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Chapter 4- Doing It In The Dining Room

"Tohru, stop," Hatori demanded with all his might.

"But, you kissed me. I thought you loved me too," Tohru pouted.

"I do. It's just that we shouldn't be doing this," Hatori sighed.

"Haa-san, you need to shut up. She asked a question, and as her doctor, you give her an answer," Shigure smiled.

"Yes, Doctor Sohma. Give me an answer," Tohru said seductively and started unbuttoning his shirt.

"Uhhh...," Hatori moaned as Tohru ran her hands across his now bare chest.

Hatori took one final look at Tohru. She winked and blew a kiss at him. And that's all it took. All his self control vanished into thin air. He knew that he'd regret it later, but he couldn't stop himself now.

And just like that, the tables turned. Hatori sat up and rolled so Tohru was on the ground underneath him now.

Silently, but ever so swiftly, Hatori worked at the buttons on her shirt; earning gasps along the way.

As all the buttons were opened, he lifted her slightly and pulled her shirt off. Next, he unhooked her bra and threw it across the dining room.

"Oh...Hatori...," Tohru moaned as Hatori latched onto her breasts. Nibbling and sucking one while holding the other.

"Get 'em Tohru! Be more agressive!," Shigure shouted from the sidelines.

Tohru reached up and fingered the dragon's chest. She was marveling in how well built and tan and pefect his body was.

"Hatori...take off your pants," Tohru muttered.

"Excuse me?," Hatori asked seductively.

"Take them off. They're in the way," Tohru demanded cutely.

Hatori couldn't help but comply. He stood up and pulled off his pants, making sure Tohru was watching. He was left in his black boxers. He leaned back down over Tohru.

"How about we make it even?," Hatori smirked and pulled down Tohru's skirt.

"Fair enough, my love," Tohru smiled.

Hatori returned to Tohru's lips. They kissed passionately as Hatori's erection rubbed against her clit.

"Hari!," Tohru gasped and rolled her back, pressing their bodies closer together.

Hatori moved from her lips to her neck, sucking and biting it. Tohru ran her hands along his back making him moan to her touch.

Tohru moved her hands to his lower back and grabbed the waist of his boxers. She slowly pulled them down as Hatori positioned himself so it was easier for Tohru to take off.

After his boxers were off, Hatori captured her lips again, his erection rubbing against her thighs. She squirmed under him as she struggled to control the kiss.

Hatori backed off a bit as one of his hands found it's way between them. He tugged at her panty until she lifted her hips, allowing him to tug it off completely.

"Oh man, this is good! Even I'm rock hard just watching you!," Shigure laughed.

Hatori looked over his shoulder and shot Shigure a glare that made him shut up.

Hatori then kneeled between Tohru's legs. He inserted a finger into her.

"Ahh! Hatori!," Tohru gasped.

Hatori smiled and inserted a second finger, making her gasp more. He continued to assault her by pinching her clit and massaging the rest of her with his fingers. Tohru soon squirmed, her climax close.

Hatori noted this and pulled his fingers out of her before she could climax.

"Hatori...," Tohru whined.

"Soon enough," Hatori poked her nose.

"Make him pay Tohru! Don't let him get away with it! Remember what I said about the pants," Shigure cheered.

Tohru nodded as she swiftly grabbed hold of Hatori's member. Hatori moaned and layed down on the floor. Tohru smiled as she got up and kneeled over his erection.

She put a firm hand around the base as she licked the tip. Hatori moaned and shuddered at her contact. She deep throated him, biting and sucking on every single inch of him. She swallowed around his member.

"Tohru...," Hatori moaned as he grabbed her waist.

Tohru just smiled at her positive response and kept right on going. She bought him all the way up to his orgasm.

"Tohru, I'm close," Hatori warned.

In that instant Tohru pulled away from him, leaving him hard and wanting for more.

"Yeah! Payback!," Shigure yelled.

Hatori was too lost in the moment to bother with Shigure.

The lovers kissed again as Tohru crawled up to Hatori. And...

And yes, they were doing it in the dining room. And who's to say they didn't like it?

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