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All his life he has been trying valiantly to stop the madness. All his life he spent devoted to keeping what was left of his friends safe. He didn't have a family. He took them away. He is the one who always causes things to go so-

The young man sighed lightly. The sounds of battle waged on outside. The wreckage had been there for almost a decade, but battles were still fought there, at the old school. The magical schools had been all but destroyed. Students, purebloods only, learned at the "prestigious" Magical Academy, a castle of propagandist filth. Students there were taught the basics; Charms, Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Dark Arts, Arithmancy, Dark Arts, Runes, and Dark Arts.

A large crash that echoed around the small hut he was in. It had been Hagrid's, but over time, Hagrid fell. He fell like the school around him. Voldemort's first sign of imminent destruction of the entire world. At the time of the attack the school was used as a safe haven for all the people who were left widowed and orphaned and injured by the war. The perfect place for an attack. The place was left as rubble only to serve as a reminder to those who dared to oppose him that not one person was safe or spared from his almighty powers.

Footsteps echoed along the hut and into a trap door under the bed where the young man was hiding. He was thinking rapidly to himself. Harry Potter had just finished reading a peculiar book. What really caught his attention was that now he had the power to save them all. To save his girlfriend from being gutted on an iron fence, the power to stop his two best friends from falling victim to the imperious curse and then forced to kill each other. He heard the floorboards creak from next to the bed.

"Ut status!" Harry cried. At that moment the bed, which was being lifted by a hulk of a man, Macnair, stopped suddenly. The world around him came to a crashing halt and then darkness hit him.