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Summary: Cagalli, the Representative of Orb is trying to rebuilt Orb, after the 1st war. What if things happen that make Athrun leave from being her bodyguard, and a new danger comes to take Cagalli out of the picture and take Orb. What will happen to Cagalli?

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"Cagalli, if you don't hurry up we'll be late for the meeting," replied a handsome blue haired man known as Alex Dino a.k.a Athrun Zala.

"Athrun, I don't see you helping! Now where did I put those reports!" yelled a very stressed out blonde Princess.

"I think you're just over acting. Come on Cagalli, it's almost been a year since you have been tell these people your ideas on rebuilding Orb. And as far as I know everyone seems to love your ideas. Plus the reports are on the right hand corner of your desk," said Athrun as he pointed to the desk.

"Thanks, and of course I'm stressed not everyone agrees with my ideas. Like that stupid councilor Hiro! (A/N: My OC.) He seems to hate every thing I say! Just because his father worked with my father and they were very very close friends. Doesn't mean he can talk to me so rudely!" said Cagalli as she finally turned to face Athrun. "Plus I added new changes to Orb's military! What if-"

"Cagalli, calm down," replied Athrun, as he walked closer to the blonde.

"I wish I could just switch places with Kira!"

"Awww, then you would be chasing kids around with Lacus, while I'm here trying to save Kira's sorry ass," replied Athrun, as he wrapped his arms around Cagalli's waist pulling her closer to him.

"That's not what I meant! Anyways we better go. The meetings about to start."

"Do we have to? I think my princess needs time to de-stress. And I think I might just know the perfect way how," whispered Athrun into her ear.

"A…Ath…Athrun LET'S GO," yelled Cagalli, as she got loose from his hold and ran out the door.


" Lacus when are you coming back? The kids miss you," replied a very childish Kira as he talked to his girlfriend on the phone.

"Kira I'm sorry the concert took longer than I thought. I'll be back in an hour. Plus don't blame the kids! I bet it's you that missed me the most!"

" Well…that's because I love you a lot!"

"Well I love-" started Lacus but was cut off. All Kira could hear next was a crash sound before the phone went died.

"LACUS! LACUS!" screamed Kira into the phone but got no reply. He closed his phone and put it away, before he grabbed his jacket and ran out the door.


At a local hospital

Kira ran into the local hospital. He had gotten a call from this place saying that a woman had just entered from a serious car accident, and his number was the last number they recover from the woman's phone.

"Excuse me what room is Lacus Clyne in," asked Kira as he stood at the information desk.

"Are you Mr. Yamato?" asked a brunet girl at the desk.

"YES! Please tell me what room," said Kira as he could feel tears building up in his eyes, but he wasn't going to cry. No he needed to be strong for Lacus and himself.

"Just a minute." After a minute or two the woman talked again and told him the room she was in, also that the doctor was check up on her now.

As Kira ran off toward Lacus' room, he spotted the doctor exiting her room and stopped to talk to him.

"Mr. Yamato, Miss. Clyne was in a very bad accident and the crash caused some problems to her brain. We can't be sure yet what effects the crash caused. We need to wait till she wakes up. But you can go in and sit with her. I'll be back later to check on her," with that the doctor left Kira in the hallway in front of Lacus' room.

Kira didn't know what to do. He wanted to go in and be with her. But what if he broke in front of her? What if the brain injury was serious and had done something to her memory? That when it hit him, the worst thing that could happen…What if she forgot him? What if she didn't know who he was or all the time they spend together? NO, he couldn't think negative. He needed to be positive and he would.

Finally he entered the room and there she was lying on the bed. She had an IV pack in her left hand, and bandages around her face and arms. Kira couldn't be strong not now. He began to cry softy as he made his was toward Lacus and sat down next to her holding her hand.

He was going to be there for her when she woke up. He would always be there for her no matter what!


Night came fast for Kira as he just sat their watching Lacus. He hadn't left her side once, and he wasn't planning to. As Kira continued to stare at her, he slowly heard footsteps heading toward the room. As he looked up he saw the doctor making his way into the room to check on the patient.

"Mr. Yamato, you should go home. You've been here all morning and look tried. I will inform you if anything happens," said the doctor.

Just as Kira was about to say something the pink head girl started to move. Slowly she opened her eyes and was looked around the place, she seemed confused.

"Lacus!" screamed Kira with joy.

"Well Miss. Clyne, it's good to see your up. How are you feeling," asked the doctor as he walked toward the girl who was trying to sit up.

"Ummm… I'm fine. Sir, where's my father?"

"Miss, you know he died. He died in the 1st war."

"Wait…but…but I was talking to him just yesterday. How can that be," asked Lacus as tears fell from her beautiful blue eyes.

"Lacus," said Kira as he walked closer to give her a hug but stopped when he noticed that she moved back from him. That's when he knew. His worst nightmare came alive. Lacus had forgot him!

"Please don't come near me Sir," said Lacus as she moved back from him until her back hit the bedpost.

"Mr. Yamato, I need to talk to you," said the doctor as he walked out of the room with Kira following behind.

"Sir, it looks as if she forgot her memory. If I had to guess, I would say it's during or before the 1st war."

"I can see that! But what can we do to help her get it back. I mean what do we do tell her what happened all this time."

"That wouldn't be a good idea. You see when she found out about her father, it caused shock to her and that could have infected her brain more. So the best thing is for her to remember on her own and her own time. It could take long for her to remember everything," replied the doctor as he looked at Kira. "Son, please stay strong. If she truly loves you she'll remember you soon. Now I need to keep her here for a few more days. I'll leave you two to talk." With that he left Kira again.

Kira slowly made his was back into the room, only to she Lacus still cry. He slowly walked closer to her until she looked up at him.

"Sir, who are you? Please don't come near me."

"Lacus, don't worry I'm a friend of Athrun."

With the name of Athrun, Lacus looked up at Kira. She smiled with tears still in her eyes.

"You know Athrun! Where is he why isn't he here!"

"Umm… he was here, but… needed to do something important. He said he'll be here to see you soon," said Kira, he could help but fell gloomy. Lacus had got so happy hearing Athrun's name it killed him.

"That's good to hear, last time I remember he said he was to be part of the war. You know our father's arranged our marriage. And I hear that the war was over, so we can finally be wed," replied Lacus as she wiped the tears away and put a small smile on her face.

Kira couldn't help but be shocked. She was planning to wed Athrun! Yea she forgot her memory but he wasn't going to let that happen. But could he do? The doctor said that they had to listen to anything that she said. Not to cause her more shock.

"Umm Sir,"

"Call me Kira"

"Oh, well Kira, could you call him for me and tell him that I'm fine now. And thank you for being here with me." With that Lacus laid back in bed as she slowly closed her eyes.

Kira could help but feel the tears in his eyes build up again.



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