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Love, Hate and War

Chapter One

Harry waited patiently for his name to be called among the other first years. He glanced around the Great Hall and felt intimidated. Many of the students seemed uninterested with the going ons of the sorting.

Harry chewed his bottom lip with anticipation. He was really nervous about the sorting. He understood that the house he was sorted in would also be the house where, possibly, all his friends would be. He glanced up as they called Hermione Granger's name. The bushy haired girl he met at the train seemed very stiff as the Sorting Hat was placed atop her head. Harry watched to see what the Hat did.

"GRYFFINDOR!" It called.

Harry smiled as she nervously went to sit at the Gryffindor table.

Harry bounced on his leg a bit, waiting. McGonagall soon after called Malfoy up.

The blond and arrogant boy Harry had the displeasure of meeting twice, walked to the stool confidently, a feat that was rare, he observed. It didn't even seem like the hat touched his head before the Hat exclaimed the blond's house.

Malfoy walked to Slytherin, Crabbe and Goyle looking at their leader proudly. And though Harry felt that the latter was just hero worship, it didn't escape his notice how it was a huge contrast from what he saw from other houses. When a Ravenclaw was sorted, most of the house scrutinized the new person, seemingly judging if they were good enough to be called one from their house. When a Gryffindor was sorted, there was a warm response, but it felt strained and also, it seemed that they had looked down on Hermione, like she had a standard to live to. Hufflepuff though... he liked their response just like he liked Slytherin's. They would give warm smiles and little quiet hellos.

Harry saw another Slytherin being sorted. A girl named Pansy Parkinson. She had short black hair and a pug like face. She too was seemed to be accepted.

After a set of twins were sorted, one in Gryffindor and one in Ravenclaw, Harry was soon called. As he walked up to the stool, he heard many gasps and whispers. McGonagall then gave a stern look and most of the noise was quieted, but he felt like their stares were piercing through his skull. He sat at the stool, waiting, and finally, the brown hat was placed on his head. The first thing that popped into his head was the thought of how maybe the hat was infested with lice.

Harry gulped as the hat began speaking. "Hm, were should I put you?" The voice was deep and raspy and he felt the hat's movements as it moved it's mouth. "You seem to have all of the qualities for any house, but so do many. Hm... lets see. It seems that what you crave for more is acceptance. Ah. So maybe Hufflepuff is the place for you?" The Hat seemed to move his head towards the Hufflepuff table. "Alas, I think you have more qualities than that. You are brave it seems and you fight for what you believe for." Harry glanced at the Gryffindor table and went stiff. "Ah. It seems you wouldn't want that. You know that almost every Potter to have come to this school was placed there? But oh! You want to prove yourself! You have the ambition, oh you reek of it. I think then, that it better be... SLYTHERIN!!"

As soon as the hat called the name of his new house, the Great Hall was silent. McGonagall then removed the Sorting Hat from Harry's head and gave him a small nod and Harry stood up nervously.

Then the Slytherin table clapped softly, just like it did for every other new house member, and Harry felt a tiny bit of relief. And then the whispers broke out. How could the hero of the wizarding world be placed there?! Harry finally reached his table and took the spot right next to Draco Malfoy, basically the only one in that house he knew.

The platinum blond boy frowned at him as he sat. And Harry felt like all his assumptions were wrong. They didn't seem to be accepting him at all!

But then, Parkinson gave Harry a small, shy smile and some of the older students were looking at him curiously.. but not in a bad way.

Still, the blond next to him didn't say a thing and Harry stared at his lap nervously. Finally, the sorting ended and it ended with a boy named Blaise Zabini being sorted into his house. The black boy sat next to him happily and greeted Harry and Harry greeted back.

Green eyes were surprised when suddenly, food popped up instantly into the empty plates in front of him. And his stomach gave a growl. He then heard a snicker and could have sworn it came from Malfoy, but when he turned to see, the boy was talking to Gregory Goyle.

Harry started to pile up his plate with food. And he saw many others do the same. He did find it odd how they ate though, it was those mannerisms that his aunt Marge said he lacked, though it wasn't like Dudley had them either.

Harry looked over to where Ron and Hermione were. It seemed like total chaos at the Gryffindor table, and while Ron seemed to be accepted warmly, Hermione looked lonely and wistful. Harry felt a pang of guilt, but it quickly died when he heard Blaise grumble about 'stupid forks' and how they 'do the same bloody thing'. Harry grinned and just grabbed the chicken leg and put in his mouth. Malfoy snorted next to him. "Plebian." he heard him mutter. But Harry shrugged and ate his chicken and he grinned when Blaise abandoned his fork too and was eating like him. Some of the older students raised and eyebrow or two but they didn't change their habits like Blaise did, but Harry felt elated that he found a friend in Blaise.

Most of the meal was quiet for him and it was for some of the other first years at his table as well. He felt a deep nervousness in the pit of his stomach. He thought of the classes and what they were like, he wondered about the teachers and just about what he could do in his free time.

Then the feast was over and prefects were standing up and signaling for the first years to follow. The doors of the Great Hall seemed incredibly crowded and it really came to no surprise that he bumped into Ron, the boy he had made friends with at the train.

Instead of getting a hello like he expected, he found the red head glaring at him. "You're in my way you filthy Slytherin."

Harry froze and stared at the boy in shock.

"I find that you are wrong, Weasel. You are in HIS way." A voice came from beside Harry.

Ron narrowed his eyes. "It's none of your business Malfoy."

"It is if you're messing with my friends."