Now, what I was going to do was a Warriors trollfic but after a number of death threats I recieved after the first chapter, I thought, why don't I write a real story for a change?
So I did.

Is this how you wanted my life to go?
I'm sure you had to abide by the age-old tradition of sending your child out into the wilderness, but sometimes, you should really consider an exception.

I'm wheelchair bound. And yet, you still forced me out, not to come back till I accomplish my dream. Of what? What I would like to do, is go home.

I'm lost.

I want to come back to you. But I can't. I've been in this forest for around a month now. I'd send out the Smeargle you gave me for "protection" to go around for some help, but he's been incapitated for a week. Surprise if he's not dead.

I remember. No I don't. I don't even remember stating I wanted to be the very best. Or anything related to Pokemon. Yet.

I'm just a kid.

I'm not sure what the standards around here are, but they have to change. The morals, they have to change. Sending out children? Did you ever do this?

Did you ever stand out, in the uncharted wild, with no sense of direction, unsure where your next meal will be? Did you ever mull, for days, weeks on end, just to beat some jerk for a shiny badge and a few machines?

I really wanted to please you.

I really wanted to make you proud.

Honest to God. I would give it all, just to restart, just to start over, and make this count. I want to make this worth something.

And I will.

You know what? I'll be the best son you can be. I won't be stuck in this wheelchair, I won't be like this, I'm not going to be a pitifiul worm, stuck to the ground.

I'll spread my wings. You'll never have to worry about me again.