I haven't been in this fandom for a while... so I thought maybe I'd revisit a bit of it! Mainly the niches of this fandom that I haven't gotten to play with. Like Jounouchi and Seto. I haven't gotten to play with them much...

Hmm, yes. Total Yaoi. Oh, poor Shizuka! I feel sorry for the poor girl.

I Think We're Alone Now

Chapter 1
Children Behave

"You told me to get a job, Jou!" Shizuka proclaimed defiantly, a innocent smile becoming her lips. "And that is exactly what I intend to do!"

"I didn't say get a job here!" Jounouchi hissed as he darted his eyes about the immaculate waiting room. It was as quiet as death, he realized, with the ever-present trickle of elevator music. A secretary typed effortlessly at the reception desk that hailed a large silver and blue K.C. on its front mahogany as if to spite him. Two other people waited on the opposite side of the room in small plastic chairs. One was a dour-faced man as old as their father, and the other was a young, crisp woman in a tidy black business suit. What on earth made Shizuka think, in her floral skirt and ruffle top, that she could get a receptionist job with these two pricks as candidates?

None! he thought happily, and even managed to tap along to the elevator music in his glee. Happy Burger's hiring... he mulled the thought around, picturing his sweet seventeen-year-old sister flipping burgers. His fingers ceased to drum. Nope. Ain't happening.

The crisp white door that led into Seto Kaiba's office opened, and out stepped Mokuba Kaiba. He ran his eyes across the room, and a spark of surprise lit his face when he noticed Jounouchi and Shizuka waiting. "Jounouchi?" he asked bewildered.

"My sister," was Jou's reply.

"Oh -- Miss Shizuka?"

Shizuka tilted her head up with a smile. "Yes Mokuba?"

"You're next," he looked at his clipboard and wondered how he didn't recognize her name. It should've rang a bell. He wondered if Seto had already noticed the familiar name, or if it had slipped off his radar too.

He had to admit, as Shizuka stood and wandered into the immaculate office of the renown Seto Kaiba, it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

"It might be a while," Mokuba told Jounouchi. "There's, you know, a cafeteria on the bottom floor when you're hungry." Then he closed the door, and left the blonde with the old man, and the crisp witchy lady. Both of whom leered at him until he stood, dusted off his ragged jeans, and excused himself from the waiting room.

Whatever possessed his sister to apply for a Kaiba Corporation receptionist job, he hoped she would get over it quickly. She's not experienced enough, was his calming sutra as he wandered down the hallway in search for a soda machine. The cafeteria didn't suit his roiling stomach, and he didn't want to wander too far from his sister -- partly because he didn't trust Seto Kaiba -- but mostly because he still thought of her as a helpless young woman, fingering around the world in the dark.

Which, he had to remind himself, isn't true anymore. She has better vision than me, damn it.

He found the soda machines near the hall bathrooms, and searched through the colorful labels of orange sodas and Coca-Colas. He fished around for some change in his pocket, and picked the cheapest drink. Working minimum wage at the Auto Supply store made his ego sore, but that's what he got for slacking off in school for all those years, and having a police-accounted track record. Mostly for fights, he chided to himself often to make himself feel better. Mostly for fights I kicked ass in too.

He wished he could've been as successful as Seto Kaiba, assured. But it didn't hurt that his Pops owned the place first. Then fell out of a window.

When he pressed the button for an orange soda, the machine hummed, and out clunked a neon orange can with a cartoony orange winking at him.

"Excuse me..." came a petite voice from behind.

With a yelp, Jou spun around to the voice. "Holy Jesus," he patted his heart. "You scared the shit outta me!" The young woman gave a bright grin, but it didn't quite reach her beautiful cornflower-blue eyes. "You wouldn't happen to know where Mr. Kaiba's office is, now would you?"

Jou pointed down the hallway behind her. "Straight behind you. Follow the signs. You can't really miss it unless your blind." He popped open his soda, and took a careful swig. When her lips pressed into a tight line and she blinked, he realized she wasn't looking at him at all. Then he noticed her hands grasped around a long metal cane. Shizuka had used one around the months before her surgery too. "Oh, shit! I didn't realize. I'm --"

"The cornflower blue threw you off, right?"

Jou blinked. "Huh?"

"The cornflower blue of my eyes. It threw you off, right?"

"Umm..." He looked into her eyes again, and they were, indeed, quite pretty. And a little creepy. They stared right through him. "Here, I'll... I'll help you there, OK?"

She frowned. "Do I look blonde to you? Just tell me which direction to turn. I got turned around while coming out of the elevator, and the dumbass didn't think to put Braille on his signs." Her voice was curt, but warm. Almost jokingly, as if everything she said was a part of one huge inside joke. When he answered with silence, she smiled again and reached out her hand.

Hesitantly, with his free hand, he reached out too, and was startled when she bypassed his hand and grabbed a hold of his shirt. She patted it down. And didn't miss the contours of his very fine chest.

"OK, so turn around."

He did so. She clamped onto his t-shirt and gave a brisk nod.

"Walk me to the office since you obviously can't give me directions."

Jou considered and finally said, "Sure."

Slowly, Jou led her across the immaculate tile flooring, under fluorescent ceiling lights, and all the while she began to hum, as if she was on a tram patiently waiting for her stop. It was a slow American pop tune that he hardly recognized. Shizuka used to play it endlessly when they were children, but he had long since blocked out painful childhood memories.

She must be an American, he figured after he turned onto the final stretch of hallway. She was pretty, nonetheless. Not exceptionally so, like Anzu. She was a forgetful pretty, with her russet honey hair pulled into a sloppy bun and her face bare with the exception of a fine dash of mascara. Her ears were covered with rings and colorful hoops, and her nose was pierced with a small studded diamond. She wore a white halter top and a long flowy purple and orange sarong. Yep, definitely American.

The receptionist desk loomed ahead with the gray-haired lady lazily filing her nails in front of the computer screen, the phone to her ear. It was her job that Shizuka was being interviewed for, and it gave him the willies to think that his own sister would be working so close to Seto Kaiba.

It pained him, actually.

Jesus Christ, she's old enough to take care of herself!

But I'm her brother...

But she's seventeen. And very beautiful.

And about to work for a sleezeball.

"Fuck," the girl cursed quietly behind him and tripped. She clamped onto his back and steadied herself, feeling for her loose flipflop on the ground. He scooted it towards her, and she snagged her toes into the band again. "Thanks," she said.

"Sure," he replied distractedly and led her to the receptionist's desk.

The old lady squeaked in her chair and looked up. Surprise flittered across her face. "Oh! Miss Miyazaki!"

Jou felt the young woman let go of his shirt, and stand on her own. "Hello, Mrs. Hiro. How's the family?"

"Oh, the little brats are driving me up the wall! I envy you, Miss Miyazaki."


"Because God has a permanent condom on you! No little mistakes, if you know what I mean..."

"Are you referring to my infertility, or the fact that I'm blind?"

"Both! You don't have to worry about repopulating the earth."

"And thank God for that!" And they both laughed, as if sex was the topic of their everyday conversation. In Jou's world, it definitely wasn't, and he felt himself getting hot under the collar at the thought of Shizuka ever engaging in that type of conversation. Especially here.

With Kaiba.

"Err, when will my sister be out?"

"When Mr. Kaiba's done with her, of course."

Oh shit. Jou winced at the mental image too explicit for even R-rated movies. Oh holy fuck!

"You're sister is interviewing for Mrs. Hiro's position?" the blind girl asked politely.

Timidly, Jou nodded, then realized she couldn't see it and muttered, "Guess so." She smiled. "How awesome! How old is she?"

"Seventeen," was Jou's quiet reply.

"Ooh, and Seto likes them young!"

His face grew as red as a tomato at the unholy thought. Likes them young my fucking ass!

Jou quickly spun towards Seto Kaiba's office, a stone look on his face, and marched towards the door. Like hell was his sister going to work here with --

As soon as he reached the door, it flew open. Mokuba Kaiba stood in the doorway, Shizuka a few paces behind him. For a moment, Jou studied his sister. Her hair seemed to be in place, and her clothes weren't skewed, and she didn't looked to have been tossed up against Seto's desk and raped, but just to be sure he asked, "...Did everything go... OK?"

Shizuka beamed a smile at him. "I won't know for a few days," she replied.

You never have to know if you take the Day-After pill! was his mind's quick-witted reply.

"Uh -- ah..." Jou stuttered. His sister came up and took him by the arm, and blush crossing her delicate face. She stared into his chocolate eyes and said with a smile, "I think I'd like it here."

Chains. Hand cuffs. Whips. Jou winced. Fuck.

She nodded to the receptionist and said politely, "It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Hiro. I hope your daughter's wedding goes as planned."

Shotgun wedding. Jou wanted to bang his head against the wall.

Mrs. Hiro laughed. "Oh, it will! I'll make sure of it!" And they all laughed. All except Jou, who's mind was in the nearest church as his Mom held a gun to Shizuka and forced her to marry the moneybags named Seto Kaiba. Jou went rigid. He hated his wild imagination.

The blind girl patted herself over to Mokuba, and felt his hair. "Ah, Mokie. You left something at the park yesterday." And from her patched purse she fished out a handheld gaming system, and presented it to him. "I thought you might need it soon."

Mokuba beamed. "Thanks Dorie!"

"No problem, kiddo. Does your bro need me anymore this week?"

The young boy cocked his head thoughtfully. "Probably on Thursday. He's got a meeting."

A smile enraptured her lips again. "Then we should totally break out the Super Smash Brothers. Whaddya say?"

"Yes!" Mokuba cheered.

"Sounds like a date, then." She patted his hair lovingly, then turned to bow to Jou and his sister. "And it was nice meeting you two."

For a moment, his chocolate eyes connected with hers. For a second, she smiled as if she could actually see him. But then her eyes wandered, like all blind eyes do, and looked so lost in a world that was staring her in the face.

Her eyes sent shivers down his spine. He knew those eyes.

Icy blue. Oh fucking A.

"You too," came Shizuka's cheerful reply.

With her cane in hand, the blind woman named Dorie tapped and felt her way down the hallway, and around the bend from wince she came.

Mrs. Hiro gave a motherly sigh, and shook her head. "Such a sweet girl, don't you think?"

"Very," Shizuka commented. Mokuba agreed.

Distantly, Jou inclined his head, a small rush of curiosity weaving through his bones. For a moment, he stared down the empty hallway, considering, and then said, "She has pretty eyes," and downed the rest of his orange soda.

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