Married at Seventeen

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Chapter 9

"I'm making it hard?" I questioned him confused. "How in the world am I possibly making it hard?"

"Well for one thing Bella, you're thinking about so many things at once I can't make any of it out." He assured me. "It would really help me out now if it was only one thing at a time?"

"Oh so now you're asking me to help you out?" that seemed to make him smile. "Well what would I get in return?"

Edward raised his eyebrows and smiled, "It depends on what it is you want exactly?"

"Well I'm just not that kind of girl." I looked back down at my finished math homework in disbelief and closed my book.

"What kind of girl?" Edward questioned me.

"You know the kind of girl who will do anything to pleasure the guy or anything she really doesn't want to do." I said uncomfortably and looked up at him, "That's just not who I am and that's what Mike wanted me to be and I really don't think I could take being pressured from someone else at the moment."

"So you think I'm going to pressure you into doing things with me Bella?" I looked down as he asked me this I just couldn't look him in the eyes, I felt really stupid now for even bringing it up. "Well if that's the case then I think I should tell you now I'm just not that kind of guy." After that he laughed. "It's late I should probably get going and let you and your dad enjoy your pizza."

"You don't eat normal food do you?" I couldn't help but ask as I stood up with him.

"Normal to me or normal to you?" he stepped back slightly. "Because normal to me is people like you but normal to you is just food?"

"I guess so?"

He laughed at me. "Yes we can eat food like you eat daily it just doesn't taste like anything to us anymore like it used to when we were alive. So if you asked me to eat pizza I could it would just taste like dirt in a way."

"That can't taste good at all?" I asked. "Would food fill you up or would it just make things worse?"

"Well no not exactly, see we crave blood to us that is or only food. My family is different so we hunt animals." He paused. "Think of it like this, eating animals would be like you living off of tofu or being a vegetarian."

"Sounds like that would really suck for you?"

"In ways yes it does because it doesn't taste the same but it keeps us from killing people and let lets us walk around humans without going crazy enough to actually hurt them."

"So the day you met me…"

"I wanted to kill you, yes." He whispered finishing my sentence for me. "I should get going I need to talk to Carlisle." After that he headed out my door and soon enough he was in his own car driving away.

I went downstairs and met my dad in the living room. He had a can of Pepsi one the table for me and a can of his favorite beer in front of him with the pizza box open on the table. "It's nice and hot Bells." Charlie told me and I grabbed a slice sitting next to him. "So is Edward gone I take it?"

"Yeah he didn't want to intrude." I took a bit from the pizza. Pepperoni with mushrooms…he must want something, great now I have to sit through another lecture of his. "So what's up?"

"Billy and I were wondering if you'd maybe consider going out with Jacob." He cleared his throat. "Or well to his schools dance that is so he won't have to go alone?"

"Um no offence or anything but me and dancing don't get along what so ever…in fact it hates me." I stated and he laughed.

"Well no one said you had to dance with him just go and keep him company is all Bells." Charlie told me. "It would make both me and Billy happy and consider it as a peace offering to getting your phone back tomorrow?"

"I'll think about it." I lied. It's not that I don't like Jacob or anything he's a good friend but I haven't actually spent time with him since I was twelve. Besides I wouldn't want him thinking that it was a date when it really wasn't, that and it'd probably get Mikes attention. I sighed. Mike. Great what am I going to do about him tomorrow at school when I obviously didn't want to be with him if I was attracted to Edward?


Is it possible for a vampire to love someone or even be with a human? I wonder what his parents really think about him telling me. His dad, Carlisle seemed pretty excited for him to tell me which is odd. I think if anything he would want a secret like this kept quiet and no one finding out. Edward's nice to me and I don't think he'd actually kill me…and Mikes a complete control freak let alone Charlie now officially HATES him with a passion. Even if I forgave Mike he would never be allowed back inside my house without Charlie holding a gun at all times. Maybe I should take a break from all men and just finish this project and go my separate ways. I wonder if he'd mind. It's not because I don't like him and want to see what happens between us I just can't stand being sad all the time and bossed around. He's gentile with me and he wants to protect me which is a good thing and he is very smart for someone being over a hundred.

I went up to my room in silence just thinking to myself. Rayne, my fake child was sleeping or well it looked like it. Maybe this assignment was for the best after all. If I would have been paired with Mike who knows how he would of actually acted or how he would of treated the baby or pay much attention to it at all. Makes me wonder about Jessica and how he is treating her as his fake wife. Although he probably has no idea she actually likes him. I found that out after a month of dating him and I felt really bad that I just moved here and took the one guy she really wanted to be with. Well I would tell her that she could have him but I don't want him to treat her the same way he treated me. I guess the only thing is to let time tell.

"BELLA!" Jessica screamed my name. "What in the world are we doing out in the woods? Its freezing."

"What are you talking about?" I asked her then froze. We were indeed out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. "How did we get here Jess?" I asked and went next to her.

"You were very upset and ran from school. I followed you to make sure you were alright but you just kept going." Jess said which didn't make sense. It wasn't even morning the day never ended and she's telling me I missed a whole day. "Not to be a party killer but could we head back into town?"

"What did you say?" my voice became a whisper.

"I said can we leave now?" her voice changed.

"Jess your voice…" I trailed off as I looked at her. Where she was standing she was gone. "What in the…JESS!" I screamed and started heading through the forest looking for my best friend. "Where are you? Come on this isn't funny!"

"No its not." A deep voice said and I turned around and became face to face with Edward. "All alone in the woods at night are we?" he smiled. "To bad no one can hear you scream. I mean did you really think we'd let you go freely since you know who we are?" He ran at me tackling me to the ground biting my neck before I could even blink.

"Bella." I heard Charlie's voice say. "Bells wake up." He shook me harder and I sat up screaming. "Hey now Bells you alright?"

My breathing was very fast and my voice unstable as I replied, "Just a bad dream is all."

"Alright well you should get ready for school its almost seven." He told me. "Have you made up your mind about that dance?"

"Um yeah I guess I'll go just as long as he knows it's just as a friend." I muttered and it made him smile.

"Good now here is your phone." He handed it to me. "Just don't run up the bill again." He stood up for a moment then walked out.

"Holy shit." I whispered to myself and walked over to the window scared that my dream might actually come true.

I arrived at school ten minutes before class started with Rayne in my arms and my book bag behind me wanting this day to already be over. "Bella over here!" Angela yelled waving me over towards Eric's van her baby next to her waist. "Hey so I heard about you and Mike. Well the whole school heard him yelling yesterday. Don't let him boss you around like that. Take control."

"Uh thanks Angela. Have you seen Jess around by any chance?" I asked keeping watch on the parking lot. "I need to talk to her."

"I think she's in the cafeteria with Mike discussing their baby arrangements?" Angela said smiling really big at her child. "If you want I can walk you there?"

"No thanks Angela that um…that won't be necessary."

"Hi Edward." Eric said as he came up to Angela. "How's it going?"

"Uh it's going' fine." He said with a puzzled look and turned to me. "Can we talk?" I nodded my head and we walked away from Eric's van. "Look about yesterday I know that was a lot to take in and honestly it would of freaked me out if someone told me that so I was just wondering how you were holding up?"

"Oh no it's cool really." I lied still freaked out about my dream.

"Are you sure?" he questioned me.

"Yes positive why do you ask?" Just keep thinking about a million things at once then he can't tell that I'm actually lying to him.

"Well because my parents wanted to invite you over for dinner Friday night you know to get to know you better since they didn't really get to talk to you yesterday in all."

"For dinner?" I muttered out. "As in I'm the meal?"

"What? No Bella like I told you last night I'm protective over you and well if we are going to try and make this work we minus well do it right." He assured me stepping closer. "If anything my house with my family is the safest place on earth."

"Sure yeah that totally makes sense Friday it is." I faked a smile and the warning bell rang. "We should get going." I started to walk away from him but he managed to get in front of me before I could take a step.

"If this means anything I'm glad you know about me." He leaned down and kissed me on the lips and I couldn't help but lean into him, baby Rayne crushed between us. He pulled away and looked at the baby. "This way everything's out and we won't have to live a lie. I'll take him for the first few classes since you had him all night."

"Yeah thanks." I managed to say and walked to English class leaving my worst fear behind me with my child…

"So Bells I was thinking and about last night I didn't mean any of it I was just so overworked and I'm totally going to apologize to your dad and everything." Mike told me in a whisper so the teacher would notice. "I just wasn't myself and that Cullen freak got me pissed and well you know he was just in the way like usual. Babe I never meant to upset you or your dad that's the last thing I ever want to happen. So how about after school you come to my place and we can actually talk like talk without whispering and work things out. I love you Isabella and I really don't want to lose you, you mean the world to me. I mean I did after all tell you to stop talking to him which you chose to ignore me so if anything this is all your fault we have to fix this with your dad not mine. There is no way in hell you are ending this because your mine and this isn't over until I say it is Isabella. I own you, you are mine and will be until the day you die whether you like it or not and there is nothing your fake ass husband can do about it. " Wow did he really think I was that stupid? That anything he says can make up for everything he's done. I mean I am kind of in away with Edward and if I told Mike that right now he'd flip and we'd both get in trouble. I didn't want to hurt him that's the last thing I wanted to do but also the first for how he treated me. After all Edward has only known me for maybe five days now and he trusts me this much to tell me the biggest secret in the entire world. "Bella?"

"I don't know Mike." I whispered back and looked down at my books. If I were to look to my left I'd see Jessica who was totally crazy about Mike who is too busy to notice because he supposedly now loves me? That's fair I guess. Theoretically speaking I would be safer with Edward over Mike any day well at least emotionally. Physically speaking I think Edward could kill me in a blink of an eye if he got pissed where the worst thing Mike could do was hit me.

"Well Bella what's there not to know about?" He asked. "I am your boyfriend after all yours not anyone else's. Well maybe for that stupid ass project I'm married but so is everyone else and I don't even wear that damn ring." He showed me his left hand where he was supposed to be wearing that ring for points was not there. "It's just a stupid grade I mean he can't actually fail a student for not wanting to wear a fake wedding band. If I were to actually wear a real one it would be ours." He assured me.

"Can you like shut up I'm trying to pay attention here." Jessica finally butted in. 'THANK YOU JESS!' I screamed in my head.

"Fine after class we will talk." Mike said and turned around in his seat.

I spent the rest of the class plotting my escape to avoid Mike at all costs. Maybe if I decide to stay after and talk to the teacher about that essay assignment on Anne Frank and keep talking till the bell rings then he would have no choice but to go to his next class.

"Alright class dismissed." Are teacher told us and five seconds later the school bell went off. I started to walk slowly up to him as everyone else ran out and found Edward walking through the door. I smiled in relief.

"Hey what are you doing in here?" I asked him.

"This is my next class." He handed me baby Rayne with a smile. "Do you want me to walk you to your next class? I noticed Newton's outside the door and my guess is he's waiting for you so I know he won't do anything with me next to you."

"Sure that sounds great." We walked outside and right past Mike. "So how was gym?"

"Oh fun we played dodge ball and killed the other team." He said with a laugh. "Well not literally but we were pretty awesome. I've actually never played that game before it's actually quiet enjoyable."

"Well I'm glad you had a fun time." We were now standing outside of my history class. "What did you do with Rayne?"

"Oh he watched us destroy them with the gym teacher." He grinned at me. "Should I walk you to your next class as well or do you think Mike will go away?" we looked at each other. "I'll be here when the bell rings Bella." Then he headed back to his English class. I would say it was a bit weird being walked to and from class but it did keep Mike away from me for the meantime. Now with it being lunchtime and there being no teachers around I'm sure Mike will lose it.

"Hey guys is it alright if Bella sits with us today?" Edward asked his family.

"Of course it is I saw her coming so I got her some food." Alice said with a smile. "I mean she is looking kind of pale so I just thought it would help."

"Thank you Alice." I said and sat down in the chair Edward pulled out for me.

"So do you like to play with your food too?" Jasper asked me.

"I think I prefer to eat it actually." I said and laughed. "But hey its cool if you do I don't mind."

"Well I do." Alice said. "It surely is not you acting your age."

"So he's supposed to act what like he's on his death bed Alice?" Rosalie suggested. "Will that be more convent?"

"I'm not sure that's what she meant Rosalie." Emmett said laughing.

"Well I like to be a child every once in awhile it's fun." Jasper smiled as he finished his green bean fence. "Heads up it's the jerk off." Jasper said nodding towards the doors.

"What's his mood?" Rosalie asked.

"He wants to kill me and is looking for any site of a teacher before he comes over here." I told them and picked up Bella's water bottle and took a drink. "And what do you know no teachers in sight." He set the bottle rather hard on the table shaking it.

"Hey Cullen!" Mike yelled. "I think we need to talk and I mean now!" he was halfway to the table and Edward didn't even move. "See Bella is my girl not yours and I'll be damned if you even dare try to take her away. The only way this ends is if I die!" the next thing anyone knew was Mike was laying on his back gasping for air with Rosalie standing over him.

"You stay the hell away from my family and is you so as dare try anything on Bella here I will kill you!" Rosalie yelled then went back over next to Emmett and sat down with the whole cafeteria staring at her.

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