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Chapter 1: Arrival

The space rock drifted through the galaxy at enormous speeds, though, the weightlessness of the void kept the creatures within from falling out. The black balls of fur chittered and bounced, the large chunk of rock from some unknown planet rolling soundlessly. From far off, the shining of a large star attracted the animals' attention, their beady black eyes all focused on the bright light. They grinned childishly, their intelligence evident.

The largest animal of the small group came to a small hole in the rock. Its large eyes rolled over the bright star, and to the tiny speck of green and blue not too far off. Its needle sharp, yellowed teeth glinted as its lips parted into an evil looking grin. Its back prickled with sharp, dagger like spikes as it began to laugh. The rest of the creatures chimed in, as if on command, their squeaky, annoying laughing not traveling very far.

The void of space was good at keeping dangerous objects silent.

The space rocked entered the atmosphere at speeds that would put rocket ships to shame. The animals within had long before tucked themselves into tight balls, a special gland in their veins secreting a sleep-producing hormone. The cool, moist interior of the rock kept the animals safe as the rock hurtled through the thin layers of native gas, broiling flames surrounding the rock.

Twisting and turning, the burning rock broke through the clouds over a small town. It was a very early hour in the morning, so the towns inhabitants were either sleeping, or driving wearily down the highway leading to the next town. It was quiet there, and the sound of the meteor seemed to be drowned out by the thick silence.

The cool morning air cooled the rock down, the thick flames being extinguished. When it hit the ground, it caught on a patch of rocky earth, sending it rolling. It crashed and tumbled down into a valley, coming to a stop at the base of a cliff. And then, all was quiet again. Thin rivulets of steam and smoke rose up from the cooling rock, and the martian gas began to seep into the cracks.

A squeak, and then silence. The animals within were awakening. A yawn could be heard, the hoarse, squeaking vocal chords producing a high pitched squeal. Seemingly all at once, the creatures began to emerge, taking in the native gasses. They liked it; their alien lungs used to much heavier, yet similar gasses. The leader, the one with the thin grey stripe along its back, stepped forward on thin, hairy legs.

It growled; a deep, menacing sound. The rest of the animals suddenly began to move, in and out of the rock.. They held small green objects in the their tiny arms. A female, only a bit smaller than the leader joined him by his side, grinning. She barked an order at a passing member of her species, and the animal quickened its pace.

The two large, black creatures stared into the horizon, the dipping valley providing them with a wonderful view. The other, smaller creatures skittered quickly around them, carrying the tiny eggs from the rock. The male leaned in close to the female, and nuzzled the side of her head with his. They were the alphas.

In an hour, the alpha leaders of the small brood had overseen the construction of a small den. All the eggs had been safely moved inside, nestled gently by the peculiar leaves of the native plants. Now, order less and fatigued, the smaller creatures slept, tucked in tight balls around each other at the lips of the cave. The male and female alphas stood guard by the entrance, watching and grinning as the bright star they had seen from space rose slowly into view. Their eyes met, and their grins grew. They shared a rumbling, coming from the depths of their small bodies. Soon, it would be time to introduce their children to this new planet.

It would be time to feed.

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