Me: You all know me, so I'll make this brief-I don't own Digimon, Seasons 01, 02 or now...

(drumroll) Season 03!

Tai: You don't mean...?

Me: That's right-this story is my first one featuring Digimon Tamers-even though you guys

are in it too!

(In enters Takato)

Takato: Finally! I was getting worried for a moment there.

Tai: He's the new leader of the team?

Me: Yes-he's got the goggles, the hair, the Digimon, the crush on the tomboy...need I go on?

Takato: (blushes) Can we not mention the crush thing, 'cause unlike the whole Taiora deal,

my crush could literally kill me before any sort of relationship could start?

Me: Sure-I'll keep it a secret (whispers to Tai) for a while at least. Oh, before I forget to mention, this is a Taiora, Daiyako and a Rukato rolled up into one.

Tai/Takato: A w-w-w-what?!

Me: Let's get going!


The Meeting of the DigiDestined and Tamers

Part I: Where'd the Goggle boys go?

Being a DigiDestined was a hard life-you had to feed your Digimon, make sure he's well

rested, constantly keep him-her-out of trouble and occasionally take on a menacing evil or

two. Being a Digimon Tamer-that was even harder! You fed your Digimon on some occasions

and had to fight whatever Digimon suddenly appeared out of nowhere! To make matters

worse, a weird guy in a suit comes up to you and warns you to "Quit playing games!" Like

this is a game of some sort? Oh, by the way-my name's Takato Matsuki. I'm the resident

leader of the team-I think. We got our brain guy-Henry Wong-and our tomboy who shows

some feeling but otherwise despises just about everyone, which includes me-Rika Nonaka.

The only one she shows any feeling toward is her Digimon Renamon and that was nearly

ripped apart due to an attack by our first ever real villian-Ice Devimon! Anyway, I'd better

shut up and tell you of my latest adventure that started in the early years of the millennium-

around the time of the original DigiDestined

This whole thing started a few months after the defeat of MaloMyotismon, one of the

DigiDestined's greatest foes. Tai Kamiya-who I guess you could call one of my predecessors-

was on his way to talk with Sora Takenouchi, his best friend-who's probably one of Rika's

predecessors, although I'm not too sure if that's possible...

"Okay, you can do this. No matter what she says, you can do this. Just walk right up to her and

say, 'Sora, I love you!' Ha! If she wasn't dating Matt, I'd say this could be easy, but it's not!"

Finally, Tai reached the Takenouchi residence with his partner Agumon by his side. Putting

his mask on, Tai cautiously knocked on the door.

"Oh, Tai. Won't you come in for a moment?" Tai looked up and gazed into the face of an

angel-Sora Takenouchi.

"Sure, but I won't be here long-I think."

"Of course you will! Now, where's the fridge?" Agumon demanded as he brushed his way

past Tai and Sora and made a beeline for the refrigerator.

"Ignore him-but have someone make sure he doesn't eat everything up in there!" Tai advised.

"Hey-you can't eat those! That's for Sora's dinner! Let go of that lasagna box!" Sora couldn't

help but laugh at the sight of Biyomon fighting with Agumon for control of an unopened

lasagna box.

"So, you're having Matt over for lasagna, right? Figured that would be too big for you two

and your mother to eat alone, so I'll just grab Agumon and get out of your way." Tai said as

he went toward the kitchen to get Agumon. Sora stopped him, though.

"Tai, wait! Uh...this wasn't for Matt. I had wanted to invite you over because we haven't

done anything together for a while now. I was hoping you'd be free tonight." Sora admitted

as a light blush crossed her cheeks.

"Oh, I see. You were planning to invite me, huh?"

The mask dropped for a moment and Sora saw the pain in Tai's eyes-pain that she had

caused by choosing his best friend over him during the concert and had started a relationship

with. She started shaking and Tai carefully placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I'd be delighted to come back a little later and have some lasagna." Tai declared as a smile

crossed his face. The tension that had been in the air vanished when Tai had said that.

"Thanks, Tai! I didn't think you were going to accept."

"I've never refused my best friend before, have I? But, there's something I've got to tell you

before I go and get ready." Tai calmed himself down and gathered his courage.

"Yeah, Tai?"

"Sora, I..."

At that moment, right before Sora's eyes, Tai Kamiya and his partner Agumon disappeared.

Tense, wasn't it? Let's find out what's going on with my other predecessor, Davis Motomiya,

as he heads to the local Odaiba Elementary School and goes up to the computer lab...

"Yolei?! Are you in here?" Davis yelled out, which effectively startled Yolei Inoue.

"Ahh! Davis, don't scare me like that."

"I tried to get him not to, but he's too hyped up about what day it is." Veemon explained as

he came in a few seconds after Davis.

"So, what day is it?" Yolei asked calmly.

"The day we met and became friends!" Davis exclaimed as he pulled a bouquet of flowers

from behind his back.

"You-you-you actually remembered the day we met?!" Yolei stammered in surprise.

"Intriguing that Davis would actually remember something that assumably happened so long

ago and Yolei wouldn't." Hawkmon noted.

"Hey-I do remember some key events in my life, and this just so happens to be one of them!

So, ready go to out on a day that you can't possibly forget?" Davis said calmly.

"Well..." Yolei, unfortunately never got to answer Davis' question, because he-and Veemon-

disappeared a few seconds after that!

Wondering when we'll ever see them again? Anyway, time to flash forward into the future

and find me-walking with a sense of purpose, determination, confidence and pure

nerve-racking intensity as I made my way toward Rika Nonaka's house. As a matter of fact,

I didn't have that far to walk, since I accidentally collided with her as I turned a corner!

"Oww! Why don't you watch we're you're-oh, it's you goggle head. There's no Digimon

here, so where are you going?" Rika asked cynically.

"Uh...I was actually on my way to see you!" I managed to get out with a tinge of nervousness.

I knew how she could be-what words could be used to describe Rika? Stubborn to a fault,

convinced that all Digimon are meant to be used for battles-Renamon nearly creamed

Guilmon when I first met her, if it weren't for Gargomon's appearance. Where was I?

Oh, yeah-a regular pain, once you got to know her-I think. Cares for nobody but herself-but I

know better. Has a heart of ice, but that's not scientifically proven yet. That's about all I can

think of to describe Rika Nonaka.

"To see me? What-do you like me or something?" Rika replied sarcastically.

I started blushing at that instant. Luckily for me, I disappeared at that second! Guilmon was

at his house with Calumon, playing hide and seek when he disappeared.

"Hey-where'd Guilmon go?"

Tai, Agumon, Davis, Veemon, Guilmon and myself all reappeared in a completely dark place-

the only thing we could all see were ourselves!

"Tai-are you all right?" Davis asked.


"A-okay! Hey-who's that kid?"

Tai, Agumon, Davis and Veemon all turned to see me and Guilmon!

"Wait! It's okay-I'm one of you guys!" I insisted as I yanked out my D-Arc and pointed it at

them. "Tai? Davis? You guys are-real?"

"Yeah! The question is, 'Who are you?'" Davis retorted grimly.

"Name's Takato, this is Guilmon, my Digimon.Pleased to meet you." I held out my hand and

Davis shook it with ease.

"That's Veemon, dude with the face of darkness is Tai and Agumon, and as you've already

figured out, I'm Davis. So, you've heard about all the neato things I've done to save the DigiWorld, huh?"

I would've responded, but a Digimon who looked like a clown with swords suddenly appeared!

Tai and Agumon immediately stepped forward.

"That's-" Tai began cautiously.

"That's Piedmon, a Mega Digimon! He's deadly, so watch out for his Trump Swords attack!

Don't underestimate his Clown Trick attack either, or you'll be sorry!" I interrupted quickly.

The four of them eyed me with a weird look.

"Sorry. If I'd known you were gonna say it, I would've stopped myself."

"Well, well, well. The hero of Courage has brought some recruits along to witness his death.

Fitting that his successor and wanna-be should be here to see this. Prepare to die!"

Instantly, Tai raised his Digivice to the sky.

"Agumon Warp-Digivolve to...WARGREYMON!!!"

As WarGreymon went to face his old foe, Guilmon turned to me and asked, "Takatomon, why

are we here?"

"I wish I could tell you Guilmon, but I'm confused myself."

That's when things got worse. MaloMyotismon appeared and once his eyes found Davis, he

prepared an attack.

"Who's that?" Guilmon said as Davis, Veemon, Tai and I all turned in shock.

"That's-" Davis began, but I interrupted him.

"That's MaloMyotismon! He's another Mega Digimon with his Crimson Mist and Mental

Illusion attacks. He's extremely dangerous!" I warned. Tai and Davis eyed me with looks of


"What-are you from the future or something?!" Davis yelped out. I considered what I'd tell

them for a second or so, then replied calmly, "You could say that..."

"Digivolve, Veemon!"

"But, I can only Digivolve to Champion. Ken's not here, so I can't DNA Digivolve." Davis

bent down and eyed his partner with a smile.

"Listen, I'm sure that if you concentrate, you can Digivolve to Ultimate and to Mega all on

your own. Give it your all, pal!" Davis yelled out. Veemon nodded and started glowing.

"Veemon Digivolve to...EXVEEMON!!!"

"ExVeemon Digivolve to...PAILDRAMON!!!"

"Paildramon Mega-Digivolve to...IMPERIALDRAMON!!!"

"Imperialdramon: Mode Change to...FIGHTER MODE!!!"

"Cool!" Davis, Guilmon and I stood there alongside Tai as we saw Imperialdramon-restored

without the assistance of Kindness.

WHAM! WarGreymon suddenly collided with Imperialdramon and they both hit the ground

in pain. We turned to see Devimon, but he was completely covered in ice! My eyes narrowed

in anger as I readied myself for battle.

"Okay, future boy-since you seem to know so much about Digimon, who's that guy?" Davis


"That's Ice Devimon, a high level Champion Digimon! He tried convincing a friend of mine

to have him as her Digimon partner. Luckily for her, I-and another friend of mine-showed up

and Guilmon took care of him.He's got a devishly cold Frost Claw attack! " I explained coldly.

I pulled out my D-Arc again and prepared myself for a battle.

"You ready, Guilmon?" I asked.

"Mm-hmm!" My D-Arc glowed brightly and, for the first time, Tai and Davis were about to

see what I could do.


"Guilmon Digivolve to...GROWLMON!!!"

So, there we were-Tai, Davis and myself; WarGreymon, Imperialdramon and Growlmon, facing

off against foes we thought we'd defeated, but they had come back and were desiring revenge!

Could we defeat them as we were now? I hope so, because there's no way for us to reach our