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This chapter contains, H/HR; R/L; Venus/Darien (shrugs, might as well throw that in); G/D; H/G; H/R; AND that's it… wait, wait… No, that's it.

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Tell her not to go. I ain't holding on no more
Tell her something in my mind freezes up from time to time
Tell her not to cry. I just got scared that's all
Tell her Ill be by her side, all she has to do is call
Tell her the chips are down, I drank too much and shouted it aloud
Tell her something in my heart
Needs her more than even clowns need the laughter of the crowd
Tell her what was wrong. I sometimes think to much
But say nothing at all
And tell her from this high terrain, I am ready now to fall
Tell her not to go. I ain't holding on no more
Tell her nothing if not this; all I want to do is kiss her
Tell her something in my mind freezes up from time to time.

--Tell Her This--

Harry woke up, rolling over, finding himself in the cold area that was Hermione's side. His eyes blinked open, nothing but blurry images and emptiness. He rolled back on to his side, laying on his back he began rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Mione?" Nothing. Not a whisper, not a footstep, nothing the indicated life outside of the bed. He opened his eyes one more time and looked around. Everything was in it's place. The closet was unopened, the bathroom door was open, no sound of a shower or scent of a previous shower in the air. Nothing.

Harry sat up. Events from the night before flooded his brain and for a few seconds he feared that something had gone terribly wrong. Maybe she had been switched back. What if her counter part was lost in some riff in space? He would have neither Hermione.

He rushed out of the bed, not bothering with a robe or slippers. He headed out of the bedroom and straight into the nursery.

Hunter sat in his crib, staring at his father with an almost bemused face. They held each other's green stare before Hunter let out a laugh and threw his arms in the air.

"Where's mommy, little man?" Hunter placed his arms up, smiling as his father talked to him. Harry walked over to the crib, hoisting the child out and sitting him on his hip. "Did mommy come in this morning?"

"Mama?" Hunter looked, wide eyed, at his father and then around the room. Obviously, he was as lost as Harry.

"It's Friday, she doesn't have to work. Maybe she forgot." It was then that Harry realized he hadn't even checked the time. He and Hunter walked out into the hall and straight into Lily's room. His eyes moved to her night stand to see that it was almost eight thirty.

He was late.

"Dammit." Hunter giggled and Harry groaned. "Daddy didn't just say that." Hunter bounced up and down, giggling at the silent joke. "I have to call, someone."

Harry turned and walked down the stairs. It was no use calling the Ministry. They had no phones. He would send word to Ron that he couldn't come in. He'd send word to Venus as well that he had lost his wife.

He had a feeling that both friends would have several problems with the either piece of news.

As he walked into the kitchen a minor detail made him stop and turn to stare at the calendar on the wall. Instead of the 'x' on the Thursday, marking that it was now Friday, there was an 'x' on the Friday.

"Today can not be Saturday."

"Why?" He spun around, Hunter on his hip, him shirtless. Hermione stood at the entrance of the kitchen via the garage. She had a bag in one hand and a tray of two cups in the other.


"The one and only." She winked at him and moved into the kitchen, placing the items on the counter. "How are my two favorite men?"

"We're fine. Is it, are you?" He chuckled, his one hand moving to the back of his head.

Hermione smiled widely and took the few steps towards him, standing on her tiptoes, and minding Hunter, she gently kissed him on his lips.

As she stepped back on to the ground, she watched Harry's face go from confused to mystified.

"You didn't switch."

"I didn't switch. I guess we all know what was best for me now." She leaned up again and gave him a slightly more passionate kiss, before stepping back on to her heels and taking her son from him.

"What happened to Friday?" He moved to the bag on the counter and began shifting through it.

"I have no idea. I woke up wicked early, and I came downstairs, turned on the TV and boom, it's Saturday." Hermione shrugged and sat at the table, smiling brightly as Hunter laughed and wrapped his arms around her. "I guess we got a break from living for a day."

"I don't know if I like that. A break from living? I think everyday is worth going through with it."

"Oh really?" Hermione gave him an odd look, flicking her wrist for a magical bottle to be made. Harry watched the bottle fly from the cupboard, but made no comment.

"Every day is going to be very valuable for the next few weeks. We have to get you up to date. Lily and Sirius are going to be home in a short time."

Hermione laughed, grabbing the bottle that floated towards her and Hunter.

"Yes, well, I think we will manage. I have to go bathe this one and then take a shower myself."

"Why?" Harry was about to open a box of breakfast sweets when a small electrical pulse sparkled right before his finger tips.

"Because I invited Ron and Venus, as well as their families, to have a wonderful breakfast with us." Harry stared at her and then the box of sweets.

"So I can't eat till they get here?" His voice was low and disappointed shined brightly in his green orbs. Hermione shook her head, moving towards the stairs.

"No, but you can join me in a shower big enough for two?" Harry looked at her retreating form and then box of sweets, smiling brightly he dashed past her and Hunter and raced up the stairs.

"Uh! You're such a man."


Venus laughed as she placed her plate into the sink. She wiped the tears from her eyes and leaned against the counter, staring at Hermione who was trying to squeeze fresh orange juice by hand.

"And then, she said that if it was up to her, I'd just disappear off the face of the planet."

Hermione giggled and threw down the fifth orange from the bowl. "How long does it take to get orange juice?"

"Um, hello, witches." Venus shook her head and flicked her wand in the direction of the juice. Before either of them could say anything orange juice was leaking on to the counter.

"Thanks." Hermione stated. She flicked her wrist and the mess was cleaned as quickly as it was made.

"Show off." Venus mumbled, sticking her wand back into her pocket. She folded her arms and looked past the kitchen entrance to see her twins rushing around the den. "Connor! Kari! Cut it out."

"They're fine darling." Her husband's voice answered her, and she snarled slightly.

"Darien grew a back bone?" Hermione laughed at her own joke but sobered as she saw the look in her friend's eyes.

"I don't know, but for the past few weeks Darien has been riding my nerves." Venus made a face and crossed her arms over her stomach. Hermione's eyes moved from her friend's face to her friend's stomach.

"Have you gained weight?" Venus snarled again, her eyes lighting in a slight red hue.

"I might have put on a few pounds in the last month or so. It's not a big deal." Hermione looked back at Venus' stomach. She hadn't noticed because every time she saw Venus they had been at work and she had been wearing robes. Now, on the weekend while Venus was wearing a sweater, the small weight gain was noticeable.

"Venus, are you pregnant?" The black haired woman stood a little straighter.

"Um, no."

"Um, I think you are." Hermione placed her hand on her friend's stomach, noting the solid bump. "Venus, you're pregnant!"

Venus looked at her stomach and then at Hermione. "But, the doctor said that the twins did it in for me. I can't get pregnant again."

"The doctor said that it was improbable because of they way your uterus tilted. He didn't say it was impossible. And on that matter, how does your uterus tilt?"

Venus shook her head, her hands forming over her stomach. "I mean, I've been running late and such, but I just figured it was all the stress from screaming at Darien. I'm pregnant."

They both turned as Darien walked into the room. He had blonde hair and rich brown eyes, and he towered over the two women by almost a foot. On his legs were two six year olds. Both with blonde hair and blue eyes, looking more like each other then their parents.

"Our beautiful children wanted a ride to see mommy. What's wrong?" Darien looked at Venus and then at Hermione, his eyes moving between the two.

Venus looked at him, her eyes welling with tears, and without much of a thought, she flung herself into his arms.

"We're pregnant."

Hermione smiled and slipped into the den. Artie and Hugo were playing a game near the wire netted fireplace, while Ron looked on from the reading chair near the sliding doors. Harry was sitting with their son in the other reading chair on the other side of the slider. Hunter was trying to push himself off his father's lap.

"Venus is pregnant." Hermione smiled brightly as she made her way to her husband and son. "I'm so happy for her."

Luna walked into the room. Her white blonde hair pulled into a thick braid. She smiled brightly and practically floated to her own little family.

"That's so wonderful for her. We should have another baby Ronald." Her voice was still as dreamy as it had been in high school. Ron made a face and then looked at Hermione and Harry for help.

Hermione shook her head and looked at Harry who had a large smile on his face.

"Another baby sounds nice." Hermione smiled back and looked over to Ron while she gently patted Harry's chest.

"In your dreams love." Both men let out a hearty laugh. Luna and Hermione both chuckling.

"Maybe one day?" Harry whispered, letting Hunter move to the floor and rush over to Artie and Hugo. He pulled her on to his lap, getting her to let out a small squeal.

"Yeah," She twisted her head and kissed him lightly. "Maybe one day."

"You know," The couple turned to Ron, who was sitting at the edge of his chair, while Luna sat on the arm of the chair and then leaned against the cushioned back. "I wonder how everyone else is dealing with their new life."

Hermione leaned into Harry, wrapping her arms against his, which were holding her tightly.

"I think they're doing fabulously."



Ginny rushed around the kitchen, placing plates and silverware in their respective places.

Harry walked in, Lily hanging from his neck. "Darling, I can not seem to find our little Lily, have you seen her?"

Ginny looked up, pushing some of the red hair that had fallen from the ponytail back behind her ear. Her smile lit up her face as she saw the angelic look on her daughter's face.

"I don't know. Maybe she went into the garden to grow a little more." Lily let out a burst of giggles.

"Mommy! I'm right here." Ginny feign surprise and went to grab her daughter from Harry's back.

"I didn't see you, you must have used an invisible spell." Lily's mouth opened in an 'o'.

"You think so? I'd be a better wizard then Albus and James together!" Lily bounced from her mother's arms and rushed out of the kitchen.

"She's probably going to write a letter to Albus as we speak." Harry stated, grabbing a piece of bacon. "What time do you want to head over to your mom and dad's?"

"Are we driving or floo-ing?" Ginny gave him a look for touching her perfect bacon, but smiled as he winked over to her.

"Driving. I think Ron and that lot are floo-ing, I don't want to complicate that situation." Ginny made a face at the mention of her brother's family. "Did you and Hermione have a falling out? You seem to want nothing to do with her."

"It's not that." Ginny smiled and moved towards him, leaning against his chest, his arms wrapping around her. "We're just having some off time I guess. We'll work it out."

Harry nodded and gave her a kiss, surprising her.

"Hey, just a peck?" She smiled as she leaned up, Harry capturing her lips in a tight hold.

"Mommy!" The two pulled apart, Ginny laughing as she leaned her forehead on his chest.

"Yes, Lily?" Harry rubbed her back, and then she stood up straight, heading across the open kitchen. "Babe, what's wrong?"

Ginny looked up the stairs and let out a short burst of laughter. Lily was standing at the top of the stairs, her hair in a messy bun and a tutu over her jeans and sweater.

"Flower, what are you wearing?"

"Grandma likes when I wear my ballerina skirt." Ginny shook her head and walked up the stairs, leading her daughter into the pink and purple bedroom.

"Let's just fix your hair, ok?" Ginny pulled the clip from her daughters hair and began brushing the long wavy hair. She divided the hair and braided it down. "Better?"

Lily smiled into the mirror, her reflection staring at her mother full of brightness.

"Mommy, you're going to stay with us forever and ever, right?" Ginny cocked an eyebrow at her daughter through the mirror.

"Of course, why would you ask such a thing?"

"Because we had to stay at Grandma's. We left daddy." Ginny stared at her daughter's reflection her face melting. She turned Lily around and fell to her knees, smiling gently as she moved a wisp of hair behind Lily's ear.

"Oh baby, mommy and daddy were just having a fight. Just like you and your brothers. We stayed at Grandma's so daddy and I could have a small break." Ginny kissed Lily's forehead. "We don't have separate rooms like you, Albus, and James."

Lily nodded and then her face lit up. "Can I bring my doll to Grandma and Grandpa's?"

Ginny nodded her head, patting her daughter's head. "Anything you want my love. I'm going to finish breakfast, ok?" Lily nodded, moving towards her bed.

Harry stood outside of the bedroom and grabbed Ginny's waist.

"So, you're going to spend forever and ever with us?"

"Trust me Harry. It would take some real magic to get me to leave." She pinched his cheek and wiggled out of his hold. "I have to finish breakfast."

"Ok." He began walking in the opposite direction as her. "Just to let you know, there's no bacon left."

Ginny turned her head to see her bedroom door closing quickly. She looked at the ceiling and began mumbling, a smile still finding it's way to her lips.



"Ronald! I'm not joking! We're running late." Hermione stood in front of her closet, she was holding a blue dress in one hand and black dress in the other. The mere thought of seeing Ginny was making her head ache.

"Well, Merlin, Mione." Ron walked into their bedroom, a smile on his face. "You're being a tad bossy."

"Your mother is going to murder us." Hermione turned and showed him both dresses.

"Black." Ron smiled and flopped on to the bed. Hermione turned back to her mirror and held the black on up against herself.

"Why the black one?"

"Because I love that dress on you. You know that." Hermione smiled and nodded her head. She began undressing, only to look over her shoulder. Ron was laying on the bed, his eyes closed and his breath just slightly rhythmic.

"Babe, what's wrong?" Her voice echoed over the small room and she looked towards the ceiling and then back to the job of getting her dress on. When she didn't hear a response, she turned around, the dress sitting on her hips, and stared at him. "Ron?"

"Why did you come back to me?" Hermione stared at her husband and then back at the ceiling.

"I'm sorry?"

"I don't know. I know that I'm a total screw up and that I made it hard for you to love me. But, where did this whole, can't live without you complex come from?"

"I," Hermione turned back around, pulling the dress up and down, fixing it over her body. She looked in the mirror, smoothing some of the hair that had flitted from the style on top of her head. "I realized that I wanted us to work."

"You didn't see to mind, like, a week ago." It took every ounce of love in her heart to make sure her eyes did not roll.

"I told you that I did a lot of thinking and that I--" She didn't get to finish. Ron was towering over her, both hands over her cheeks.

"Mione, I think you are absolutely stunning. I love you and I'm so sorry about everything. About working late nights and avoiding you and not giving you the perfect anniversary dinner." Hermione stared into the blue eyes of her closest male friend and husband.

"Darling, what has gotten into you?"

"You." Hermione blushed and smiled, she looked at Ron and very slowly moved her face from his hands, only to fling herself into his chest.

"Ronald, seriously, what's up?" She refused to let go of him and marveled at the sound of his heart beat.

"I think I had an epiphany."

"Just now?" She giggled as Ron frazzled her hair.

"Over the past few days. You made it difficult not too. Showering me with attention and then disappearing to your parents for two days. I guess it reminded me on how much you mean to me."

Hermione laughed and nodded her head. She let go of him and pulled away. She very gently leaned up and kissed him.

"I'm going to check on Hugo. Get dressed." She made her way to the bedroom door, maneuvering over one of Hunter's misplaced toys. "And darling?" Ron looked away from the closet to his wife's brilliant brown eyes. "Don't worry, you have me."

And with that Hermione walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to her son's room.

"Hugo? Are you done getting ready?" A very muffled 'yes' came from the other side of the door. Hermione sighed and then placed her hand on the knob, only to find it locked. "Hugo, open the door."

She could hear the random sounds of things being shuffled, possibly under his bed, and books being shoved into his bookshelf. She knew that sound because he always slammed his books in their spots, hitting the bookcase which hit the wall.

It took at least four minutes for the door to be flung open and her nine year old son to stare at her with innocent eyes and a bright smile.

"What were you doing?" Her voice was flat and she tried to peer into his room.

"Nothing mom." His smile brighten as she gave him a look. "When are we going to grandpa's and grandma's?"

"Minute your dad is dressed and ready." Hermione sighed as Hugo slammed his door shut behind him as he made his way to his parents bedroom.

"Dad?" Hermione watched as her son swung open the door and then the sound of her husband crashing to the grounded. "Dad, hurry up."

"Hugo! It's called knocking!" She tried not to laugh, but the urge was strong and she could hear the obscenities Ron was trying hard to mumble so Hugo wouldn't catch on. "Mione!"

"Hugo, come on." She grabbed the collar of her son's shirt and gently removed him from the bedroom. With her hands on his shoulders she guided him to the stairs, but not without peeking into the room, where Ron was lying on the floor, his pants half on, and another set of obscenities flying in a mumbled mess from his lips.

Another burst of laughs fell from her lips, her son's chuckles soon mixing in.

"He's a real riot."

"You're nine, you shouldn't call your father a 'riot'." Hugo shrugged and walked over to the couch and flopped down. "Don't even think about wrinkling your clothes." Hermione walked across the living room into the kitchen. She walked to the stove and placed the tea-kettle on the burner.

"So, are you and Aunt Ginny going to get along?" His voice travel from the living room to the kitchen.

Hermione leaned back from the stove and saw him on the couch, his attention directed at the television.

"We'll behaving like big girls, thank you." Hugo looked at her and nodded his head in a slightly patronizing way. Hermione stuck out her tongue and leaned forward, her attention on the tea kettle.

"I'm ready. Are you ready? Hugo?"

"Ready." Hermione and Hugo looked at each other and chuckled. Ron rolled his eyes.

"You two are so much alike I worry that he's not actually my son." He whispered it in her ear, too low for Hugo to hear, but it felt like screams to her. She froze and gave a wide eyed expression. "What? What happened?"

"I… Hugo, baby, you should go and greet grandma and grandpa." Hugo looked at his mother and then at his father. He gave them a scolding look, but turned and grabbed a handful of Floo powder.

"The Burrow." And 'poof' he was gone.

"Um, did you just send our son to my mothers without cover?" Hermione shook her head and stared at Ron. "What?"

"I really do love you."

"Didn't we cover this, this morning?" He didn't sound angry or annoyed, he sounded blatantly confused.

"Yes, we did. But I need you to fully understand that I love you and I'm not going anywhere." Ron looked at her and gave a goofy smile, before leaning down and kissing her.

"Good, I'm not ready to part with you yet. Now, can we please go save our son?" Hermione laughed and nodded her head, her hand never untwining from his.



Cries echoed over the grand house, echoing over the high ceilings. Every sound could be heard from every angle and corner. At least every sound from every other bedroom. Their bedroom was sound proof. Allowing sound in but no sound to come out.

Ginny threw open the double doors to her bedroom. Her pajamas still on even though of the early afternoon time. She walked the vast hallway, her eyes staring straight ahead, ignoring the gigantic stair case that would make Scarlett O'Hara green with envy.

Directly across from their room was another set of double doors. In the middle of the vast hallway, in between the two rooms, laid an overly large arch, which led to another hallway.

Ginny threw open the opposite pair of double doors and smiled brightly at the tiny, strawberry blonde child in the vast crib. The nursery was quite beautiful. The top of the wall, just touching the ceiling was a midnight blue, fading to a baby blue as it hit the floor. Bright yellow stars twinkled at the very top, fading out towards the middle.

"What's wrong my baby?" The tiny boy gurgled, his blue eyes widening in a bright sparkle. "Are you having a bad nap?"

"I thought we agreed we would go rushing every time he cried?" Ginny ignored the second voice that walked into the room, coo-ing at the child in her arm. "He's going to grow into a wimp."

Ginny made a funny face to her son and then looked at her husband. She had an amused expression over her face.

"He's a baby. Babies need you when they need you." She allowed the child to move around, turning to his father and leaning towards him. Draco smiled and collected his child from Ginny's arms.

"And when do you stop the coddling?"

"When they turn eighteen." Ginny looked at the ceiling and then back at Draco. "Maybe twenty-one, just to be safe."

Draco stared at her, his mouth in a serious line. "Please tell me you're joking."

Ginny laughed and nodded walking out of the nursery. "Maybe thirty."

Draco followed her out into the hallway, across to their bedroom. He was sporting no shirt and only a pair of pants. Obviously, on the weekends, the Malfoys decided against placing on normal clothes. However, when someone has an overly large house, the point of clothes was not as much as a point but rather an option.

"When he can't leave us to go to school, remember this."

"We'll have Hermione teach him." Draco let out a laugh.

"It's really weird to hear you say that. Considering you basically black ball them during the holidays." Ginny shrugged and walked to her closet, which was the size of a small cottage.

"Hermione and I wasted a lot of time fighting when we could have been friends and sharing our lives." Draco sat on the massive bed and placed his son in front of him. Luke began moving around, his hands and knees moving briskly over the fluffy quilt.

A bark erupted and echoed, and the sound of clicking moved towards their bedroom. Ginny stuck her head out of the closet and smiled brightly at that overly large Labrador.

"Dusty! What are you doing up here?" The black lab was wagging his tail energetically and panting as he made his way over to Ginny.

"Dusty," Draco made a noise with his mouth. "We should have named him something ferocious. Like,"

"Voldermort." Ginny smiled brightly and disappeared back into her closet. Draco sneered slightly, but quickly changed his expression as Luke looked at him.

"Exactly what are our plans today? Are we visiting you're parents? We should go to the Potters!" Draco looked away from Luke, his eyes falling over Ginny. "What?"

Draco shook his head, leaning back against the millions of pillows that were spread over the head of the bed. He arched his back, and let his arms move back to cradle is head. He outstretched his leg to stop Luke from getting too close to the edge of the bed.

Ginny walked out of the closet, a pair of gray pants and a rich green sweater hugged her body. Her long red hair glided over her shoulders in messy waves and curls.

"Wow." She smiled appreciatively at her husband and then grabbed Luke from the bed.

"I'm going to dress this little one. We'll go see your parents and then I'll give Hermione a ring. We should probably see my parents tomorrow, that way we can weasel out of seeing anyone until the holidays." Draco nodded his head tentatively, unmoving from his comfortable spot.

Ginny walked out of their room and straight to the nursery. At least she was getting more exercise then she had before.

"Gin?" She stopped, almost at the nursery and turned back around.


"Can you put the baby down for a minute?" Ginny looked over at the bedroom and then swiveled back towards the nursery. She mumbled under her breath, Luke clapping his hands and then trying to leaning forward from his mother's hold.

"Mommy will be right back. Play with your stuffed owl." She handed Luke the squeaky owl and then rushed back towards her bedroom. "You know, this better be good, we're just going to be so very." She squealed as two arms wrapped around her stomach, fingers digging into her hips.

"You look absolutely incredible." His voice was low and his fingers began moving along the curves of her hips.

Ginny closed her eyes and leaned against Draco. She sighed as her hands moved behind her, feeling Draco's waist against her fingertips.

"Can I kiss you?" Ginny let out a giggle. She turned in his hands, her arms snaked around his neck and with little motivation, his lips were on hers. Ginny moaned in his mouth, pulling him even tighter around her.

Draco hands were like waves of pleasure. He knew every button to turn her on. Every move was planned and made her whole system shout in glee.

"Draco." His lips moved from hers, to her neck, giving her the opportunity to talk. "We have to get ready." He's lips fell from her neck, laughter flowing smoothly from his throat.

"Baby, you are the biggest trip." Ginny gave him a wide smile, scrunching her nose and eyes.

"I try. Go get dressed."

"Tonight?" Ginny turned and walked backwards, staring at the shirtless wonder in front of her.

"Baby, it would take a three headed dog to keep me away." And with a wink and a bright smile. Ginny walked past her double doors, almost skipping towards her son's room.



Hermione sighed, slipping the last plate into the cabinet. After such an exciting afternoon, she could only imagine the sweet feel of her body on her bed. She glanced at the clock and noted it was still early. There was no way Hunter was asleep, which meant that there would be no rest for his parents.

The stairs creaked under her heavy legs and she let out a puff of air. Maybe it was the intense week they had had. Or it was the whirlwind of an day they had just experienced. Whatever it was Hermione was more then willing to just pass out.

She stepped on to the balcony and turn the slight corner to the nursery. Sitting on the floor was Harry and Hunter. Her little man was holding a toy car in each hand, banging them on the ground and giggling every time they hit the hardwood floor. Harry laughed as well, gently moving his own toy car back and forth.

Hermione leaned against the door frame. She folded her arms and stared at the two.

Harry looked up from Hunter and gave a bright smile to Hermione.

"Hey, you look exhausted." She nodded her head, letting it lean on the doorframe. Hunter looked away from his toys for a brief second. He gurgled a bit to his mother but quickly looked back down at his toys.

"I feel exhausted. I talked to mom and she has to cancel for tomorrow, so I'm going to go shopping with Venus tomorrow." Harry nodded his head, tilting it to the side.

"Why is mom canceling?"

"Apparently she had bought tickets for her and daddy to go see a play and she thought they were for tonight, but they're really for tomorrow." Her arms dropped to her sides.

"Well, shopping will be fun." Hermione smirked slightly, nodding her head. "Go lay down."

She nodded again, a yawn escaping her lips. Harry chuckled slightly, but turned back to his son, moving the car back and forth.

Hermione walked away from the two loves of her life, at the moment, she really couldn't wait for Lily and Sirius to come home for holiday.

She walked into the bedroom and quickly undressed, pulling one of Harry's home t-shirts over her head. She basked in his scent and fell into the bed. Her eyes closing instantly.


The bed moved with the sudden weight to her side. Her eyes blinked open and she rolled over. She knew who laid in her bed, his heart beat drowning out the rest of her senses. She felt him freeze, trying hard not to wake her up any further. He probably figured if he waited a few seconds she would fall back off to sleep.

This was hardly the case.

His scent was overcoming the sound of his heart. His body heat touched her skin and burned her in the most sensual way. Her eyes flickered up to his face, his green eyes perfectly clear even at the late hour.

Maybe it was the was the moan that escaped her lips, or the way she was looking at him, but for that brief second, Hermione could swear his heart stopped beating.

His lips were over hers before her brain could process what was going on. He gently rolled her so he was on top. Arms on either side of her body, holding most of his weight.

Her hands moved from their positions and began running over his skin, the cool sensation of being shirtless made a groan form in her throat. She eagerly kissed him, his taste making her whole body ache for him.

Harry moved from her lips to her cheek, trailing kisses to her earlobe, biting softly. Hermione's lips formed a smile, her fingers leaving heated touches across his cucumber skin.

Harry's tongue ran the trail of her earlobe to the base of her neck, sucking gently to make her moan, to make her move underneath him. Letting his weight sit slightly over her his hand ran up her thigh and under his shirt that covered her. His body heat was hot, but his skin was cool, his fingers almost icicles. This didn't stop him or even upset Hermione. She could only imagine the sensation for him, of his cold hands on her hot stomach.

She lifted her arms away from him as he tugged at the hem of her shirt, a bit of urgency in each slight tug. The feeling of his stomach against hers, his body sinking into her, it was all too wonderful.

Her lips found his and her arms wrapped around his neck. She wanted everyone to know that he was her perfect existence. Whether in this life or the next.


There was only one thought in her brain as she stared at the ceiling. White was probably the most beautiful color she had ever laid her eyes on.

It was the same thought she had every time she had basked in the afterglow of whatever ritual they finished. White was just the perfect color when all was said and done.

She turned slightly and noticed that Harry was staring at the ceiling as well.

"What are you thinking about?" Her voice was low, still being set by the previous mood that had filled their bedroom.

"How perfect the color white looks." Hermione looked at him and saw that his eyebrow was slightly raised and the corners of his lips were upturned in a smirk. She elbowed him gently, and then snuggled into his side.

Harry's chuckle was almost three octaves too low, but it was the sweetest sound to her ears.

"Did Hunter go down alright?" Harry nodded his head.

"That boy can really manage his energy."

"He's going to be a real handful come his twos and definitely during those teenage years."

"Definitely." Harry relaxed against the bed, his arm wrapping securely around Hermione. "When you woke up this morning, what were you thinking?"

She moved her head from one side to the other. She wasn't sure what she was thinking. As the blue and white trims were determined real, she remembered a feeling of happiness spreading over her body. Thoughts of Hunter and Harry washed so quickly over her mind she wasn;t sure she'd be able to concentrate enough as she drove. The house, and every room she had memorized over the past week flashed like a slideshow.

It was as if she won some form of lottery.

"I was thinking, that we were going to need a lot of food for that breakfast. Sheesh, you tell a woman she's pregnant and suddenly the phrase 'eating for two' takes a whole new meaning to her."

Harry laughed and gently kissed her forehead. He shifted next to her, his body twisting so he could curve against her rather then distance himself.

Hermione listened for his rhythmic breaths and smiled to herself as the sound of his heart once again took control of her brain. She closed her eyes and let out a steady breath.

She had a whole lifetime to remember everything. Right now, she deserved to sleep.

She deserved to bask in her long awaited 'happily ever after'. Whether the details were written in the stars or if she was making it up as she went along.

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