This isn't mine

Everything is Stephenie Meyer's except Cam and Shelby.

Chapter 4

Carlisle and Jasper finally came and gave me a hug. They was so stunned, they just stood there. I looked over to see Rosalie sadly looking at me and Shelby glaring.

Edward just stared at me. I read his mind. This cannot be happening. There was more, but I didn't want to hear all the hate he must have had all these years. A venom tear ran down my cheek.

"Okay, what's going on?" Shelby demanded, upset to be left out.

"This is Bella," Edward said. I was happy he moved. He finally came to give me a hug. I hugged him back. I hugged him tight. I felt whole. But not whole, cause of Shelby.

"How did this happen?" he asked.

"No offence, but why do you care?" I asked him, taking a step back. I regretted saying and doing what I did. I saw more sadness in his eyes. "You don't love me." Another tear ran down my cheek. Cam and Shelby ran in between Edward and me. Cam took me in his arms while Shelby pecked Edward. Edward and I stared at each other. I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw a venom tear on his cheek. I doubted it.

"Cam, Shelby, can you come here for a sec?" Alice asked. I read her mind. Thank me later Edward. I looked at her confused.

Edward took my hand and led me to my old room. He let it go, and my heart fell. Then, he did something I never thought would ever happen again. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. It was better than I remembered. He messed with my hair as I messed with his.

"EDWARD! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?" it was Shelby. I stopped kissing him to see what was going on. I turned just in time to see Shelby run out of the room.

Cam came in and saw me in Edward's arms. "Isabelle?! WHAT'S GOING ON?" I stared at him in defeat. Then, Alice came in.

"Sorry," she said, then ran after Shelby. "Shelby! Cam! Let me explain!" I heard her say.

"I am so sorry," Edward sighed. "I saw your wedding ring, I read the guys mind, I should've backed off."

I looked down and nodded. "You should of," I said sulkily. "But I'm glad you didn't!" I said, throwing myself into his arms, kissing him again.

"But Shelby…" he said.

"You loved her? I'm sorry," I said. "I forgot you don't love me anymore." I dragged my feet to the other room. My heart was so swollen; I thought my chest would blow up. Then, I felt Edward's hands on me.

"But I do love you," he said.

"As a sister, but never more, I know, I know."

"Then why did I kiss you back there?" he asked.

"Easy, because you felt sorry for me. Stop hurting me, Edward. Please, just stop."

He looked hurt. "But you're wrong."

I looked at him confused. "About what?"

"Everything. Lets start. Okay… umm… you've got it backwards. I've always loved Shelby as a sister, never more. So after we visited you're grave for the millionth time,-" this pleased me so I smiled "- I realized that you were really gone and was sad that I left you. I always loved you. Not as a sister, more. Shelby was sad that I didn't love her back, confused about this 'Bella Swan', and in love. So I felt sorry for her. I told her I really did love her. I always felt sorry for her, but not sorry enough to let you go.

"I kissed you because one I love you, two, I am happy you are alive, three, I missed you, four-"

"This is a long list," I said.

"Yes, anyway, four, I've been wanting to kiss you for 70 long years, and five, because it's the first time I can kiss you without worrying to kill you!" he hugged me and kissed me again. I kissed him back.

"Cam!" I said in the middle of the kiss. We ran to Cam and Shelby.

"I understand," I heard Cam say. "I'm gonna go say goodbye to Isabelle- Bella."

"I don't!" Shelby screeched. "This bitch is taking my boyfriend because he abandoned her 70 years a-"

She was interrupted by Edward pulling her up by her shirt collar.

"If you ever call Bella a bitch again-" a tear ran down Shelby's cheek. I wondered how hard it was for her "- I'm gonna-"

"Edward, stop," I interrupted. A tear ran down my cheek. "Put her down." He dropped Shelby like she was some sort of toy. I hugged her.

"Get the hell off me before I do something really bad," she warned.

"Please don't be like this," I said. Cam came out and took Shelby in his arms. I looked at him confused, but not hurt.

"The first time I laid eyes on you, I knew I was in love," he sang.

"Get off of me!" she screamed and ran to the house.

Edward and I looked at each other.

"What are we going to do?"