Hello again! Sorry it's taken so long for me to post again. Between school, vacation, surgery, and just plain laziness, I haven't had much time to write lately.

This story is taken from the episode about the alternate reality game, Primacy. I changed the ending, and will take it a few steps further to see what would happen if Don failed to protect Amita. I hope you enjoy!

Note: I'm not sure what exactly happens at crime scenes, and what they do with bodies. If you know better, please tell me. If not, just go with it, okay? LOL Thanks!

Amita's heart beat out of her chest, and she wondered if everyone could hear it. She was on the cell phone with Spectre, as he led her inside the building. Don was on the phone with her, the one placed discreetly in her ear. She shouldn't feel so terrified, knowing Don was near, but she still did.

Stepping closer inside, Amita tried to find the man she was talking to. He wanted her to come to him, and she felt fear come off her in waves. Her heart was in her throat as she took another step and the man grabbed her from what seemed like nowhere.

The scream that had been building up inside her escaped as his strong arms surrounded her. She was pulled tightly against him, and she could feel his breath on her ear. Then a gun was pressed to the side of her head and she cried out again, tears filling her eyes.

"FBI!" The three letters were a comfort to Amita, but she still whimpered in fear, going limp to keep from getting further hurt.

Then Don appeared, pointing a gun at the man who held her at gunpoint. She almost smiled at the sight of him.

Amita knew she would be safe now, because there was one thing she knew for sure. Don would never do anything to hurt his brother. She knew Charlie loved her, and she returned that love with all her heart. She and Don had even grown closer, what with the possibility of becoming family one day. So Amita knew. She knew Don wouldn't let anything happen to her, because if it did, Charlie would be devastated. Don would never let such pain come to his brother. Amita understood the bond between the two. Though the love they shared was never verbalized, she knew that it was there. And that was why Don would save her. She knew he would.

She knew.


"Drop the gun!" Don demanded as he aimed the gun at the man holding Amita, chewing hard on his gum. He focused on the man, desperate to get him to drop his weapon or let Amita go. "Let her go!"

"No! You're going to let me leave!"

"That's not going to happen and you know it. Just let her go." Don tried to be reasonable with the man. He took a cautious step forward.

"I'll kill her! I swear to God!"

"I can't let you do that. Just put the gun down. This doesn't have to go any farther."

"Let her go, Spectre!" Megan called, her voice steady.

The man's wide eyes flashed among the agents, but Amita's eyes were the only ones that caught Don's attention. Though she looked scared to death, when her eyes locked with Don's, he saw a trust there. Don could tell she trusted him to keep her safe, and he couldn't imagine letting her down.

Which was why the gunshot was so unexpected to all around, except the hand that delivered it. Don's mouth hung open, and his heart dropped for a split second. In the next second, he was shooting the man, and he fell to the ground.

As the man began to fall, Don charged forward and knelt next to Amita.

"Amita! Amita!" he screamed as he flipped her over. Blood pooled at the back of her head, and her eyes stared blankly up at him. Tears came to Don's eyes as he looked down at her, and he felt Megan kneel beside him.

"I'm so sorry," she breathed, tears in her eyes as well.

Don nodded solemnly. Tenderly, he placed his hands underneath Amita's bloody neck and her legs. Lifting, he picked her up off the floor and carried her outside. His face was a blank mask, hiding the inner turmoil. As he stepped out into sunlight, a car pulled up and the unthinkable happened.

His brother got out of the car.

Charlie's shocked eyes took in the scene for a brief second before his eyes landed on Don, then what he held in his arms. His eyes widened and his hand shot up to cover his mouth, stifling a cry.

"What did you do?" Charlie demanded as he charged up to Don. Unaware of how severe the situation was, he stopped short as he stood in front of Don. He saw Amita's open eyes, saw the blood.

"Buddy... I..." Don began, but couldn't find any words that fit.

Charlie reached out and took Amita from Don in a quick movement. His hand reached up and buried in Amita's crimson-tinted hair as he cradled her head against him.

Again, Charlie's eyes came up to his brother's face. His eyes were full of tears as he angrily looked up at Don.

"What did you do?" he asked again.

"What did you do?" Charlie screamed, crying. Anger rushed through him, but he couldn't let go of Amita to hit his brother.

Falling down, Charlie sat on the ground, rocking Amita's lifeless body back and forth. He buried his face in her hair as he cried. How could she be gone? They'd just been talking less than two hours ago. How could so much have gone wrong in that time? And, most of all, how could Don have let it happen? Charlie had made it clear that he didn't want Amita involved anymore. Why couldn't Don have listened to him? All he cared about was catching the bad guy. Don didn't even think of how wrong things could have gone.

"Buddy, please. They need to take her..." Don started as he placed a gentle hand on Charlie's shoulder. Charlie merely flinched away

Charlie's eyes filled with tears again as he looked down at the lifeless body he held. How could he let her go? He had failed her. He should have been there, not on some stupid TV show. That's not what mattered. Amita was all that mattered, and he never let her really know it.

Charlie lowered his head to Amita's cold shoulder and cried as he rocked her back and forth. His throat got tight and he began to shake.

From a distance, Don's team stood and watched. Megan's tears flowed freely down her face, while Colby and David held theirs inside as they silently grieved. Both knew how much Amita meant to Charlie, and all had come to know and love her, too. It was never easy when someone they knew got involved. If only that could never happen...

Don stared down at his brother. He bit his lower lip and shook his head. He stalked off toward his team. When he stood in front of David and Colby, his head was lowered, unable to make eye contact with them.

"Could you do me a favor?" he asked, barely glancing up to show he was talking to his team.

"Anything, Don," Megan said, her voice shaky.

"Just... they... they need to take Amita away. Charlie won't let me touch him. Could you... could you take her away? Please."

David solemnly nodded and took a step forward. Colby followed, patting Don on the shoulder as he passed. Megan followed last and went to Charlie.

"Charlie... Charlie, we need to take Amita now, okay?" Megan spoke gently, so as not to spook Charlie.

"No! No, you can't take her!" Charlie cried angrily.

"Yes, Charlie. We need to, okay?" Megan reached out and touched Charlie's shoulder. He shook it off and lowered his head once more.

Megan made eye contact with David and Colby and nodded, a silent signal. In a swift movement, Colby reached down and took Amita's lifeless body from Charlie's arms while Megan and David worked to restrain Charlie.

"No! Amita! No! You can't take her! I need her! Amita!" Charlie screamed, his heart ripping out of his chest. Megan walked in front of Charlie while David held him back. She stood in his line of vision so he couldn't see her. Framing his face with her hands, she locked eyes with Charlie.

"Charlie, she's gone. She's gone, Charlie. It's okay," she tried to soothe him, but it only made his heart ache more.

Colbly walked away quickly, tenderly holding Amita as he went. "I'm sorry, sweetie," he whispered as he laid her down on the gurney. The coroner took her away, and Colby returned to the cars.

"No!" Charlie screamed as he saw Amita's body being taken away. As the car she was in drove off, he broke free of David's hold and ran after the car.

Don watched as his brother ran after the car, running as hard as he could until his strength gave out. He could hear his brother's sobs and it twisted his insides. Having all he could take, he rounded the cars to a secluded area. He doubled over and emptied his stomach as he heaved. Sweat broke out on his forehead and he wiped the moisture away.

When he returned, Megan was leading a rigid Charlie back toward the cars. Charlie's face was stony, void of all emotions. The only sign of his pain was in his chocolate brown eyes that seemed to swim in pain.

"Here you go. Why don't you let your brother take you home, okay?" Megan said softly as she pulled Charlie toward Don. Hearing the word "brother," Charlie seemed to break out of his trance and he made eye contact with Don.

"That's not my brother." Charlie stared in Don's eyes, watched the hurt, then walked away toward Colby's car.

"Can you take me home?" Charlie asked Colby, without a second glance at Don. Colby looked over Charlie to Don, who stood staring at them. He turned back to Charlie and nodded.

"Sure thing, man. Hop in," Colby said calmly, trying to keep on the good side of Charlie. He got in the car and drove off.


Don watched his brother leave, his heart breaking. He kept his face void of the true emotions he was feeling, and kept himself steeled to ward off his feelings.

"We should never have done this," Megan sighed beside Don.

"You think I don't know that?" Don snapped, stalking off.

"Hey, I'm not the bad guy here. I'm just saying. Amita wanted to do this. It was her call. If she didn't want to, she could have just said no. But she didn't. We just should have said no for her."

"She didn't say no because she trusted me. She thought I'd take care of her. And look where that got her. She's dead! You happy? The woman Charlie loves is dead because of me!" Don shouted as he climbed into the car, slamming the door shut behind him as he drove off.


Colby pulled into the Eppes' driveway. He watched Charlie silently get out of the car, as he had been the whole drive. Colby got out and walked around to keep an eye on Charlie. Charlie simply walked into the house and up the stairs to his room.

"Charlie, is that you?" Alan called from the kitchen. He walked to the front of the house, surprised to see Colby.

"What's going on?" Alan asked, reading the look on Colby's face. "Is it Donny?"

"No, sir. It's not Don... it's Amita."

"No." Alan held a hand to his heart. "Is she all right?"

Colby lowered his head a moment. "No, Mr. Eppes. She... she died."

Alan gasped as tears filled his eyes. "Charlie?"

"He's upstairs."

"Excuse me." Alan barely had the words out when he reached the top of the steps. He slowly opened Charlie's door and looked inside, finding Charlie sitting alone on his bed.

"Charlie?" Alan spoke gently as he came to sit beside his son.

Charlie slowly turned to face his father. He stared at Alan for a few minutes, silently waiting.

"She's gone, Dad. The love of my life is gone." As he spoke the words, the reality hit him once more and his face melted into a pool of tears.

"Oh, my poor boy." Alan wrapped his arms tightly around his son, understanding exactly what pain Charlie was going through.

Charlie pressed his face in his father's shoulder and let himself cry. As he poured his misery out, he trembled in his father's arms. Alan kept his arms wrapped tightly around Charlie as he cried with his son. Rocking back and forth, Alan held Charlie closely to him.

Once his tears began to slow, Charlie lifted his face to look up at his father. "Amita's gone, Dad, and it's all Don's fault."

Alan shook his head slowly. "No. No, Charlie, Don would never do that to you."

"No, you're wrong! It's all Don's fault! He made her do it! He was supposed to protect her! I was supposed to protect her! He let her go, Dad! He led her to her death, and I didn't even have the chance to stop him!"

Charlie shoved his father away and fell upon his bed, hiding his face as he began to cry once more. He felt as if someone had taken a knife and split his heart in two. The woman he loved had died, and it was his beloved big brother's fault. How could he ever forgive Don? It was Don's fault... Don's and his, as well. Charlie knew he should have done more to stop Amita, should have been there with her instead of at the interview. When Larry told him what was happening, he was so afraid. If only he'd been fast enough...

But Charlie hadn't been fast enough. He hadn't been there. He hadn't stopped Amita from going. He hadn't protected her.

And Don hadn't stopped her either. He hadn't saved her. He hadn't protected her, like he was supposed to. He let her go, and because of he did, Amita was dead.

And there was no way Charlie could ever forget that.

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