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Chapter 2: The Feast

John Blessing had been working all night long, and his body was aching. His job at the power plant took most of his energy by around three in the morning (Seeing as how he worked the night shift), but he had worked overtime this day. Pulling slowly into the convenience store parking lot, he parked, and got out of his truck.

The cool, desert air was refreshing, and John took his time going into the building. It was around six o'clock, so the sun had just risen. Looking around, John noticed that his car was the only one parked in the lot.

Where's the clerk's? He thought, puzzled. Must be in the back. He turned, taking another look back at his truck, before entering the store.

"Morning John." said the clerk, Albert. John smiled, but said nothing. He was known by the citizens of the town as, what they called an 'asshole', and he didn't think so. Though, he tried to stray as far from conversation as he could on a daily basis.

Grabbing his favorite energy drink from the cooler in the back, he enjoyed the cold air for a moment. The sweat that had accumulated on his back disappeared quickly, and he sighed with relief.

The store was a common square design, letting John see to the front counter, through all of the six aisles. He looked to the East side of the store, a dull thumping issuing from the all-windowed wall. He craned his neck to see outside, but the shade of a nearby tree blocked the sun, keeping him from seeing the ground. Shrugging, he made his way up to the counter.

"That be all?" Albert said, looking John in the eyes. John nodded, cringing as the sore muscles in his neck were stretched.

"Long night, I see." Albert added, grinning. Again, John just nodded, wanting to avoid conversation with the man. When the windows at the East side of the store shook, both men turned their heads to look.

"What the hell?" John blurted out, leaving the counter. Creeping slowly to the window, he looked out, but saw nothing.

"Anything?" Albert asked, staying behind the counter. John shook his head, and turned around.

Suddenly, all four large panes of glass shattered, raining broken glass upon the first shelf of bagged snack foods and warm drinks. John whirled, dazed and confused at all the noise. Instinctively, Albert reached under the counter, coming up with a double barrel shotgun in his arms.

"Holy shi– John began, but stopped when he saw the rolling balls of fur. They were all black, and they seemed to hum lightly as they rolled. He looked, confused, as they came to a stop, running into the glass coolers in the back of the store. There were about ten of them in all, and none of them were more than a foot tall.

Albert had the shotgun trained on the balls of fur, his eyes never leaving the coolers. He looked at John, his hands shaking.

"Get back." he whispered softly, and John took a few quiet steps backward. The fur balls seemed to react to John's movement. They silently unfolded, revealing small black bodies, and short, skinny limbs. Their beady black eyes shined with intelligence, and their backs prickled with thin, sharp spikes. John heard Albert gasp.

"What the fuck are they?" John blurted, taking a few more steps back. He ran into the counter, and could go no further.

One of the creatures giggled devilishly, compacting itself back into a ball. It began to roll toward the counter, and Albert fired a shot. He missed, blowing a hole in the tile flooring.

All at once, the rest of them shot forward. Albert howled in pain, and John turned to see a thin needle-like thing sticking from his forehead.

"Shit!" he shouted, hopping quickly over the counter. The growls and giggles of the creatures drowned out Albert's thrashing fit. The spine must've held some kind of poison.

Crawling to Albert's side, John felt the counter shake, the animals slamming hard into the wood. The bottom part splintered, and John caught a quick glance of their furry black bodies. In a frenzy, John plucked the spine out of Albert's forehead, the man seemingly asleep. His breathing was labored, and he had already begun to sweat. These animals packed a pretty toxic poison.

Still confused, and scared out of his mind, John grabbed the shotgun off the floor. He pushed himself up against the far wall behind the counter, a chunk of wood raining down from above.

"Die!" he screamed, firing the other slug through the wood frame of the counter. He heard one of the animals squeal as the wood exploded outward, painting a rack of bagged chips with oozing green matter. The rest of the creatures took advantage, wrapping their small, needle sharp jaws around the shotgun hole. They began to tug and tear at the wood, trying to get in at John.

He scrambled back toward Albert, who had dropped a box of shotgun shells near his feet. Crawling under the counter, he grabbed a few shells quickly, and stuffed one into each barrel. From where he now was, all he could see were chunks of wood falling to the floor, and quick flashes of that black fur. Aiming carefully, John hoped he could catch a few of them with one slug.

Growling and squeaking, the animals broke through, the counter being split open. John didn't hesitate, emptying a barrel in their direction. One of the animals was caught in the chest, it's insides spraying out of the new hole in its back. The other animals didn't seem to care though, all their black, evil eyes trained on him. He fired the other slug, but missed, his shaky aim costing him his life.

Screaming, he threw the gun. It bounced harmlessly off the flank of one of the little monsters and disappeared into the black crowd. He kicked out with his legs, only for them to be clamped down upon by two fo the nasty Critters. The rest of them followed, rolling up onto his chest, and biting into any flesh they could see. While two gnawed on his thrashing legs, another one bit into his throat. He tried to scream, but only blood escaped his throat.

After a few minutes, his body stopped twitching, and all was quiet. Nothing but the tearing of flesh, and the crunching of bone could be heard.

A few of the animals broke away from John's body and went to work on Albert, who had stopped breathing long before. His body was still warm, and that was all the little creatures cared about.

The feast had begun.

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