Chapter 1: Blackout

'How could I have let this happen, me of all people, why was it me? I could've stopped him, but I didn't. I wanted to stop… no I didn't want to stop him. Wait what am I saying… I didn't want that to happen, or did I? No, I mean of course not. It's not like I like him or something, I don't like him. After all the trouble he's caused us. I know I don't like him. Maybe I'm just scared; no I'm not scared why would I be…'

"Raven… Raven, you in there?" came a voice at the door.

Raven lost concentration and snapped out of her trance. She used her powers to grab her cape and put it on quickly. She felt faint and a bit dizzy. She paced herself as she got to her door and opened it slightly.

"What do you want?" she asked Beast Boy very rudely.

"I was just coming to see if you were okay, you haven't been yourself since our fight with Slade a few days ago," Beast Boy said.

"I'm fine; I'm not acting any different than I normally do," Raven said.

"Okay, but just know that you can talk to me if you need to," Beast Boy said reassuring her.

"I don't need to talk about how I feel with anyone, especially you," she yelled at him.

"Alright Rae, I was just making sure," Beast Boy said tensing up a bit.

"Well you don't need to, just go away and leave me alone," Raven said and slammed her door on the changeling.

She walked back to the center of her room and began to meditate.

'That wasn't really called for, I mean he was only seeing if I was okay. I was really rude about it. It's not like he knows what happened, if he did know he wouldn't be asking me if I was alright. How would I be alright after what happened, it was horrible, I didn't even put up a fight. If the Titans knew they'd all think differently of me, they'd think I'm weak. I. Am. Not. Weak.

The least I could have done was not slam the door on him; well he shouldn't have been prying into my life. Okay he wasn't prying, but he knows I don't like to talk about my feelings. Wait, feelings, what feelings, when did my feelings come into play. I don't have feelings for anyone, no. No one at all. Especially not him, not after what he did to me. I knew he would sink low, but I never actually thought he would sink that low. I know he worked for my father and all, but he didn't have to hurt me the way he did.

Ugh! Why am I still thinking about this. It happened four days ago. I should be able to forget about that day and just move on. It's all over, unless… what if he comes back for me, what if he wants something more. I don't want him to hurt me again, what if my powers fail again and I can't stop him. I don't want to get hurt, not again. I can't, I won't. I…'