Danny Phantom: The Troubles of Time

By Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I am not Butch Hartman nor I am George Lucas (would be nice, but I'm not). This is story is also in no way related to Shining Zephyr's Indiana Jones and the City of the Phantoms.

Author's Notes: Another plot bunny has come to me this time two great heroes are about to come together.

Chapter I: All the Time in the World

Gestapo Officer 1 (1935)

"This way, hurry," I told my brothers in arms as we chased a group of escaped prisoners down the streets of Munich, they had escaped from a camp but they would not get far. "I think they went In here," I told them pointing to an old home on the edge of town.

"Wilhelm, come hier!" Gustav said as I saw he had walked into building, "I think I found something," he said as I caught up to him and beheld a glowing green light. "What do you think it is," he asked me as I shrugged my shoulders.

"Not sure, but whatever it is, maybe Hitler will reward us if we find out," I said as we walked toward the light.

Danny (Present Day)

"So with the sinking of the Maine the Spanish-American War began and…," our teacher said as the bell rang.

"Here are your notes Fenton, just don't fall behind on the homework," X said as he handed me my note book and walked out of the classroom. Since I haven't been able to drive in awhile I've had to do written work and if that's not bad enough Headmaster Spritle made X my tutor.

Months had passed since that dreadful battle with Freddy Krueger and I still bear the scars of it. My hands aren't what they used to be; I can use them but my strength has greatly diminished and Clockwork had to install mental controls on Flywheel to compensate for that.

I have to wear a special harness to increase the strength in my legs (something about Krueger's powers had damaged the nerves). I am no way an invalid and can walk without the harnesss but if I want to achieve normal walking speed I need a bit of help.

"Hey Danny are you okay," I heard Danielle ask me as she walked up beside me. Even though her tongue was cut out of her mouth, her ghost powers still allow her to talk although she still some trouble concentrating sometimes.

"Can't complain, what's up?" I ask her smiling, it has been her recovery and Sam's love that has inspired to get better and work myself to where I am now.

"I was wondering if you were up to showing me how to drive the Flywheel?" she asked looking at me with those puppy dog eyes of her.

"Fine," I sighed as we walked down the hall and headed to the garage to get this over with.

Indy (1935)

"This had better be good Marcus," I said I opened the door of my friend's, Marcus Brody, museum. He said he had some big discovery to show that could change the face of history. "You know I was showing a class on dig of Glastonbury," I tell him as I walk into his office but he wasn't there.

A colleague of mine from Cambridge talked me into teaching a semester here in England, but he gave me no lesson plan so that means that I have to wing it. However before we get into the lesson some student always has some question about Atlantis or the Holy Lance and I tell them the same thing all the time, 'That's mythology not history!'

"Indiana is that you?" I hear his voice callout from the storage room, "I'm in the Egyptology vault," he says as I walk to the vault but to my surprise find not Brody.

"Brody, you're not in here," I tell him as I walk out hear noise coming from the Mayan storage room. I get up and walk out of the vault and enter the right room. "How did you get to be curator," I ask him as I find him foraging through a drawer of remains.

"Ah Indy, I have the greatest discovery since Tut's tomb here in my pocket," Brody tells me fumbling with his pockets until he takes a small box tied up tight and unwraps it. "Behold," he said triumphantly as he reveals a curved fragment of bone.

"It's a piece of bone, I've seen it before," I tell him as he looks down at the bone and smiles at me.

"This is a piece of Amenhotep IV's skull, this found outside of his city of Armana, we could be close to the discovery of the century- the proof that…," he says before I hold my hand out to stop him.

"As much as I would love to help you out, I have a full plate," I tell him as he notices a piece of paper in my pocket.

"I didn't know you were searching for the Scepter of Time?" he asks me seeing the titile of it as I shake my head.

"I'm not, a student wrote about for an assignment, needless to say it's getting an F," I tell referring to my policy that the papers have to be actual history and not superstition.

"Well, when you have free time call me, this Armana case could be the greatest achievement in Egyptology," Marcus said as I left the room to get back to reviewing papers, my favorite job.

Clockwork (Present Day)

"I honestly don't see what the problem is gentlemen that was over a year ago," I told them sighing at the Observant's idiocy. Yes, there were injuries but both Phantoms are alive; Dan is contained and Krueger destroyed.

"You could have them killed, if it wasn't for their fast thinking you could have been in a lot of…," they said as we heard a noise coming from the lower levels of my tower.

"Excuse me," I said smiling to the Observants as I grabbed my scythe and went to investigate the problem.

"Wo sind wir?" a voice asked as two Gestapo officers from WWII appeared, no doubt they had discovered natural portal and stumbled in here. I had to eliminate before they damage the timeline.

"Somewhere you're not welcomed," I said as I floated down to be greeted by a barrage of bullets from the Mausers.

"Halt!" they shouted as they fired their weapons but being a ghost I simply went intangible and dodged their blasts.

"I think it's time you leave," I said swiping at them with my scythe getting ready to freeze them when I was caught off guard by a stray bullet causing me to drop my staff. "NO!" I shouted as one of the Nazis grabbed it.

"A fine gift for Der Führer's birthday," he said looking at the staff as his comrade searched for other treasures.

"You will return that to me now or suffer the consequences," I warned them as I blasted them but they ducked out of the way.

"Ich denke nicht so," the soilder said as he fired his pistol.

"Look what I found Wilhelm," his comrade said holding up my medallions in his hand, "You think these make good gifts as well," he asked as his superior smiling.

"Ja, come on, let's get back to Munich so we can show our prizes to the doctor," the superior said as the left meaning I needed to call on some assistance.

Speed Racer (Present Day)

"Please Speed, please be my partner for the mechanics project," Connor begged on his knees on the verge of crying. He had been pestering me all day about this stupid project.

"No, I told you I'm helping Danni with hers, besides I thought Sam was helping you?" I ask him as he looks around like he's being followed.

"That's problem, rumor is the last partner Sam had ended up in a body bag, I'm too good looking to die," he whines as I roll my eyes in exasperation.

"We'll talk about this later, I have homework to do," I tell him as I go to the library where Danni is waiting for me but my mind is elsewhere.

Ever since we rescued Danny and Danni from Freddy Krueger and went to that clock tower, I have been thinking of my father. I know he was that locked room and if I could only remember what happened this mystery could be solved but my mind was blank.

I was soon snapped back to the present as I heard Danielle call out, "Hey Speed," I shook the cobwebs out of my head and went to sit next to her.

"Hey Danni, have you decided on what you want to do your project on?" I asked her as she looked through a pile of books on the desk.

"Well, I wanted to do it on the mechanics of an ecto-converter but I can't find anything on it here and I don't think Aniskov would be too pleased with me if I did that topic," she said as we laughed at the truth of that though the look on his face might be worth it.

"Well why don't we compromise, Ectoplasm is an eighth generation fuel source I think. So why not do it on eighth generation fuels and how current model cars might be adapted to use it," I tell her as she nods and takes out some paper and starts writing.

I look up to the ceiling wondering about my father, if I ever find out where that clock tower is I was going to search until I found him.

Dr. Showenhower (1935)

"Are you sure it is safe, Karl?" my wife Lydia asked me as I strapped her to the platform and adjusted the controls of my latest experiment code named Operation Lebende Kunst. If it works I could provide Hitler with the ultimate concealed weapon and with future research I could use it to steal art from right under museum's noses making me rich.

"The skin cultures survived the process so I know it doesn't harm living creatures -that much- besides if you die consider yourself a martyr for the Reich," I tell her as I don a pair of goggles and prepare to pull the lever when there is a knock at the door. "Blast!" I cursed as I removed my eyewear and went to answer it.

"Doktor Karl Showenhower?" the delivery boy asked as I nodded, "I have a package from Munich for you," he said handing me two parcels which I signed for. "Danke, Doktor," the boy said as he left.

"What is it Karl, my sweet," Lydia asked as I went over to her and set her free beore heading to the packages.

"I don't believe it," I said as I opened them and gazed at my prize, "I thought it a legend but after all my years of research the item I am looking for falls into my lap," I said smiling as I rubbed my eyes.

"That's not?" Lydia asked in shock as I smiled.

"It is, the Scepter of time and the Horloge Medallions at last I have the key to my plans," I said smiling at the power I now possess.