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It was just normal day with the Inu gang. They were in no hurry to get going, so they sat around where the camp fire had burned the night before. Inuyasha of course, was fighting with Shippo, until he finally gave up and leaned against a tree. Miroku was (as usual) groping Sango's butt. Kagome was the only one out of sight. She had walked off to the hot springs that was near their campsite.

While the rest of the group carried on their merriness, Inuyasha seemed to be tensing for some unknown reason. It was as if he was waiting for something, or someone to appear.

Miroku and Sango began to notice this too. "Inuyasha, what's wrong with you. You're being all jittery." Sango commented while slapping Miroku's wandering hand away from her breast. She glared daggers at him and he turned around sulking.

Inuyasha growled at being found out. "nothing." He said through clenched teeth. "I'm going for a walk. Don't look for me if I'm not back by tomorrow." He through over his shoulder as he ran into the darkest part of the forest.

Sango shrugged and pulled Shippo into her arms and cradled him like a baby until he fell asleep. Kirara laid down sideways so that Sango could set Shippo on her soft fur.

"So Sango…" Miroku had a sexy gleam in his eyes, and Sango already knew what he was planning.

She scowled in his direction. "No. not in front of him." She said pointing at Shippo who was happily twitching in his sleep.

Miroku sighed and shook his head sadly. "Stupid kid…" he said just before Sango smacked his head. "Be nice." She said happily.

Back in the hot spring, Kagome was contently thinking of the hanyou back at the camp, or at least she thought he was still there. She had just started to relax when splashing could be heard from the other side of a rock in front of her.

"Rin stop this at once! You will get Lord Sesshomaru wet with all you're splashing!" called an annoyed voice from one side of the rock.

The splashing continued as Kagome tensed. Sesshomaru was here? Why? Hadn't he smelled Inuyasha yet? Or her for that matter?

"But Master Jaken… its fun and Lord Sesshomaru doesn't seem to care… right Lord Sesshomaru?" she replied, still splashing.

There was no reply. Kagome assumed the full demon was emotionless as usual, and didn't care what the hell the human did as long as she didn't die. Jaken on the other hand, was getting more and more frustrated at the young girls lack of care.

Kagome smiled as she thought of Sesshomaru protecting the small girl with his own life. She knew he couldn't be all bad and heartless. She then found herself thinking more and more about the demon… his perfect features… his chest that had to be as beautiful as his face under his kimono… his beautiful hair… and golden eyes… Kagome stopped herself there. She loved Inuyasha… right…?

She was snapped out of her thinking when a large wave came over the boulder and soaked her even more. Her almost dry hair became wet all over again.

"Hey!" she yelled, but quickly covered her mouth and tried to hide under the water.

Rin peeked over the rock and saw Kagome's hair floating on the top of the water. She quickly climbed over the rock and popped up in front of Kagome. She kept her upper body under the water save for her arms and head.

"Kagome-san!" she squealed happily. "I haven't seen you in forever!" she began to happily swim around Kagome to show her joy.

Kagome waited a few seconds before answering. "Hi Rin. How are you?" she asked quietly.

"I'm fine! So is Master Jaken!"

"Oh really? What about Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked, trying to hide her curiosity.

Rin was quiet for a moment, something that was unusual for her. "He's been… really… quiet lately… Master Jaken says it's just because it's mating time and he has no mate. I think Lord Sesshomaru is just taking in everything that has happened." She finished smiling, and continued to swim around.

On the other side of the rock, Sesshomaru looked over to Jaken, who was backing away slowly. "M'Lord..." he said sacredly.

Sesshomaru sighed in defeat. It was true. These were the mating times, and he had no mate. He didn't think any woman worthy enough for him. 'This Sesshomaru must have a mate worthy of his demon-ness.' He thought to himself. 'No female will ever be good enough for this Sesshomaru.'

Kagome blushed thinking of Sesshomaru, hot, sexy, talented, strong, powerful, and all around perfect having no mate. Any woman would jump at the chance to be his for eternity. Hell, she would jump at the chance to be his mate. 'Wait what?!' Kagome yelled in her head. 'I love Inuyasha! I think…'

Rin noticed the blush as soon as it appeared. She poked one of Kagome's warm cheeks. "Why are you blushing Kagome-san?" she asked innocently.

"N-n-nothing Rin." Kagome stuttered. "I think the others might be worried about me. I'm going to go back to them. Ok?" she was still blushing, but she had better control of her voice now. "I'll see you later Rin. Bye for now. Be good and listen to Sesshomaru." She said before stepping out of the hot spring slowly.

Sesshomaru looked up once and saw the most beautiful backside he had ever seen. He couldn't look away, nor move (as if he wanted to). He watched as Kagome slowly picked up her towel and wrapped it around herself. He growled when she was covered again.

He had never felt this way over a female before. Sure, he had his slight turn ons, but this was different. Just looking at her curves and bumps of her elegant body sent pains and wants to places that were new to the sensations.

Jaken noticed how Sesshomaru was watching the young miko. He would have never thought he would go for some pitiful human. He snorted as he looked her up and down.

Sesshomaru heard Jaken's snort of detest and quickly punched the nymph thing into a tree. He got out and covered himself and walked over to Jaken who was twitching on the ground. "You will never look at her like that again nymph. Never. If this Sesshomaru finds that miko beautiful in any way, you will accept that. Do you understand?" Sesshomaru growled low and menacingly.

Jaken got up slowly and bowed at Sesshomaru's feet. "I am sorry to cause your Lordship any displeasure. Forgive me M'Lord." Jaken said submissively, fearing for his head.

Sesshomaru merely walked away. "Rin. Unless you wish to be left behind, you should hurry and get dressed. This Sesshomaru is leaving now." Sesshomaru said, his voice immediately smoothing out, as if not to make Rin worried in any way.

He knew that she feared for him when he left mysteriously, or when he was extra quiet (not that he was talkative either), so he tried his best to keep her from finding anything out, no matter the cost.

Kagome was right, Sango and Miroku were worried. Just not worried about her. They were worried about each other. Sango had finally given in, and they were having a make out session behind a bush. She knew it would escalate soon, so she decided to get some answers before then.

"Um… Sango… Inuyasha is...?" she asked quietly, poking Sango's bare hip with a stick.

Sango growled slightly. "Walk… forest…" she muttered incoherently.

Kagome shook her head and walked back over to the still burned out fire plot. The sun was just now setting, so she lit it back up. The warmth was welcoming to her bare arms.

She had a simple sleeveless dark green top, and light blue pants. She had her hair tied back with a small ribbon that had blue stripes on it. It was a small one with stripes covering it.

Shippo stirred in his sleep and Kirara did the same. Kagome smiled as she stood up. They looked so cute together…

'Better look for him now…" she thought as she went through the forest. Looking around every few minutes, Kagome began to think Inuyasha never came this way, until she heard something.

"More Inuyasha…please…" a female voice moaned in pleasure. She looked from behind a tree and saw something that made her want to run away and never come back.

Inuyasha, the one she thought she loved was leaning over Kikyo, nipping at her neck. He was stark naked, as was the older miko. Kagome hid herself better as she saw Inuyasha look around with pleasure glazed eyes. He pulled backwards a few inches and trusted forward again, causing Kikyo to moan louder and louder in pleasure.

Tears sprung in Kagome's eyes as he kept on, not even noticing when she ran through the forest as fast as she could. Her pant leg caught on a thorn bush and she fell. More tears sprung as blood trailed down her leg and her hands.

She ran until her leg had gone numb, and her lungs felt as if they would burst. Slowly, she lowered herself onto a tree root and sobbed into her hands.

'I knew he didn't love me… but to go as far as to… gah! I can't believe that mutt! The nerve of him…' Kagome ranted in her head, not paying attention to her surroundings.

"Why does a beautiful and powerful miko like yourself cry in the middle of a dark dirty place such as this?" came as husky voice from beside her.

Kagome gasped and jumped up, only to fall over because of her leg. Sesshomaru caught her to her surprise.

"I don't like to see you hurt like this. Tell this Sesshomaru what happened." He whispered into her ear, causing chills to go up and down her spine.

Kagome blushed and moaned slightly. "I was running and I snagged a thorn bush and fell." She replied.

"What were you running from miko?" he asked against her neck.

Kagome gasped again but didn't pull away. "Inuyasha… he…" Kagome paused to fight back tears. "Why am I telling you this?" she asked skeptically.

Sesshomaru thought for a moment. "Because I am a demon who could easily kill you right now." He replied emotionlessly.

"Good point." She paused to fight back tears, but failed. "He was…. They were…. Kikyo…" Kagome managed to get out in between sobs, hoping that the demon holding her would get the point.

He did. He knew exactly what the half breed was doing, and with who. He could smell their scents from where he stood, and that was a pretty far distance.

"It is ok now miko. He has hurt you once, but never again. I will make you forget everything. Will you let me?" he asked, not really caring if she gave him a no.

He was planning on taking her whether she liked it or not. He only wanted to see if she would say yes or no.

Kagome gasped. He really did want her… or maybe he just wanted to be like Inuyasha and break her heart. After all, he was a demon, and she was just a human, no matter if she had miko powers.

"no Sesshomaru. I don't love you in any way." Kagome said slowly, as if trying to get it across the table the best she could.

For the first time in his life, Sesshomaru through his head back and laughed at the miko.

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