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Oh, and so this chapter doesn't get too confusing, basically the scene is switching between what's happening around Beast Boy and what's going on in his head. And the bold words later are what he's thinking in his head aloud. So, get reading!

It was dark, and the world felt like it was spinning. His throat felt dry and hoarse and his body felt like it was trampled by a stampede. He laid there with his eyes shut wondering why he was in so much discomfort. What had happened? And why couldn't he wake up? He could hear muffled voices surrounding him, they sounded familiar to him, yet like a distant memory all at the same time. He could feel something prodding his arm, ow… OW... hey, that hurts! What was going on? Then his leg, oh God his leg felt like it was burning, and then he could feel someone touching it. Oww.. OWWW, oh God that kills, help, somebody help me please help…

He could hear a beeping sound rising, it was getting faster and faster, someone was screaming, please stop screaming, too much noise please just help, help me! Why is there so much pain, somebody please? Wait why was he in all this pain? What had happened… he had been searching for someone, someone close to him and… owww, stop touching my leg! He couldn't concentrate…

She needed him, she was scared, someone hurt her… but who was she, he had been trying to find her, he wanted to bring her home, she was afraid and she let him in… but it was slipping, there was a light, it was warm, and so inviting. His pain started to slip away as he let his body become consumed by the light, the screams were starting to die down, and everything felt okay again…

"Robin quick get his IV drip hooked up, I need to set his leg, he's already lost too much blood." Cyborg yelled as he set Beast Boy's frail form down on the bed.

Starfire was standing in the doorframe scared to go anywhere near her dear friend, all she could do was try to hold back her tears as she waited for Beast Boy to be okay.

Raven stood over Beast Boy wiping away the sweat that formed on his forehead as Robin attached the IV. She felt horrible, all of this was her fault, if she had just stayed in the first place and told her friends what had happened all of this could have been avoided, but no… she just had to keep everything to herself. But no, this wasn't the time for that, she couldn't beat herself up right now, Beast Boy needed her, and she needed all of the power she could muster up if she was going to help him.

Suddenly as Cyborg went to touch Beast Boys leg the heart monitor began to beat irregularly.

"Shit, we gotta do this fast. Rob help me hold him down." Cyborg said as he sterilized Beast Boy's leg. His bone had splintered right through the skin.

"Oh no!" Starfire cried as she floated up and hunkered over Beasts Boys twitching form, "Beast Boy please! Please be okay." She cried.

"Starfire you need to back up, Raven get in there and keep his mind calm." Robin ordered as he tried to help Cyborg set Beast Boy's leg into place.

"But… I…" Raven was at a loss, if she went into Beast Boy's mind that meant she would be keeping him calm as they finished setting his leg, and he would feel it all. Or she could wait and hope that Beast Boy could hold on through the whole ordeal and try to heal him as soon as they set his leg.

She stared at Beast Boy's face; his brows were furrowed and scrunched. Sweat was streaming down his face. The veins in his neck were bulging, he was fighting, right now he was fighting to get back here, to get back to her. He had always been there, always fighting for her, whether he was fighting to get her out of her room and make her watch him play video games, or referee a game of stank ball, watch one of his belching contests, or just to hear one of his stupid jokes. He always fought for her to be a part of the group and now, right when she was ready to completely be open and a part of everything, right when she realized that all of them, her friends, the titans really did want her to be on this team, he was slipping away from her. She couldn't let him go, no, this wasn't going to happen.

Beasts Boy's body went limp as his heart rate monitor went flat.

"NOOOOO!" Starfire screamed.

"NO, you are not giving up on me this easily grass stain, stay with us!" Cyborg yelled as he got the shock paddles out.

"Raven if you're going to do something do it now!" Robin yelled, "We're running out of time."

Raven's normally pale face went ghostly white, no it was all unraveling too fast for her to handle, this wasn't how it was supposed to happen, not like this, never like this. Beast Boy was the one that always had a smile on, she couldn't live without seeing his face every day, even if she didn't let on she loved it, it's what made her actually want to come out of her room. And he was slipping away from her. No… no he wasn't, she wasn't going to let him go this easily, Beast Boy would never leave without a fight and she was going to make sure he got through this. He helped her, and now she was going to repay the favor.

"Hang on Beast Boy, I'm coming!" She cried.

All the pain seemed to be fading away, as the light seemed to pull him in. This warming sensation spread over him and made him forget all of his worldly attachments. Who needs anything when you can feel this at peace he thought as he was slowly drawn in closer and closer, nothing can compare to this. Everything was white around him, a feeling of acceptance washed over him as he was allowing his fate, in the distance he heard an odd noise that sounded out of place, was that the shriek of a raven? Oh well, nothing could feel better than this feeling he was experiencing.

"Beast Boy" said the voice.

That voice… it sounded so familiar, yet…

"Beast Boy please, you have to hold on." Came the voice again.

Hold on? Hold on to what, pain, misery, suffering? No thanks…

"Beast Boy please, you can't leave me, you can't leave us, you have to fight this, you're stronger than this." The voice said, it sounded so broken… so sad…

Who was this voice? It sounded like a distant memory to him, but not like it usually sounded, the voice was usually sad and gloomy, but this one seemed almost desperate.

"Beast Boy I know you're still in there, I know you're fighting, keep holding on."

This was really irritating, he was finally at peace, finally accepting his fate to be drawn into this warm welcoming white light when all of a sudden this voice had to trouble him, maybe if he knew who the voice was it wouldn't trouble him so much, and why did this voice want him to hold on? Why did it even care?

"Beast Boy please, I'm so sorry, so very sorry, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be in this mess. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, you were right, I should have opened up and told the rest of the titans what happened to me, I should have trusted your judgment, I should have trusted you, and now thanks to me you're in this mess, but I won't let you stop fighting, I'll never give up on you Beast Boy, so don't you give up… BEAST BOY!" the voice screamed.

The heart monitor blipped once and then flat lined again.

"Raven keep trying, whatever you're doing is working." Robin said as he began to stitch Beast Boy's leg up from where the bone had broken the skin.

Raven was floating in the middle of the room, her body bobbed up and down slowly as her mind was calling out to that of Beast Boy's. Something was wrong though, the signal to his mind was hazy and becoming more and more distant, but still she had to try. She pushed past all the hurt and pain, in his mind as she wandered through.

She saw a canoe traveling over a waterfall and crash into the rocky waves below as a young green child cried out to the two passengers who fell to their deaths. "Mom, Dad!" But the memory soon faded and a new one began.

She saw Beast Boy wearing his doom patrol hat and uniform as he was being yelled at by a very angry Mento, while Elasti-girl tried to intervene between the two. After a moment this one disappeared as well.

This must be all of Beast Boy's painful memories she thought. But why weren't there any good memories, sure Beast Boy had had a rough life, they all had some skeletons hidden in the closet, but she knew Beast Boy had some happy memories hidden somewhere in here, maybe if she could help him remember them he would fight to stay.

"Beast Boy." The voice came again.

Wait, that voice… it was all coming back to him now… he knew that voice, he loved that voice, that voice… oh who did that voice belong to… a titan? Yes a titan, wait titans... he remembered them, they were his friends, they must be the ones talking, those must be the voices he could hear. But why did they sound so frantic, he was fine, he was at peace, everything was okay right now, so what was going on.

"Beast Boy answer me, please…" the voice cried out again, "I need to hear you, I need to know that you're still in here, somewhere, please Beast Boy, I… I… I need you, I can't survive if you're not here, not after everything you did to bring me back home, Beast Boy I love you!"

No, Raven… why, wait, why was she upset..

Raven I'm right here, can't you hear me? Raven, helloooo?

Why is she so sad, doesn't she know I'm okay. Raven, wait… Raven, she was hurt, really bad, something happened to her, someone hurt her, and made her sad, someone… no, Slade… that monster he had attacked her, and wait… it was all coming back to him now, the fight, Raven's four red eyes, his leg, the blood… oh God the blood, was he, oh God… was he was dying...

Wait, I change my mind, I don't want to go to the light, I want to stay, please don't let me go Raven, I'm here, don't leave me.

The heart monitor blipped twice then flat lined again.

"Oh Beast Boy your friends are here, we need you to be strong, please Beast Boy you just have to be strong you have to be, do not die!" Starfire cried into Robin's side.

He and Cyborg looked on to the still form of Beast Boy and the concentrating body of Raven, they had done all they could do, his leg was set, they were pumping new blood into his body, it was all up to him now, he had to fight for his life.

"Come on Beast Boy, pull through it." Robin said as he rubbed Starfire's back.

"You can't give up BB, not like this." Cyborg said as he hoped for the best.

Wait, that was Starfire's voice, and Robin and Cyborg's too, they were there, somewhere, they were telling him to fight, but how, how was he supposed to fight?


"Beast Boy? Beast Boy I can hear you, please hold on.

Raven… it hurts, I don't know if I can…

"You can, I know you can, you've made it through the worse you just need to hold on a little bit longer."

How can you be so confident… how… how can you know… there's so much pain…

"Because Beast Boy, I've felt the pain too, and I know you can make it, I believe in you, you need to hold on, I can't do this alone. I can't go on if you don't survive this." Raven's voice cried inside of Beast Boy's head.

Rae… I'll try, but don't be mad if I can't…

"No, you can Beast Boy, I know you can, and I'll never be mad at you, just try, you can make it, please hold on!"

Love you Rae…

Raven's body fell out of her meditational stance and she hit the floor.

"Beast Boy!" she cried as she sat up.




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