A small little thing I wrote for Tekkei. I don't know whether or not she actually has a human form, but for the sake of the fic, she does.

InuYasha and co. are not mine.

I knew my time was running out. I felt that idiotic insect's poison run through my veins, burning me from the inside. It was practically an insult that I, Tekkei, ruler of the Southern Lands, the greatest phoenix to live, was dying from the poison of a weak little insect.

When I first realised I was dying, I retreated to the inner most cave of the greatest mountain in my lands. My daughter, Abi, came with me and guarded the mountain day and night from those who would inevitably try to kill me to take over my lands.

One night, when the poison had taken me over so much that I could no longer return to my human form, Abi came to see me.

She came in with her head held high and her feet making barely any noise on the stone floor. A fire burned in her eyes as her hair flowed in her wake.

"Just like a princess," I thought as I watched her.

"Tell me, mother, what is the cure for your illness?" she asked me, when she was closer.

"What makes you so sure there is one?" I shot back.

Abi closed her eyes for a moment before replying, "You have lived many hundreds of mortal years. I'm sure you know the cure for every illness."

I cackled at that, sounding like an old crow. "Not every illness, Abi, but yes, I do know a cure for what ales me."

"Then why didn't you tell me of it before!" she demanded, outraged that I hadn't told her about it.

I chuckled. "I wanted to see how long it would take you to come and ask me," I replied honestly.

"And if I hadn't come to ask?"

"Then I would have died."

Abi seemed to be putting her temper under control. She has a temper like a storm of flames, that one does. It suited her, being the princess of the phoenixes.

"Mother, please tell me of the cure," she said finally.

"Bring me the blood of humans," I instructed. "It should dilute the poison running through my veins."

"I will mother," Abi said with a small bow. "I'll go right now."

And she did.

Now, because of my beautiful, loving daughter, I am recovering, and I will show that the phoenix does indeed rise from the ashes of her death, stronger than ever!

… But somehow, I have the feeling our luck will soon be at its end…

Here this fic ends. Please tell me what you have to say, be it good or bad. Constructive criticism is welcome.