Pizza Mercenary

Slice 01: Trouble

"One of these days you're going to get into trouble because you don't pay for your pizza."

The words fell upon deaf ears as Dante continued his solo game of pool. "What are they going to do? Send someone to kill me?"

"Who knows, maybe a mercenary will show up at your door with your next pizza and kill you if you don't pay," Morrison insisted.

Dante chuckled, "let them try. You make it sound as if I've been ordering pizza from yakuzas. Actually, if this next delivery is made by a mercenary I'll pay everything I owe without putting up a fight. It's the least I could do if they go through the trouble of actually hiring a mercenary just to collect my pizza bill."

There was a knock on the door. "Delivery for Dante!" Someone called.

"The pizza's here and I'm sure it's not a..." when Dante opened the door he could only stare at the man holding the pizza, "mercenary..." he couldn't believe they actually went that far just for a few pizza bills. Worse yet, Dante had just said he would pay without even putting up a fight if a mercenary showed up.

The man had spiky blond hair and his blue eyes held an unnatural glow. He carried an oversized sword on his back and a motorcycle was parked behind him, nothing like the usual delivery scooters. "I'm a delivery boy," Cloud Strife corrected, though that was a little hard to believe. "Are you Dante? I was told not to give you the pizza until you paid these bills," Cloud handed Dante a list of what he owed.

"Fine, I'll keep my word," and so Dante finally paid his pizza bill thanks to the delivery boy who looked like a mercenary.

End of Slice 01

This is based on the Devil May Cry anime the Final Fantasy VII movie, neither of which I own.

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