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Chapter 21


Harry walked up the steps and into the "living room" of the shrieking shack. His green eyes were trained solely on his target. All of his senses were on overdrive, as was his magic, causing the room to blow with an unnatural wind. Never before had Harry felt such an anger boiling within him. He took a quick glance at Ginny. She was alive at least, nevertheless she was unconscious.. Her clothes were torn in spots, and she had numerous hand and fist sized bruises along what he could see of her body. She seemed to have put up a hell of a fight. His eyes flittered to her neck. There appeared to be some sort of pressure on it, that was distorting the skin on it.

"I see you've noticed it then," Pettigrew said. He stepped out of the shadows with a menacing smirk on his face. "This will make it easier then. Come with me and I will remove the blade from her neck. Attempt to fight me and I will put that blade through the other side of her neck."

"Now, now, Peter. If you kill her, what makes you think you will be allowed to leave here, as they say, scotch free?" Dumbledore asked from behind Harry. "She is, after all, your biggest bartering chip.

"You listen here, old man! I MAKE THE RULES! I'M CALLING ALL THE SHOTS HERE! ONCE I DELIVER THE POTTER BRAT TO HIM, I WILL BE THE MOST LOVED OF ALL HIS SERVANTS! THEN YOU AND ALL YOUR PRECIOUS STUDENTS, no, THE WORLD WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE THE DARK LORD!" Pettigrew, it appeared, was more of a raving loon than before. But Harry didn't give a damn about that. It would be a hard shot to take, too risky for even some of the most trained and practiced of spellcasters. Even for the great Harry Potter, the Chosen One, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Conqueror of Glasgow, the shot was too risky. The razor blade was too small. There was only one solution to him.

"I'll go, but I want you to swear that you will not harm her, or anyone else when we leave," Harry stated. Pettigrew blinked once in disbelief, before smirking in triumph.

"I will want the same from you, Potter. You will leave Hogwarts without giving up a fight. The headmaster will do the same, he will not try and stop us.

Harry glanced at Dumbledore and nodded once. Dumbledore looked disapprovingly at Harry, but nodded anyway. Pettigrew, Harry, and Dumbledore all said their needed oaths at the same time.

"Good, now Potter," Pettigrew began as he removed the blade from Ginny's neck, "let's go."

"I'll be right back, sir," Harry whispered to Dumbledore as they passed each other. Dumbledore nodded once more and quickly strode over to check on Ginny. He levitated her off the old sofa she had been thrown on, probably headed for the infirmary.

"Give me your wand, Potter," Pettigrew spat. At Harry's hesitance he snarled, "NOW!" Harry gave Pettigrew his wand. Pettigrew grabbed Harry roughly by the scruff of his neck, forcing him outside. It was sunny, reminding Harry of a long forgotten memory. One where he had been standing in this exact same place, looking up at the village of Hogsmeade.

17 year old Harry Potter lay comfortably on the grass just outside Hogsmeade. He was talking to his girlfriend of 2 years, Ginny Weasley. He had watched her grow for the past few years, but recently, she had really come into her own. Her hips had widened gradually. She had gotten taller, stretching out her already thin body. Her legs were long, as was her hair, which was slowly becoming darker. Harry, being the typical hormonal male, didn't fail to notice how her breasts had gone from their small A size to their mouthwatering C size. Her chocolate brown eyes were, at that moment, staring hungrily at her boyfriend.

"Harry, could you get off your lazy ass and come kiss me already?" Ginny asked sweetly, her voice as sweet as honey.

"Why don't you come over here, and kiss me?" Harry countered. "After all, I did initiate earlier."

"Mmm, yeah, I can agree to that 'initiation' you made earlier," she said throatily. His eyes quickly traversed across her body, taking in every delicious curve before returning to her eyes.

"You didn't 'agree' earlier. In fact, you didn't say much of anything if I recall correctly."

"Well, it's kind of hard to when I'm- when I'm doing that." Ginny colored lightly after her admission.

"Speaking of that, I don't believe I've returned the favor yet." With that, Harry got up slowly, he looked hungry in that instant, primal even. Ginny flushed darker.

"T-there's no n-need for that, Potter, " she stuttered.

"I must insist," Harry continued, advancing closer to her.

"B-but what if someone sees? What if we're-"

"That didn't stop you from doing that in my dorm now did it?" Harry advanced ever closer.

When she was within arms reach, he yanked her to him, giving her wet kisses along her jaw, down her neck and down to the bottom of the 'V' on her shirt. She whimpered as he pressed his mouth to hers, devouring her in a heated kiss that left her knees weak, her body trembling, and her mind wanting more. Harry slowly lifted her shirt over her head, laid her down, and got to the business at hand.

Afterwards, Harry and Ginny lay panting. Ginny was blushing that famous Weasley blush, but there was a small, contented smile on her face.

"I didn't know that that was possible with clothes on," Ginny gasped out after having caught her breath some.

"Thank god for short skirts and lacy red-"


The memory faded as he was pulled roughly through the streets of Hogsmeade.

"Well, I do believe this is as far as I will allow you to take me," Harry said.

"Potter, you promised that-"

"I promised that I would let you take me out of Hogwarts. Hogwarts," Harry said, pointing at the castle just past the gates, "is over there. This," he gestured then to the surrounding area, "is Hogsmeade."

"I still have your wand and mine, Potter! Stupefy!"

Ginny Weasley woke up with a startled gasp. She looked around wildly before realizing where she was. It was late at night in the Hogwarts hospital wing. She jumped when she heard the hospital wing door creak open and a group of people walked in, talking hurriedly and in hushed voices. She could only make out bits and pieces.

"Traumatic experience-"


"But... Pettigrew took Potter? Then... So then how-?"

"Doesn't make sense-"


The loud voice made Ginny squeak loudly before she disappeared underneath her covers.

"Seriously, Sirius, keep your voice down. I think you scared her."

That voice. It was him, her hero. She glanced out from underneath her covers to see Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and the entire Weasley clan. Her eyes quickly met Harry's, tears forming in her eyes. She jumped out of the bed and wrapped her arms around Harry's neck, sobbing, great heaving sobs into the juncture of his neck and shoulder. The Weasleys all crowded closer, joining in for a large hug.

"Shh, Gin, it's all right. It's all okay now. You're safe," Harry said soothingly, taking her gently into his arms.

"I know, Harry, I know. It's just- I was so scared, and I was so worried about you. He said he was going to k-kill you and then come back and-" She broke down sobbing again. She didn't have to finish. The thought made Harry sick. He was now regretting letting the rat go.

"It's okay, Ginny, I promise. He won't ever get near you again, I promise."

"I think I'm okay now, it's just... How exactly did you save me? You-" Suddenly her eyes flashed dangerously. "You let him take you? You- You foul little ASS, Harry Potter! I- I- AHH," Ginny cried, throwing her hands in the air. "Where is my wand. I need my wand! GIVE ME MY WAND HARRY JAMES POTTER!"

"Look, Gin, it's not that big a deal-"


"Yeah, I do. But yet, here I am, safe and without even a nice scar to tell a story with."


"If you hadn't just woken up. Look, Ginny, I'll explain everything in the morning. Just try to get some rest right now. Ginny nodded once, still glaring daggers at him before stomping over to her bed and throwing the covers over herself once more.

"Whew, pup. You sure do have your work cut out for you," Sirius said.

"At least she isn't scared anymore. Besides, I'm more worried about her than Pettigrew," Harry laughed. A low growl stopped his laughter abruptly, but caused Sirius and a few of the Weasleys to laugh.

Harry sighed lightly. She was safe.

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