The blue haired girl smiled as the wind rustled her short hair. Today was graduation, and release from the hell that Funakrin had been. While the school had not been totally bad, the girl had made her share of bad memories. Receiving her diploma had been much like receiving a key to her prison.

Still Akane smiled. It was a beautiful day, and she was going to enjoy it. The other students seemed just as glad to graduate as well. For Akane, the only damper on the day was that only Kasumi had attended the ceremony. That was just as well, Akane's family was regrettably broken now.

Her father had lapsed into a sort of passive state. He smoked, he went to the town council meetings, and he drank. He rarely spoke anymore, and seemed to be more going through the motions than anything else. At first, Akane had blamed herself, but the guilt had passed, and the anger that might have rushed into fill the void never came. Now she just felt disappointed.

Nabiki had been worse. The girl had to be hospitalized yet again due to an accident. They weren't ruling out possible suicide attempts, but it was safe to say that Akane's older sibling had not been able to deal with the loss of her voice. She was recovering, but it was a slow process, and Nabiki would probably never be the same.

Akane had felt empty for a long time herself. It wasn't so much that she couldn't feel, it was just that you never realized how much you used something until it was gone. Without her righteous anger Akane had found herself at a loss. Eventually though, wounds can heal, and losses can be delt with. Nowadays Akane relied more on her happiness, and taking every day as it came.

The only one unchanged had been Kasumi, and while that had been good for a long time, Akane was starting to question that. It was time for the Tendo family to change. The youngest daughter of the Tendo family was not going to allow her family to drag itself down in its own misery.

Akane's family was broken, but it would get better.

Genma chuckled as he looked at the picture. His grandchildren were adorable. He was proud of the boy. He was sure that the boy's mother was proud of him as well. She was slowly learning to talk with him again, but they still rarely spoke, and even then it was in terse sentences.

He loved his wife. No matter the pain and the suffering. She was not quite all there in the head, but Genma blamed himself for that. He had not been a good husband. Somewhere along the line their initial passion had died, and instead of trying to rekindle that they had both gone into their own world.

Genma had never really lost his passion for the art. He sometimes wondered if that was part of the problem. Perhaps though, the fact that their baby boy had finally grown up would finally heal the drift. Genma felt old sometimes, and looking at the picture of his grandchildren often reinforced that.

Gently he tucked the picture into his precious collection. He might not have been the best father. He had made mistakes. However, his boy had become something grand. That was all that he had ever wanted. Even should his marrige shatter into pieces, and he died old and alone, he was content.

Perhaps Nodoka would be convinced to help with a wedding. He would brave Yuuko's pranks for a chance to give his wife something. He owed her that much at least.

Genma's family had already been broken. It just needed a chance to heal.

Happosai cackled madly to himself as he ran. It was always a pleasure to steal panties, but it was it double so when it was such a lovely day. Even better was the fact that Nerima had such lovely and powerfull ladies. It wasn't any fun if there was a proper chase!

Maybe later he would go bug the Tendos. Soun was getting irritating with his moping. The man had three lovely daughters, so what did it matter if one of them couldn't get over her own misery? Bah, the man had always taken things so seriously.

Maybe he could even give Akane a quick squeeze. The girl was developing nicely, but she never got mad at the grandmaster, and that took half the fun out of it. At least the girl was coming along nicely in her martial arts. She would probably surpass her father in his prime after decade or so.

She wasn't Ranma, but talent like that came once in a century if humanity was lucky. Come to think of it, he should go visit the lad. Yuuko was one hot number even if she was one of the few people he didn't dare irritate. He had no wish to deal with another cave incident, thank you very much.

Happosai's family was his whims, and the people he was interested in.

The boy with glasses pulled a pair of sharp knives out of his sleeves and made to lunge forward. A large multicolored bonbori smashed on his head instead, driving him into the hardwood floor. A delicate foot then stepped on his back as Xian Pu smiled at Watanuki and his friends.

They were seated quickly at a table and served a few piping hot bowls. Very quickly Watanuki was pointed at Domeki in irritation, while Himawari giggled at the two. Xian Pu smiled at the group as she served the other people.

On the counter in front of the shop danced the two Mokona. The customers clapped in time with the beat, and as a finish two bowls of noodles were placed in front of them. Both their mouths opened wider than the bowls and swallowed the things whole. Then the spit them out, totally cleaned. The store applauded.

In back Kuh Lon smiled at the giggling Kohane. The two were playing an interesting game, and speaking. It was nothing serious, but for the girl it was more precious than gold.

Some families never needed to be defined. They just needed to be felt.

The wolves howled as a bow with a bandanna ran through the woods panting loudly. He looked around wildly before choosing a random direction and running, only to trip and fall into the water screaming loudly.

Two massive canines loped into the general area and snuffled at the ground. The squeal of an angry piglet perked their interest, and they spotted a small creature struggling through a small stream. With gleaming eyes they loped forward and lunged at the squealing piglet.

Moments later two wolves came into a campsite with the closest thing to a smirk their faces were capable of. In one of their jaws, held supremely gently was a small wiggling piglet. At the campfire Diana smirked at the piglet and said something. The wolves trotted to her, and tossed the pig into a small pot near the fire.

Ryoga popped out with a furious yell, completely nude. Diana chuckled and spoke to the boy, who blushed and very quickly passed out with a nosebleed. She looked exasperated and amused at the same time.

Off in the castle a mirror rippled as if something was pounding on the surface. The Queen simply tapped the surface, and it subsided. She looked pleased even as she watched the used the mirror to spy on the campsight. Finally with a wave of the hand the image dissipated.

Another boring century to deal with. Ranma had been interesting, but really it was his children that were really going to be fun. The entirety of Fae looked forward to his children's antics.

Family is family, no matter how strange, or how much you hate them.

"Fun, sun and sake!!" Yuuko cheered as she gently carried the basket with her children in it. "Do try to keep up dear."

"Yes Yuuko." Ranma grumbled from underneath the massive pack. "Why the heck did you pack so much!?"

The man had a legitimate complaint. He was getting all sorts of strange looks from the passing people. The pack he was carrying looked more like something a forklift would carry than a man. In contrast, Yuuko had a small purse and her twin children.

"Why Ranma dear." Yuuko turned back coyly. "What sort of honeymoon would this be without proper costumes?"

"Costumes?" Ranma blinked at the woman. He wasn't making the connections.

"Of course dear," Yuuko replied with s small smile. "There are quite a few things that one can do in a five star hotel with an unlimited wardrobe. Every one of them perfectly capable of reducing you to a quivering wreck." Yuuko purred the last part out as she ran a delicate finger across Ranma's chin.

The man flushed slightly, before starting to pick up the pace. "Well then, lets hurry up!" He called out as he practically jogged.

Yuuko giggled at her love. This had been everything she had ever wanted. In the basket her children burbled happily at her, a wrapped bundle by each of them. The huntsman's gift to them had been far more valuable than Ranma had thought at first glance.

They were weapons to be sure, but they were also guardians. The sheer amount of power infused in them made Yuuko suspect that the King and Queen had helped in their crafting. Alone, without anyone wielding them, they would protect the twins just as well as any ward she might craft.

Off in the distance the surf pounded against the sand, and the sun slowly began to set. A large black cat scampered across the sand, chasing a butterfly. Finally it yawned and sat down, and the insect landed softly on its nose.


"Maru? Moro?" Ranma called out as he entered his twin daughter's room. "Where are you two?"

Seeing nothing out of place he frowned. He had sensed his children a moment ago, so where had they gone? Sure they could hide from him sometimes, but for the most part they didn't bother. Usually when they disappeared like this it meant some mischief.

He blinked as he saw a note. That usually meant even more trouble.

"Dear father." Ranma read out loud. "Going dimension hopping! We will see you when we get back!" At the bottom was a smiley face and two lipstick kisses. Ranma sighed, dropping the note and rubbing his forehead. "They are so grounded for the next century when they get back." He shuddered at that thought. Yuuko was pregnant again too, and that made him seriously think about joining his children.

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