Rosalie fears salt. It reminds her of tears that slid down her cheeks and into the cuts on her face — the night she lost everything.

(The tears you pretend today have no salt; they are pure in rainwater. If you shed them now, would they sting the way they did?)

Emmett savors salt. It hints at the taste of a margarita "on the rocks;" the friends, the pranks pulled. He didn't hide from sunlight then.

(If you knew what came after, would you have done things differently? You know life now as you never had in those days. You've gained.)

Jasper knows salt. When he was a soldier everything smelled of sweat, the water tasted salty, his clothes were stiff with salt, blood, and tears.

(Remember the pain of salt in your eyes when you tried to shoot straight? Did you ever feel grateful when you missed because of it?)

Alice forgets salt. She knows it now in the smells of bland cafeteria food and tears and blood. Perhaps that's all she would have known.

(Do you ever regret missing the softness of salt? You've never felt it except in the savageness of bloodlust and the sorrow of Bella's tears.)

Esme hates salt. It calls to her in the gentle tang of blood. She hates that it reminds her of the lives that she's taken.

(You were soft then, and couldn't take control. Now salt reminds you of failed intentions. You know guilt as well as you knew it then.)

Carlisle remembers salt. He remembers the taste of it in his mouth as he was brutally changed into a contradiction of everything he held dear.

(The smell is sterilized into something cold and austere through the hospital building. It tugs at you when you try to ignore the salty blood.)

Edward loves salt. He loves that when he smells it, he thinks of the taste of Bella's tears, shed beside his piano as he played.

(You never knew salt was so tender; that something so small could be so important. You wish you had courage to taste that nectar again.)

Bella will miss salt. In her cooking, in her tears, or in the sweat that made her feel accomplished when she first saw the meadow.

(The rust and salt smell of blood will be stronger. You will miss salt, but you will want it more than anything you've ever wanted.)

Victoria craves salt. She craves the rush and thrill of the ocean with James, making a daring getaway. Her flaming hair flying above the waves.

(The swim is empty, with a blank space beside you. Your love affair with James was passionate. After swimming his lips were salty as well.)

James ignores salt. The call of blood is a distraction to his true passion — the hunt. He sets aside the urge to satiate his thirst.

(The times you ignored the call to satiate your thirst were the best games. Though the smell of blood and sweat called, you were stronger.)

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