Pizza Mercenary

Slice 03: Hunger

The swords clashed in an epic battle that stopped abruptly with the voice of a little girl, "you're making a mess!"

The two men stood frozen, sword pressed against the opponent's sword, "I'm busy," Dante replied, "he's holding my pizza hostage."

Cloud pouted, "you haven't paid for it!"

"I told you to put it on my tab this time!" Dante argued.

Patty felt herself twitch while looking at the mess the two men had made. "I'm going to clean this place," she announced as if it were her own. "Get out!"

"But the pizza!" Cloud and Dante said in unison.

Patty shoved some money into Cloud's hand, "the pizza is mine, keep the chance."

Putting away his sword, Cloud smiled, "thanks," and headed for the door along with Dante.

"She stole my pizza," needless to say, Dante was having a bad week.

"And kicked you out of your own house," Cloud added.

The remark caused Dante to give the delivery boy a deadly glare, but Cloud only laughed, which made Dante growl, "what's so funny?"

"You're having a worse week then me," though after thinking about it for a moment, Cloud shook his head. "No, I think mine has been worse, but at least I don't feel alone in the torture. Sometimes I feel as if there's a being out there putting me through all this trouble for amusement."

Dante looked up at the clear blue skies, "a being who is watching us right now, someone who is writing all of this as if it was a story for entertainment?"

There was a pause and the two men shook their heads, "nah!"

"I'm going home, Tifa promised she would make me a strawberry sundae after work," Cloud was looking forward to it and Dante's stomach growled at the mention of his favorite dessert.

The white haired man tried to quiet his hungry stomach until it could be fed and decided, "I'm going too."

End of Slice 03

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