This is a poem about Bobby Keller from the film Dream a Little Dream. He's a really cool character to write about!

Disclaimer: I don't own Dream a Little Dream. But I do own this poem and my copy of the movie.

I like Bobby Keller, as he's hot.

Those other guys are certainly not.

He is cool right from the start.

He is a teenage Braveheart.

He's willing to try new things.

He gives new stuff a whirl.

He's a ladies' man also

when it comes to the girls!

He is quite a Don Juan.

And he knows how to move

on the football field.

When Lainie Diamond broke up with her boyfriend Joel

at the dance on Saturday night,

her fate with Bobby was sealed.

Lainie had a calling.

She loved to leap and prance.

When Bobby found her in the gym one day,

He smiled as she practiced her dance.

When she became Bobby's girlfriend,

She felt it was like a song.

She believed that Bobby was the boy for her.

She just hadn't seen it all along.

Bobby watched Lainie with a smile as she danced in the gym.

He knew it had all came down to this.

He also believed only one thing.

She, of course, was now his.

Well, hope you liked it!