Zelda was not going to stand for it anymore! She was going up to Master Hands office right now, and was going to give him a piece of her mind.

But apparently Zelda wasn't the only one with a problem. Samus and Peach were also in the office and they didn't looked too pleased either. Peach was sitting on a chair, with her arms crossed angrily, while Samus was holding her cannon at Master Hand and had a smash ball in her other hand. 'Now that I think about it,' Zelda thought, 'I don't recall seeing Sam and Peach on those rosters either.'

Zelda took a seat next to Peach. "Whats going on here?" she asked. Peach turned to her a little annoyed.

"Master Hand isn't letting any of us fight because "we're little girls" so now Samus is going to give him her Zero Laser if he doesn't change his mind." Peach explained. Zelda glared at Master Hand. How dare he! Normally Zelda would pity the poor fool who dared to make Samus so mad that she'd Zero Laser them but she was more than willing to make an exception in his case.

"Shouldn't we get in there to help Samus?" Zelda asked. Peach was about to stop her but Zelda was already walking over to the furious bounty Hunter and the terrified glove.

Unfortunatly, when Samus was mad, she didn't care who she attacked and Zelda was sent back to her chair as an icicle. Peach laughed nervously. "Guess Ishould have warned you," she said and bit her lip to stop laughing. Zelda just glared at her.

Meanwhile Samus was moments away from crushing the smash ball causing panic and alarm in Master Hand. "Now you will put us in todays roster and days to come rosters or will I have to go Metroid on you?" she threatened. Master Hand turned into a fis and slammed the desk. "Samus Aran your threats don't scare me," he boomed, "The battle field is no place for a woman. Now go to the kitchen and make brownies or something." Samus crushed the smash ball absorbing its power.

Zelda stood up again. "Don't make us call Supreme Hand!" she added. Everyone in the room turned to her fearfully. Sure they were all mad, but they couldn't have been that mad to get THAT involved. Master Hand floated over to her.

"You wouldn't," he growled at her. Zelda slyly took out her cell phone. "Supreme Hand and I are like this. On Speedial," She pressed a button and positioned her finger on dial. Samus and Peach watched amused and Master Hand tried tog rab the phone from her.

"Okay you want to fight," he said, "I'll squeeze you three in somewhere. Just don't call Supreme Hand." He ran out of the office. Zelda sighed and put her phone away. Peach ran up to her.

"That was amazing Zelly," she cheered and hugged her friend. Samus removed her helmet and gave Zelda a confused knowing look.

"Zel just how do you know Supreme Hands number?" she questioned. Zelda laughed.

"Relax that wasn't Supreme Hand I was going to dial. It was a bluff and Master Hand fell for it hook line and sinker." Zelda explained. Samus and Peach nodded in understanding.

"So who's speed dial was it anyway?" Peach suddenly asked. Zelda instantly stopped laughing. "Zelly?" Peach asked. Zelda caught sight of the clock.

"Oh it's that late already? Oh no we're going to be late for the first match!" she stammered and dashed out of the office. Peach and Samus sweatdropped.

Later that Day...Or more Specifically that Evening

"Ugh leave it to Master Hand to pick our fights," Samus (now Zero Suit) groaned and fell onto her bed. Peach and Zelda sat down on theirs angrily. Master Hand decided that Zelda, Peach and Samus should fight Young Link, Ice Climbers and Pichu respectively. The problem? They were some of the worst fighters in the mansion and the girls were humliated due to the fact that hurting YL IC and Pichu was an untold crime due to their young cute status. Even Master Hand knew that so small child brawlers were always pitted against each other.

"Zel you should've let me blast that glove," Samus hissed. Peach nodded.

"Or we should really find out Supreme Hands number and really call h--"

"No," Zelda interrupted, "If Supreme Hand gets involved in a mansion matter again..." All three girls shuddered. They all decided there was absolutely no need for Supreme Hand to get involved. Besides if Master Hand doesn't let them fight some real opponents tomorrow they'll all get smash balls and give the glove a beating he'll never forget.

"Guys are so annoying," Peach said later when everyone was asleep (except the trio).

"Yeah," Zelda said, "They always think they're all that because we get captured and they save us."

"Mhm," Samus agreed, "But I don't get why I'm always grouped with you two. I've never been captured. I'm always saving the captured."

Zelda and Peach looked over at her annoyed but Samus didn't seem to notice. "What about the time the hatchling of yours saved you from a parasite or something?" Peach suddenly asked.

"That was life or death," Samus replied simply, "I was never actually kidnapped and had to be saved by my hero." Peach and Zelda looked at each other sheepishly.

"Ok uh," Peach said reaching for the light switch, "Good night Zelly. Good night Sammy."

"Good Night," The other two said as Peach flicked the light off.

The Next Morning...

Beep! Beep! The alarm rang. Zelda hit the snooze button carelessly but ignored it completely. She wanted to sleep more. But when you share a room with the craziest and perkiest girls ever that was a battle on its own. And as usual they were arguing. Zelda looked up to see what was going on this time.

"But Sammy this would look so nice on you," Peach whined holding a poofy blue dress. Samus was holding her stun gun aimed straight at the dress.

"No means no," Samus yelled. Zelda sighed. Peach would never give up on stuffing Samus, the most dangerous (and violent) woman in the mansion (not just woman, PERSON/CREATURE) in a dress of some sort or other pretty clothes that she or Zelda would die for.

"Peach, Samus," Zelda said sleepily, "Do you have to fight in this room? And so early in the morning?" Her voice grew hostile with each word.

"Sorry Zelly," Peach said cheerfully," But wouldn't this dress look so cute so Sammy?" Zelda looked over at Peach who was on Cloud 9 then at Samus who was aiming the stun gun at her now and sighed. Why did she have to be the normal one?

"Peach leave Samus alone would ya? Would you like it if she tried to get you in one of her power suits?" Zelda reasoned. Samus snickered. As if she'd ever let Peach near her beautiful power suits. The last time an unautorized figure came near the suits, Samus was stuck in Zero-Suit mode for a week.

Peach sighed defeated and tossed the dress on a chair. Zelda nodded and stood up. "Lets just go get breakfast, check the rostaer and beat up Master Hand. Okay?" she asked. Peach and Samus smiled evily and nodded.

They reached the dining hall pretty quickly, which was surprising as Roy was usually taking tolls for climbing down the stairs and everyday the price was different. "Guess he's giving us all a break today," Peach shrugged. Zelda nodded happily while Samus rolled her eyes nonchalantly.

But when they opened the dining room doors they're hapiness (and annoyance) quickly melted into shock.

"Oh..." Zelda gasped

"My..." Samus rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't seeing things.

"Goodness..." Peach finished putting her hand over her mouth.

The sight was too shocking!

Chapter 1 is done. Supreme Hand is an OC of mine (one that scares Master Hand even) and will make an appearence soon. I'll write Chapter 2 soon. (Since I have time now ) (Oh and sorry if some of the characters are a bit OOCish)

Until then readers...