A/N: I sat down to write the chapter of my new story, Brennan, and this came out instead! I promise to have the new chapter up tomorrow. Until then, I hope you enjoy this. The song this was inspired by is Heavily Broken by The Veronicas.

I'm heavily broken
And I don't know what to do
Can't you see that I'm choking
And I can't even move
When there's nothing left to say
What can you do
I'm heavily broken
And there's nothing I can do

Her fingers tapped the desk anxiously. It was one in the morning and her restless sleep drove her here, her safe haven, as it had so often done before.

Or it was her safe haven.

Not anymore.

Not after Zach.

She was angry. Hurt, disappointed, yes, she was that too. She had contaminated evidence several times by allowing a tear slip from her eye and onto the remains below. She had folded and unfolded the acceptance letter she gave him until the top part came off and her shoulders shook as she attempted to fix it.

But now she was angry.

He had taken her one place, the place she came when things got too much, the one place where she truly belonged, taken it and tainted it. Everywhere she looked, she saw him. Her haven was now just another place she felt uncomfortable in.

When she was fifteen, sitting in her new bedroom, the shouts of a family not her own downstairs, she had promised herself that she would kept it together, she wouldn't breakdown.

She had kept that promise, but now, now she felt herself spinning out of control and she couldn't stop it. The onslaught of emotions that assaulted her left her drowning, unable to reach the surface and she couldn't stop them, didn't know how.

Standing up, she grabbed her purse. She needed to leave here, maybe not come back for a few days, take a sabbatical or something.

To mourn the loss of Zach.

To mourn the loss of her safe haven.

Yet, at the same time she had no idea where she could go. Maybe she should just get in the car and drive until she couldn't go any further.

Every other time before, she would pull out a body from Limbo and immerse herself in work. Now she felt as if she never wanted to work again.

She brushed a tear away as she walked out to her car. But instead, she turned and began walking.

The sky was dotted with stars and a slight breeze made her tug her arms tighter around herself. She walked and walked, the city sounds echoing in her ears.

Her mind was swirling, she could only focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Everything else was too much.

When she finally stopped, she wasn't surprised at where she ended up. It was most likely that he was asleep. She really shouldn't disturb him but her feet didn't listen and suddenly she was in front of his apartment door.

She knocked and waited, almost turning to go before the door swung open, revealing his sleepy face.

"Bones?" he questioned, rubbing his eyes.

She opened her mouth to explain why she was there and instead a sob escaped her lips. Then another and another and soon her hands were fisted in his t-shirt and her face was planted in the curve of his neck as she let out the tears that she had been trying to hold back.

She felt his hand come around her waist and the other in her hair, stroking softly.

Her body shook as sobs erupted from her. She couldn't stop, couldn't control the pain that was coursing through her. She couldn't catch her breath either; the sobs were coming too fast.

"Breathe Temperance".

The sound of him in her ear shook her and she began to breathe deeper as she held on tighter to him.

And in the midst of this, a thought fleeted through her brain.

Maybe, just maybe, he was her safe haven.