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Chapter XXXVI: Spring Ahead

Indy (1935)

"For the last time, Brody, no," I told Marcus as we arrived back at the Thelemic Brotherhood of Free Germany. This argument has been going on since we left Hitler's castle and it's always the same.

"Why can't we put the scepter and medallions in a museum?" he asks me as I take Danny into a secluded room and lay him on a couch. I drown out Brody's pleas and rants about it being a 'treasure and focus on treating the boy's wounds.

"Indy, this is archaeology treasure that…," he complained as I took a pair of scissors and cut off Danny's shirt revealing his wound. "The boy's been through a lot," my colleague noticing the scars he had on him.

"I'll say," I tell him as I clean up the dried blood, "What the…," I said noticing the blood had a tinge of green to it, could he have been poisoned by Himmler or even Hitler. I checked him for the symptoms of sepsis but found nothing.

"Must be a half ghost thing," Brody commented as I sighed and went back to treating the boy.

Lucy (Present Day)

"Come on, we have to give this Headmaster Spritle," Speed said as we found ourselves back at the academy.

My mind was still reeling about what I saw in that room with the Latin saying on the wall. Who was that other man with CW and why wasn't he with him now, did he die or had a falling out with CW, but I will never know.

"I still wish I could have kept that Lecture," Connor said as we started to head for the headmaster's office but stopped as we saw Annalise walking down the hall.

"Wait," Speed whispered as he watched where she was going, "something tells me that Zile must be up to something," he says watching her leave as we continue our walk.

Heinrich Himmler (1935)

"Yes you heard me, the Führer wants the funds sent to Tierra del Fuego in Südamerika," I told the Totenkopf who I ordered to execute the Führer's new plan. According to Hitler's orders all funds were to be taken to a fort called Morgen Land for safe keeping in the event the Reich was to fall.

"wie Sie wünschen," the soldier says as he salutes me and leaves the room allowing me to work on a top secret operation code named Abschließendes Schicksal otherwise known as Ragna Rok.

I walked over to my desk and took an ancient book called the Codex Tartari or Book of Hell. "Now let see the rite of the Nine Circles," I said looking at the incantations so I could see what was needed to perform this rite.

Clockwork (Present Day and 1935)

"Are you okay Clockwork?" Danielle asked as I entered the room to check on Samantha. I could tell she was tired from using her gift to help her friend but it was necessary to heal her mind after the shock of seeing a possibility of the future.

"Yes," I said smiling as she handed me the Infi-Map, "Thank you, Danielle," I told her as left the room and headed to my private study.

I entered the empty room and closed my eyes; I could sense my Staff's energies untainted by the dark energies that fueled the Nazis' thirst for power. Also there was another presence that I knew well- it was medallion lodged behind Danny's heart.

I smiled as I unfurled the Infi-Map and concentrated on the staff and Danny's medallion. The map began to pull me in and drive my essence through time and space until the map had obeyed its order.

I opened my eyes and found myself in a Thelemic Lodge. I shuddered for a second acclimating myself to Crowley's unique aura (the man had the brilliance of wondering prophet walking through the desert and the determination of a genius unhindered by the universe's rules).

I could hear Jones, Brody, and Crowley arguing about the staff, "it's decided then we'll let Danny take the staff back to his friend," the archaeologist told the mystic and the museum curator as they ate a meal.

I searched the lodge until I found Danny asleep alone in a distant room with the scepter and medallions nearby. "Perfect," I told myself taking the items before going over to sleeping Danny and scooping in my arms and went back to our own time.

Spritle Racer (Present Day)

"Thank you Professor Winn," I told my friend as she handed the grades for this sesmester when there was a knock on the door. "Just a second," I said putting the grades for away and open the door to reveal Speed, Lucy, Connor and Tucker.

"Sorry to bother you Headmaster, sir, but I was told to give you this," Speed said handing me a letter before leaving with his friends.

"What is it," Professor Winn asked as I took out the letter from the envelope and read it. "Spritle are you okay?" she asked me as I thought for a second meditating on what the letter said:

Spritle Racer,

For years you have wondered about the disappearance of your brother. I have kept this secret from you for your own protection as those who would harm your brother would no doubt go after you. Now I feel the time is right to reveal what was hidden from you in 1968. I will start by saying that CW is but a mere pseudonym and have had many names given to me by many people but now I am known as Clockwork.

I have told your nephew the story of what happened to his father with instructions to tell you, he shall enlighten you on the details.


"It's nothing, would you excuse me for a minute," I told her as I left the room note in hand wondering just what this 'Clockwork' told Speed about his father.

Aleister Crowley (1935)

"Thank you for giving an old man, one last adventure," I told the two doctors as they got up to leave. I must admit I had never felt more alive in a long time and it was exhilarating.

"We couldn't have done this without your Mr. Crowley," Dr. Jones said as we walked into the room where Danny was resting only to be met with a shock.

"Do all Half-Ghosts disappear like that?" Brody asked as I shrugged my shoulders, "He took the staff and medallions with him," the curator said upset, "at least I have the Spear to show for it," he said as I shook my head.

"Aiwass has told me to be the custodian of the Holy Spear," I told him, "I will give you a faux spear to give to the Schatzkammer in Vienna," I tell him handing a replica causing him to frown.

"If you see Danny, Aleister, tell him Dr. Jones said thanks and will see him in class," the archaeologist said as I showed them to the door and watched them leave.

When I returned to the room, I discovered a small note on the cot, "What is this," I said taking it tear open the envelope:

Drs. Jones, Brody, and Mr. Crowley

Thank you for aiding Danny, I have decided to take him home as he was acclimating well to being in Europe.


I fell to my knees and cast my eyes upward, "Oh Lord Horus, thou most glorious god of the new aeon, thank you for sending your servant Danny to me. I shall cherish this day in my heart until thy City of the Pyramids," I prayed realizing that the boy was messenger for Horus himself, how else disappear so fast or be so powerful.

While I was praying, a brother came in the room, "I am sorry to interrupts thy prayers Frater Perdurabo but this came from your home in Scotland," he said as I got up and saw a package on his hand.

"Thank you, brother," I said taking and opening seeing the preliminary designs of the deck of Tarot cards I had commissioned Lady Harris to paint. "Send a not to Boleskine House saying I return soon and will look over the drawings," I told him as he nodded and left leaving me to continue my prayers.

Danny (Present Day)

"What hit me?" I asked as slowly opened my eyes and found myself no longer in Germany but just where I was I had no idea. "I need an aspirin," I said massaging my temples as I looked around and saw clocks everywhere telling me that I was in the Ghost Zone.

"You nearly destroyed the Timeline Danny," a voice said as I turned around and saw Clockwork staring at me. I could tell that he was upset with something even though his voice gave no hint of emotion. "Do you have any idea what would have happened if Hitler would have died?" he asked transforming into an old man.

"World War II would have never happened?" I guessed as the time master scowled at me and showed me to the main observatory.

"Hitler is evil, yes, but he was also insane, his plans were doomed to failure from the minute they hatched his infernal mind," Clockwork said waving his staff revealing scenes from the dictator's life, "Had Hitler died, there would have been someone else to take his place, someone more clear minded and driven and his deeds would make the Holocaust pale in comparison," he said as I bowed my head causing him to smile. "I cannot blame you Danny, you had no idea what Hitler's death would do to history and you were under a dark influence.

"I have to ask Clockwork, what about all the changes the Nazis made what will happen to the timeline?" I ask him curious remembering the Nazis had altered history for the worse.

"They will repair themselves although a slight 'fingerprint' of your involvement in that will remain," he said opening a portal. "Go home and rest Danny, you will need it," he said as I walked through it portal and found myself back at the academy where Sam and Danni were waiting for me.

"Danny were you, I was worried sick," Sam said as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, "I had the most terrifying vision," she said holding me tight as I stroked her hair.

"It was just a vision," I told her as I kissed her and let her go before collapsing on the bed, my mind from the journey I had just completed.

The End.