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The Meeting of the DigiDestined and the Tamers

Epilogue: The Unity of Courage and Love

"Bull's eye, baby!" –Takato Matsuki

"And that suits me just fine. I can't wait to mix it up again!" -Rika Nonaka

I stood up, tears of sadness and hatred blurring my view. I couldn't believe that Rika had done what she'd just did. I remembered the very first time I'd seen her-in a dream. The second day that Guilmon had been here was the day I'd met her in the flesh. Unfortunately, she'd wanted to fight and probably absorb Guilmon's data. Lucky for me that Henry had shown up when he did.

I remembered the time when I'd asked her if she wanted to patrol around the city-I'd been hurt by her response, but it sounded like it was something she couldn't get out of…


"Sorry, I can't. I'm supposed to go to the theatre with my grandmother."

The time when she'd run into Sandiramon under the subway, she'd tossed Henry her cell phone, yelling out, "Call Gogglehead-we need his help!" Since I'd been busy-uh…doing stuff which couldn't be considered patrolling, Henry couldn't find me, so he went back to help Rika, much to her dismay.

"Where's Takato?!"

"I couldn't find him!"

The good news was, that Impmon had told me what was happening and Guilmon and I burrowed our way down to them. I saw the relief in her face replaced with her usual cynical mood.

"Uh, sorry I'm late."

"Look who finally decided to show up!"

End flashbacks

I wiped away my tears, finally taking notice that Renamon hadn't only deDigivolved, but she was slowly deleting!

"What's happening to you, Renamon?"

"You should know that just as well as Rika did-if a Tamer is killed in the heat of battle, their Digimon partner is deleted only seconds after his-or her-death." Renamon explained calmly, despite the fact that her lower part of her body was gone.

"Is there anyway to bring her back? And why'd you deDigivolve?"

"I'll answer the second question first-even though I was able to Digivolve due to the Darkness Gem being destroyed, once Rika used up all of the energy in her D-Power, that drained any energy I could've used to help her. And as for your first question…look inside yourself, Takato…" Before I could ask Renamon what she meant, she vanished completely!

Tai, Sora, Davis and Yolei stood by, silent tears running down their faces. Rika had obviously made a deep bond with the girls, just like I had done with Tai and Davis.

I felt myself start to tear up. Angered that this had happened, I turned and ran straight toward Apocalymon, who had been stuck in his current position since WarGreymon and Imperialdramon had finally gathered up enough power to temporarily stop him.

"Don't do it, Takato!" Tai demanded as he and Davis came forward and stopped me in one move.

"Why not? The only girl I've ever cared about just gave her life for me! You give me one good reason why I should keep going!" I cried out, not even realizing that Rika's D-Power had completely restored itself and that her body was glowing brightly.

"If you want to remember Rika, then just keep going, keep fighting for what's right! You don't have to give up because of one little setback!" Davis insisted.

"'Keep fighting?' I've loved Rika ever since I saw her, but I was too bullheaded to see how I felt. Now that I've realized it, it's too late to change time. I can't even say I'm the same person who I was a few moments ago…and I just remembered that I forgot to turn in my homework assignment for the last day of school." At that instant, I turned and saw a bright reddish light completely engulf Rika! Sora and Yolei self-consciously held up their Digivices and beams of light came out of them-as did the Darkness Gems-and hit Rika dead-on!

"Is that what Tai and Davis did when I sacrificed myself to save them in that other world?" I asked myself as Apocalymon flexed with ease and started toward us.

Wanna be the biggest dreamer, running full speed through both the future and the present

That's right, I've realized it-I forgot to do my homework!
That's one puzzle, puzzle, puzzle, "Who am I?"

Even if I slide and skin my knees I've gotta stand right back up, I know my chance will run away!

"Biyomon Digivolve to…BIRDRAMON!!! Birdramon Digivolve to…GARUDAMON!!!"

"Hawkmon Digivolve to…AQUILAMON!!! Aquilamon Digivolve to…SYLPHYMON!!!"

I heard a strange mechanical voice say, "Power of Love!" I smiled through my tears as I saw Rika's wounds heal miraculously. A second later, she opened her eyes and broke through the beams with a small smile on her face.


"RIKA!" I jolted forward and hugged her tightly, not caring who was there, but pleased that she was back.

"Gogglehead, I'm glad to see you love me, but can you let go so I can breathe?!"

Nodding, as well as blushing slightly, I released her.

"Ha! You pitiful DigiDestined figure you can defeat me as easily as you did Daemon? Death Claw!!"

WarGreymon, Garudamon, Imperialdramon and Sylphymon all dodged that deadly attack. I realized that WarGrowlmon was waiting for me to make a move.

"Renamon, where are you?" At that instant, Renamon reappeared, fully restored and reenergized!

"Right here, Rika." I decided not to tell Rika that her partner had been deleted just after her death-it would probably be too much for her to handle. At that moment, I saw WarGrowlmon take a tremendous hit and deDigivolve back to Guilmon!

"Guilmon!" I ran over to him, concerned for him. Calumon was hopping around again, apparently pleased that Rika was back, but that triangle-like gem on his head was glowing brightly!

"Don't worry, guys. I've got a feeling that everything's going to turn out okay!" I looked up from where I was tending to Guilmon and Rika turned toward Calumon, both of us with confused looks on our faces. That's when it happened-a card appeared in my hand! Not just any card-a red card! (A/N: I honestly don't know what card will come next, if one will even come at all; I just picked red 'cause it's a cool color)

"A red card?" I asked in amazement.

"Give it a swipe and see what happens." Rika suggested. I saw that the other DigiDestined were struggling to hold Apocalymon off, but it wasn't working that well.

"Well, here goes."


"Digimodify! Warp Digivolution activate!" I demanded heatedly as the card glowed with pure power.

Warp Digivolution!

"Guilmon Warp-Digivolve to…" I smiled broadly as Guilmon jumped past his Champion form of Growlmon and shot past his Ultimate form of WarGrowlmon. A dark figure emerged from a pretty tense explosion that shocked even Apocalymon. Calumon was shaking with extremity, so extreme that Rika picked him up.


Digimon! (A/N: If you didn't know I was using Guilmon's Mega form via Japanese, you must be out of your mind.)

"Whoa! Dukemon, a Mega Digimon. A Virus type that looks like someone you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alleyway!" Rika declared with a smile on her face.

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

Dreaming is the start of everything, that's the answer

I'll fly farther than anyone, through all the tomorrows

Fly to the horizon, our courage has gained wings!

In order to grow big and strong, I'll run too


"Digimodify! Hyper Wings activate!" I yelled out. Dukemon flew up and struck Apocalymon hard. He fell back with a groan, suddenly realizing that my Digimon had the power to defeat me.

"Reverse Digivolve!" Almost instantly, triangle shaped cages trapped Dukemon, WarGreymon, Garudamon, Imperialdramon and Sylphymon! When they opened, Guilmon, Agumon, Biyomon, Veemon and Hawkmon remained.

"Our turn, Renamon!" Rika advised as she grabbed a card and swiped it.


"Digimodify! Digivolution, activate!"


"Renamon Digivolve to…KYUBIMON!!!"


"Reverse Digivolve!!" Before Kyubimon could even launch an attack, she was trapped and when she was released, she was Renamon again!

"We can't give up now-even if we have only a handful of Rookie Digimon! We've gotta keep fighting!" I insisted. Tai and Davis agreed with me wholeheartedly.

That's when our miracle occurred. A portal opened up, releasing the other DigiDestined, alongside Henry and Terriermon! That wasn't the surprise, though-lots of other DigiDestined came through after them. I couldn't even begin to tell you about the number of us there were, but they were there!

"We decided you guys might need help, so Izzy made a few calls and got DigiDestined from around the world to help out." Henry explained. I laughed out loud.

"If they can help us take on Apocalymon, all the better!"

For a long time, I've heard the countdown

I'm prepared, let's start now, change into zero!

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

We've gotta believe, disappear into the twinkling instand

I'll run, not turning away from my heart's target, with all my strength

"I've got a plan-not much, but it'll work on Apocalymon. It did before; it should now!" Tai said as he held up his Digivice.

"Why not? There's nothing else we can do." I noted as I held up my D-Power. "You ready?"

"Always." Rika replied. Within seconds, although it felt like minutes, other DigiDestined held up their Digivices or D3's. Beams of light snaked their way around Apocalymon and secured him tight!

"HA! This can't stop me! Total Annihilation!!" Everyone gasped as he vanished and a ball of dark light appeared, threatening to destroy everything!

"Don't give up! Hold on, everybody!" I yelled out, struggling to keep a tight grip on my D-Power.

The beams of light seemed to strengthen at my words of confidence.

"Everyone…STAND TOGETHER!" I demanded defiantly, feeling the power flow from my fingertips to my D-Power.

Once again, the DigiDestined contained Apocalymon's attack, but with a little help from numerous DigiDestined and the Tamers!

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

Dreaming is the start of everything, that's the answer

I'll fly farther than anyone, through all the tomorrows

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

Dreaming is the start of everything, that's the answer

I'll fly farther than anyone, through all the tomorrows

The light was contained, but when it faded, I saw a portal above my head. I had a feeling I knew what it was for-our way back home!

"Hurry up, guys! You don't wanna be stuck here with us, do you?" Davis asked calmly. Not waiting, Henry grabbed Terriermon and they both jumped in. Calumon was definitely eager to go. He jumped up, bounced on top of my head and catapulted himself in the portal. I laughed slightly.

"Thank you for…whatever message you were trying to tell me about earlier. I think I got it." I facefaulted in surprise and shock as Rika actually hugged Yolei and Sora before going through the portal with Renamon. That just left Guilmon and me. Tai and Davis both stepped up.

"Nice job, Takato! You fought through your fears and helped your partner to Warp-Digivolve." Davis responded.

"You've shown great courage today, Takato. Here-this belongs to you." I gasped in astonishment as Tai pulled his blue headband off his head and handed it to me!

"But…why? I'm not sure if I deserve it."

Tai smiled broadly as Sora came up to him and wrapped her arm around his waist. "Trust me-you deserve it. The sacrifices you've made during this entire adventure…I'm positive you deserve it. Besides-I've got another at home." I allowed a smile to cross my face as I pulled my goggles down over my eyes, placed the headband around my head and pushed the goggles over the headband.

"Always be sure to follow your dreams!" Tai yelled out as Guilmon and I jumped through the portal just seconds before it closed. As I headed back toward the future, and to Rika, I was positive that I could do anything, if I just remembered to follow my dreams…

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!

Dreaming is the start of everything, that's the answer

Wanna be the biggest dreamer, running full speed through both the future and the present…