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-Dragon Heart-

Chapter 1- Surprise! Ashiteru!

"That should be all. Just see the nurse at the front desk to make a follow up appointment a week from today," Hatori said is his usual, boring monotone.

"Thank you Doctor Sohma. Take care."

"You too."

Hatori was done. 'Finally done.' It was only six-o-clock, but he was done. His last appointment for the day. He had been working hard since six that morning.

'I need a shower- a cold shower. This job is actually quite tiring. I've been at it for twelve hours straight.'

He locked up the office after the last patient, and the nurses, left. He planned on going home and relaxing. He'd probably eat some instant ramen, take a shower and turn in early today. He sighed.

'At least Shigure and Ayame aren't here.'

Hatori walked slowly in the sunset to his house across from his office. He still had on his white lab coat and suit underneath, looking as professional as ever. When he reached the door he discovered that it was unlocked- not how he'd left it that morning. He shrugged.

'Probably Momiji or Hatsuharu.'

He dropped his keys on the side table as he entered his lobby. He heard the faint sound of dishes clacking from the kitchen.

"Momiji? Is that you?," Hatori called as he took off his shoes and placed them by the door.

No answer.

'He didn't hear me? He has the best hearing apart from Shigure being the dog.'

Hatori, curious as to who was in his kitchen, approached the hallway. He turned the corner into the kitchen and was shocked at what he saw. The female figure turned aroung with a big goofy smile on her face to face the doctor in the doorway.

'Tohru? What is she doing here? How did she get in?'

"Hello Hatori! I didn't think you'd be home so early," Tohru smiled brightly.

'What on earth is she wearing? There's no doubt in my mind that Ayame gave her that outfit. Still- it's not like her to wear something that...revealing. She must think I'm an idiot, standing here, gaping at her.'

"I finished early today," Hatori forced himself to speak.

He had to admit, this was akward. Here he was, professional Doctor Hatori Sohma, standing in the kitchen, across from the woman he secretly loved. Not only that- Tohru could be classified as naked.

Tohru was wearing a black bikini-like top with red frill around the edges and a red mini-skirt. Under that, she wore fishnet stockings without shoes on. She had red lipstick on and a ton of blush and mascara to top it off. Her hair was loose and flowed around her beautifully. She was absolutely glowing in the bright kitchen light.

"Oh? I'm so sorry! I didn't finish dinner yet! I thought you'd be home later and I wanted this night to be special! Oh-everything's ruined!," Tohru started babbling as she flailed her arms around herself.

"It's quite alright Tohru. Don't get worked up over all this. It's not your fault," Hatori grabbed one of her arms and held it still.

Tohru blushed as she looked up at the man she loved.

"Um...okay. I guess you're right," Tohru bit her lip and nodded.

"Of course. Now- what about this special night? How exactly did you get in here?," Hatori let go of her arm and stood in front of her, deep green eyes looking into blue.

"Well, it's nothing really. I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the things you've done for me. Thank you for everything, Doctor Sohma," Tohru took Hatori's hand in her hands and spoke in a seductive tone. She had been perparing for this all week. She was ready to confess her love to Hatori and she was ready for his answer. She had been trying to find the sexiest outfit for Hatori's pleasure.

Hatori froze right then and there. He didn't know what to say. There was nothing really coming to his mind- not after a developing erection and the feeling of fire on the hand that Tohru held.

"Um...well...," Hatori managed to say quietly.

"I love you, Hatori," Tohru whispered.

Hatori, letting actions speak for words, pressed his lips against hers in a beautiful kiss- Tohru's first kiss from the man she loved the most. Hand in hand, they kissed lovingly.

Little did Hatori know, Tohru was planning on losing much more than her virgin lips that night...

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