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"Aoyama-san…?' Ichigo whispered. "Is that…you? The vibrations I feel are yours but…"

Chris stepped in front of Ichigo, shielding her with his body. "That's not Aoyama, Ichigo."

Masaya walked over to them until he was a mere twenty meters away. "Very good, boy. Do you know who I am?"

Chris stiffened and Masaya cackled. "Ah-ha, you do. You are also confused about which side you are on. You are torn between staying with your love and rejoining your teammates, who are still fully loyal to me. At least, the elder is. If the youngest doesn't shape up, I might have to kill him along with you. Either way, this Earth will belong to me and me alone."

A low growl escaped Chris's throat and Masaya laughed again.

"This human was so willing to give his soul up to me. He was a part of me, a scout I sent to earth to live and act like a human, learn their weaknesses. He is gone now, forever."

Ichigo gasped. "But…no, that can't be…"

A smirk came over Masaya's features. "Oh, can't it? I am a God. I can do anything."

"But that means that Aoyama-san wanted…"

Deep blue smirked. "He didn't care what happened to you as long the traitor here was killed."

Chris jumped on top of Ichigo and they both went crashing to the ground as Masaya's sword came slashing through the place where Ichigo's head had been.

The Mews jumped forward and began attacking; Ryo and Keiichiro pulled Chris and Ichigo back. Both he and Ichigo protested, but Ryo and Keiichiro were insistent and they pulled them both back into the trees.

Then there was and explosion and Zakuro and Retasu flew against the trees, crumpling to the ground. Purin and Minto continued to fight, although they were barely strong enough to hold out against the attacks that came at them.

Then, they too were thrown backwards, coming to a rolling stop on the ground. Ryo ran over and checked the vital signs of the barely conscious Mews, sighing , relieved, when he saw that they were all okay.

Masaya was standing in the middle of the park near the completely destroyed fountain, looking down at his feet.

Then, a single word escaped his lips and he began to rise off the ground, his body glowing a spectacular blue.



He stood before them a second later completely transformed, a menacing glare in his icy blue eyes.

A dark blue cloak fell to the floor, covering his tall form. The sword he held now was longer and jagged, as though it had been built to kill. His black hair, which fell nearly to his knees, curved around elongated, pointed ears.

Chris swore under his breath and Ichigo turned to him.

"Who is he?" she whispered.

"T-that's Deep Blue. The reason we took the Mew Aqua from you was to wake him so he could get the Earth for us, but apparently he wants the Earth for himself. He was our savior, but was a traitor all along." He swallowed. "And now that he's transformed into his true form, he's much more powerful."

Ichigo turned to look at Deep Blue again, who was gazing at the now upright and ready Mews with hatred.

Then he attacked and the battle for the Earth began. The final battle.

Ichigo jumped up to help her teammates and as she turned away, a hand caught hers and she looked back to find Kisshu string at her with pleading eyes.

"Be okay," he whispered.

She nodded and then she leapt into the air, shouting with all her might, "Strawberry Shock!"

Deep Blue turned quickly, but still only managed to block half of the attack and was thrown backwards into the rubble of the fountain. The Mews combined attacks and multicolored light filled the air.

"Strawberry Shock!"

"Zakuro Spear!"

"Pudding Inferno!"

"Lettuce Rush!"

"Mint Echo!"

There was an eternity of silence and then a cold voice rang out.

"Did you pitiful humans really think that you could stop me?"

A beam of crackling light flew out and slammed the Mews up against the tree line. They cried out but they rose to their feet shakily, blood running from cuts on their backs. Suddenly, Purin and Minto attacked.

"Pudding Inferno!"

"Mint Echo!"

Deep Blue was enveloped in pudding and then the arrow came speeding toward him, but he spun around with his sword out, slicing through Purin's attack like it was water and catching the arrow in his hand.

Mint's eyes widened as the alien broke her arrow in half, throwing the halves to the floor. He raised his hand from his side slowly, and two vines shot out of the undergrowth, wrapping around Purin and Mint. Zakuro and Retasu focused on freeing their companions, and Ichigo leapt into the air, sailing toward Deep Blue.

"Strawberry Shock!"

The attack missed as Deep Blue teleported, and she looked around wildly. When she felt a disturbance in the air behind her she turned and attacked again.

This time it hit its mark and deep Blue flew back in the air. She landed on the ground near the trees and looked up at him in the sky, watching him carefully.

He looked at her for a second, and then a malicious smirk took hold of his features. Ichigo squinted at him, wondering what he could possibly find amusement in, and then he disappeared.

She was looking around, trying to sense Deep Blue's vibrations, when the vines took hold of her, pinning her arms to her sides and squeezing her legs together. She cried out and her eyes went wide as her swords slipped from her fingers, falling to the concrete with a clatter.

Then Deep Blue appeared next to her, holding his sword to her neck.

"Now," he said in a slow, deliberate voice to the Mews, Ryo, Keiichiro and Chris. "Surrender the Earth to me or I'll slice her head clean off her shoulders."

One word: REVIEEWWW!!