Married at Seventeen

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Pairs: Edward/Bella, Bella/Mike (for now), later Mike/Jessica

Chapter one

I never thought I could ever feel this way about someone before. With everything that has happened to me that is; the near death accident. I don't think I would actually change a thing about me now. For the moment I do know this. One, I was completely in love with Edward, two I didn't know when I'd see Jacob again, and three…I was a vampire or so I thought.


"Bella, sweetie are you sure you want to do this it's really not necessary?" my mother said, "Phil really doesn't want you to leave on his account."

"I'm not leaving because of him, I just I miss Charlie and he's been lonely for a long time…it's only fair I go and live with him for awhile." I told her almost serious now that she might have believed me.

"If that's what you really, really, really want Bella?" Renee asked, hoping I'd change my answer.

"Yes, it's what I want." I lied.

My mother looked at me with disbelief but it passed when a small smile came across her lips, "I'll be fine don't you worry, Charlie will be there and I already know how to take care of myself mom."

She sighed and hugged me tightly for the last time, "I'll come and get you if you need anything okay?" she said letting go.

"Okay mom," I said with a smile, "I really need to go now before I miss my flight."

Five hours and then I'd be in the smallest town where the sun simply didn't exist. Forks. With my dad, Charlie, who had been happy about my idea to come and live with him.

Five Months Later

"I was wondering if maybe we could go and see 'Iron Man'," Mike said with hoping eyes.

"I don't know Mike; I'm not really in the mood for violence right now." I said hoping he wouldn't get mad at me again. For the past two weeks all he's wanted to do is something from one extreme to another and now violent movies, "How about a comedy movie or maybe even a romance one?"

"Bella come on a romance movie? I mean please you should just kill me now," He said with a disgusted face, "I mean don't get me wrong those are alright but I'm a guy and I love to see things blow up."

"How about something else then Mike, I'm just not in the blowing up kind of mood today."

He seemed to laugh at that because usually I'm never in that kind of mood. "Bella you've been here for five months and we've been together for three," he said hinting at something. "I don't think I've ever seen you in a blowing up kind of mood…otherwise you'd be dead by now."

"That's not true." I said not really paying attention to him. I seemed to be distracted today more than usual. Maybe it was because there were five new students today in school. Or maybe it was because Mike was really starting to bother me today or pressure me.

I looked across the cafeteria to see five beautiful if that could even compare to what they looked like people. Three of them were guys and two girls. They all looked like they were fashion models of some kind and they all looked nothing alike. One looked rather big and scary for my liking, kind of like a weight lifter with dark curly hair. The girl to his right had long blonde wavy hair; she was the kind of girl you would see on the front cover of Sports Illustrated. The other girl was petite like with dark hair which was short and pointing in every direction. She was sitting next to a blonde hair rather tall guy. He 

looked a little on the weaker side if you asked me but still muscular…and then there was him.

He didn't look like the others really he wasn't bulky and big like the one but not as thin looking as the other. He was more boyish then the others with untidy, bronze color hair. He had pale skin too just like the others. They all sat together with trays in front of them but they didn't seem to be eating anything. They just stared at the food like it would run away if they took their eyes off of it.

"Bella!" Mike seemed to have yelled in my ear. "I swear do you listen to me when I talk to you?" he was now waving his hand in front of my face. "Sweetie?"

"I think she's in a trance," Jessica Stanley said, "Or maybe she's dreaming she was someplace else?" she added for enjoyment.

"Hello…earth to Bella," he said again as he continued to wave his hand in front of my face, "Anyone home?" Irritation clearly visible in his voice. Then he finally decided to see where I was looking or what I was looking at. He sighed and said angrily. "More interested in the Cullen's then me now hugh?"

Jessica seeming to have liked what he said looked over at them and smiled. "Well Mike, you do have to admit…they are gorgeous. Especially the younger one." She winked at Mike with a smile on her face. He stood up knocking his chair over. "Gosh Mike anger issues much?"

He ignored her and started walking away but he wasn't leaving the cafeteria, no he was walking over towards them. We stared at mike with wide eyes. No one has yet tried to talk to any of them; it was possible because they gave off a vibe that scared people.

"Hello there," Mike said as he grabbed a chair and sat down next to the younger one. "I'm Mike, Mike Newton." As he said this they all seemed to look at him slowly but after they did they quickly looked away, all but one.

"Hi." He said to Mike who seemed frightened. "I'm Edward but I've seen you once before today in history class." He said almost to quiet.

"Um…yeah that was me. Listen I know you're new here and everything but I want to get one thing straight okay?" Mike said leaning back in his chair. The others still not paying any attention to him. "Isabella Swan is off limits do you hear me? Stay away from her!" 

He said a little too loudly then stood up and left. Edward on the other hand just simply half smiled at him as he walked away. He turned his head and looked to see where 'Mike' had gone back to.

"Mike was that really necessary?" Angela Weber said looking up from her tray of half eaten food. "It's not like the Cullen's are going to do anything to us."

"I never said they were, but Edward seems like the guy who would break apart a wonderful relationship for fun." Mike was now looking at Jessica. She had been sitting next to Eric Yorkie and Angela across from Mike and I.

"Yes well Mike whatever you said to Edward, I think it made him mad because he's now staring at us!" Jessica said her gaze locked on Edward. I guess she likes him after all who would of guessed? She moved from Eric to Mike but he took me and now she like's Edward.

Mike wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer into him with a smirk on his face. "Bella have you decided what you want to do tonight?"

"No not yet Mike but I'm going to get going class starts soon." I said pulling away from him as I stood up. After I said that he immediately stood up next to me and grabbed my hand.

I walked to Biology with Mike in a daze. I wasn't actually paying any attention to him again which was starting to make him mad. I just couldn't stop thinking about the Cullen's or well just one of them really. When we walked into the room Mr. Banner was standing in front of his desk smiling.

He was holding what looked like two rings, well they were both silver and dull. Nothing was on them. They were just simple bands. When the Bell rang everyone took their seats. Then he walked in.

He walked up to Mr. Banner and handed him a piece of paper and he signed it and gave him a book. He looked around and pointed to the only open seat left. The seat next to Jessica Stanley. He walked down towards her slowly and sat down putting his things on the table. Mike was now looking back towards her with enjoyment.

"Now class I'd like to try something new with all of you. Yes I've asked the other teachers about this and the principle and they seem to like my little idea. Yes everyone 

should know each other by now so there shouldn't be too much of a problem." Our biology teacher told us as he picked up a piece of paper. "The teachers and I paired you up with another person and no, you are not allowed to change your partner.

"What we have decided to do is to marry you guys off for a school project. You will have to act like man and wife and you will all be required to do certain things as a couple. You will have to spend quality time with your spouse, keep track of what you guys do, and fill out these worksheets."

Everyone in the class looked at each other in shock.


"Mr. Banner I'm only seventeen-years-old, I'm too young to be married," Angela complained, "My mom will freak!"

Mr. Banner just simply laughed at what she said, "Your parents have been notified with what we are trying and Miss Weber it is a pretend marriage for a grade. I'm not actually marrying you all off so relax." He put on a pair of reading glasses as he held up the list. "Now when I call your name you and your husband will put on a ring and go sit down next to each other, understand?"

He was looking at us as we nodded our heads in a yes position. I looked back behind me at Jessica who was actually paying no attention to anything that was going on, because she was to focused on Edward. He wasn't looking at her of course but me. I felt my face get hot and I turned back to face Mr. Banner.

"Now we have Eric Yorkie and Angela Weber," he read first on the list, "Lauren Mallory and Alex Watson. Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley," he read out loud and when he read out Mike's name he was shocked that he wasn't with me. He was going to complain but the teacher continued to read names, "Isabella Swan…" he said looking at me and paused, "…and Edward Cullen."

"WHAT!" Mike yelled as he stood up, "If anyone's going to be her husband it's going to be me!"

"Sit down Mr. Newton, I didn't put this list together by myself and sorry but you are stuck with Miss. Stanley. If you don't like it tough." Mr. Banner told him but Mike didn't 

sit down he kept standing ignoring what he was told. "Now if you could go and sit by your husband or wife, I will pass out your rings."

I looked behind me and he didn't move at all, he just looked at me. I sighed and grabbed my things off of the table and the floor. I walked over to him and set my things down as he continued to stare at me. I did notice however that Jessica and Mike were sitting at the table right in front of us.

As Mr. Banner was passing out the so called rings, Mike turned around in his chair and faced us.

"So did you decide yet?" Mike asked me again, "I mean if you don't want to see a movie we could always go back to my place?" he asked giving me a different option. "My parents won't be home," he added smiling at me.

I looked at him shocked; did he really just say that to me? I didn't know what to say to him. Should I make something up like 'I promised Charlie that I'd help him with something today' or that I wasn't feeling good and I just wanted to go lay down? Of course if I lied to him he'd know right away since I'm terrible at it. If anything I should just say yes to the movie, who knows what he would want to do at his house…alone. "Um…I'll think about it okay Mike?" I finally managed to say with an uneven voice.

"Come on Bella you were complaining about the movie violence earlier and maybe you're right we should do something more productive?" Was it me or did he just wink at me when he said the word productive? I couldn't thing straight at all. "Bella?"

"When you say productive," I managed to ask, "What do you mean?"

"Okay now everyone should have their rings so please do put them on." Mr. Banner said interrupting us. "If they don't fit however I am truly sorry. You will just have to get it sized." He smiled at himself.

I sighed and picked up the silver band that was on the smaller side. I slid it on my third finger on my left hand and sadly it fit. 'Great I'm married to someone I don't even know.' I noticed however that Edward seemed to be sitting away from me, almost clinging to his chair. It seemed oddly strange that he was doing that, he was acting like someone was going to walk in and kill him. Either that or like I was going to kill him.

"Bella please?" Mike begged, "If I come and get you around 6 o'clock we can go get something to eat and then go back to my place?"

"Fine Mike," I sighed, "But you're the one telling Charlie what we're doing today not me." He didn't say anything all he did was smile and turn forwards until the bell rang. I found it just a little weird how Edward didn't even say hi to me. I wonder if I made him mad or something.


"Hey Bells how was school?" Charlie asked me when I got home. "Who are you married to?"

I sighed. Out off all of the things he wanted to know was who I am married to. MARRIED? Why did the school decide to come up with this stupid joke project?

"Um…actually some new kid in school dad," I said walking into the kitchen. He followed me in of course, right on my heels, "His name is Edward Cullen but I don't really know him."

"Ah," my dad said leaning against the counter, "Dr. Cullen's son, he must be a nice boy?"

"Actually he didn't really talk to me," Charlie look displeased, "Anyway Mike wants to do something with me tonight and he wants to come get me around six o'clock is that okay?"

"Tonight?" he asked confused, "Bella it's a school night. I don't really think that's the best idea for tonight." He told me sitting down in his favorite chair again. "Just tell him you have a lot of homework and your father said not today."

"Sure dad, that's fine I guess I'll go tell him and see if he likes that?" I said sarcastically as I walked up the stairs.

"You know what Bella; I think he's changed your attitude towards me. That hurt." He yelled up after me.

I dialed Mike's number when I sat on my bed. I didn't even have to wait one ring did the trick. "Hello?" he said in a hushed voice.

"Hi Mike it's me. Um listen about tonight..."

"Oh I can't wait either I'm actually happy my parents left an hour ago according to their note and they won't be back till later. Can I go get you now?" he asked excited.

"Um actually my dad said I can't do anything tonight since it's a school night." I said not really caring anymore just happy to get out of this little plan of his tonight.

"Oh…well I guess maybe tomorrow then since…"

"I have to go Mike sorry, bye." I lied and hung up the phone.

When eight o'clock came around and dinner was done, I went back up to my room after saying goodnight to Charlie to finish my homework. Biology was easy since I had most of this back home when I was with my mom. English on the other hand I didn't really enjoy. Half way into my essay on Why Shakespeare Is Important, my phone rang.

I walked over to my phone and sighed. I did not recognize the number, "Hello?"

"Hello," A deep voice said on the other line and he sighed, "I'm sorry I didn't really introduce myself earlier."

"Um…that's okay." I told him.

"This is Edward Cullen, do you remember me?" his voice was soft and calm. I wonder if he had noticed his behavior earlier?

"Yes I know. I'm just wondering how you got this number?" I assured him.

He laughed on the other line, "My dad has access to everyone's file and I told him that you were my pretend wife, so he gave it to me." He told me simply as if he had it written down.

"Oh well I guess that works." I laughed to lighten the mood.

"So your boyfriend came up to me at lunch today," He said after awhile of silence, "He's not really friendly is he?"My eyes went wide. Why would Mike go up to Edward? He doesn't even know him, well no one really does he's new. "Bella?" he said on the other line.

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