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Five months and 4 weeks (basically 6 months, the estimated time for demon babies to be mature enough to leave the womb) had gone by since Kagome had become Sesshomaru's mate, and found out she was pregnant. Within that time, Kagome had gotten bigger, a lot bigger. Now, she couldn't even see her feet.

Flash back…

"Kagome sweetie! It's time to go to the doctor!" her mother yelled from downstairs. Kagome wobbled down the stairs with the help of her mate.

"Sesshomaru, I need you to stay here with Souta and Grandpa. Will you do it?" she said again, taking Kagome from his hands.

The demon lord growled and went to sit on the couch with Souta.

When the girls got to the doctor, they were put in the emergency waiting spot, so that they could get in quicker.

"Mom… how did you manage to get us here?" Kagome asked, trying to get comfortable in the small chair. Her stomach wasn't the only thing that got bigger.

Her mother smiled and looked away. "You don't need to know that Hun."

"Higurashi Kagome!" a doctor with a wild mane of silver hair called from a door way. Kagome raised her hand and the doctor had two nurses put Kagome in a wheel chair.

They strolled down several hallways until they reached a room that looked like it could hold several patients.

"So Ms. Higurashi, do you know the father of your child?" he asked, eyeing her mother.

"Of course! We just asked him to stay with the family." Kagome yelled at the doctor.

He nodded and began to hook up wires all over Kagome's body. Slowly, he lifted up her tight fitting black shirt. She gasped when he put that cold jell all over and began to move the device around. 1

On the screen, Kagome thought she saw a head on the baby. The doctor gasped and smiled lightly. "Looks like you don't have just one in there." He murmured.

"What do you mean? How many are there?" Kagome asked, slightly afraid of the answer.

"Well, it looks like… hmm… let me see… two heads over there… and a third! Three babies!" the doctor cheered.

Kagome's mom clapped happily. "Sesshomaru will be so happy!" she cheered.

"Y-yea…so happy…" Kagome muttered. She was in shock. Three pups. What would the demon lord think about that? Would he be happy?

After the doctor had given Kagome and her mother pictures of the ultrasound, the girls left and went back home.

Kagome wanted to tell Sesshomaru that they were going to have triplets, but at the same time, she wanted to keep it a secret.

Sesshomaru heard them walk in the door and went to Kagome's side. "Is everything ok?" he asked lovingly.

Kagome nodded and smiled weakly. "I'm tired, and I think we should be getting back to your time."

The demon lord nodded and helped his mate up the stairs and into her room.

He told the family what they planned to do and asked her mother to help him pack everything that Kagome might need, like medicine to keep motion sickness, morning sickness, and other things at bay.

She showed him how everything should work, and gave him a bag to put it all in.

After Kagome woke back up, they said their goodbyes, and jumped through the well.

End flashback…

The couple had gone back to Sesshomaru's time in order to inform the Western Lands and other lords that she was now with his pup after they came back. Little did they know they had visitors waiting for them on the other side.

Inu-baka gang… ((and Sesshomaru and Kagome))

Sango and Miroku sat on the far side of the campfire, while Kikyo and Inuyasha sat on the other end. Shippo was curled in Sango's lap, while Kirara glared at the fire. Her two tails seemed to be fighting with each other as time passed on.

"Inuyasha, don't you think Kagome and Sesshomaru should be back by now?" Miroku asked, rubbing reassuring circles on the back of Sango's palm.

"Keh. Hell if I know." He muttered, looking into the fire.

Kikyo stood up fluidly. "You should be a good monk and worry about your mate, not some other bitch like her." She said emotionlessly.

Sango grabbed her boomerang and got ready to throw it at the clay pot. "How dare you talk about Kagome like that! She is not a bitch! If anyone is it's you!" she screamed, and threw it directly at the clay pot with so much force that when Inuyasha tried to block it, he was slammed into a tree.

"Calm down Sango! It does us no good to fight!" Miroku yelled, grabbing hold of her arms and pulling her close to him.

"NO! I will NOT calm down! She has talked about Kagome like that for the LAST time!" she fumed, broke free of Miroku's grasp, and began running at Kikyo.

A flash of white blocked Sango before she could do any damage to herself or the dead miko.

"I do not think the monk would like it much if you lost his pup," a calm and cold voice stated emotionlessly. He picked up the demon slayer by the back of her uniform and sat her next to a stunned as hell monk.

Inuyasha looked up from where he was currently struggling on the ground. "Why the hell are you here Sesshomaru!" he yelled, and stood up quickly, leaning heavily on his sword.

"I have come because Kagome wishes to see her friends." The demon lord replied; cold toned as usual.

At her name, Kagome commanded Ah Un to walk towards everybody. She sat on the saddle, for Sesshomaru had said it would be dangerous if she walked too much.

"Kagome!" Sango and Miroku yelled at the same time. Shippo looked up and saw his favorite person. "Kagome!" he yelled a little bit after everybody else.

Inuyasha looked up and glared at Kagome. "Look what the mutt dragged in." he sneered, wincing slightly as he stood up fully.

Sesshomaru glared at the half-breed, but ignored him other than that. If Kagome showed any signs of anger, then he would kill the mutt.

Slowly, Kagome slid off Ah Un and stood in front of everybody. Sango and Miroku gasped, while Inuyasha growled. Kikyo was nowhere to be seen. Shippo jumped up and down and ran around Kagome's legs.

"You…I… wow." Miroku gasped out. "Can I touch…it?" he asked a light shade of pink showing on his face.

"My stomach is not an it, and yes you can." Kagome replied glaring half-heartedly at the monk.

Miroku gently placed his hands on Kagome's now extremely visible bump.

"You must be due soon Kagome." Sango whispered, tears pricking at the corners of her eyes.

"How many are you having? And is it a boy or a girl?" Shippo asked, trying to reach her stomach. Sango picked him up and gave him to Kagome.

Kagome blushes violently. This wasn't how she expected to tell her mate that she was having triplets. "Uh… well Shippo, it's a secret right now! Yea!" she lied quickly.

Inuyasha sneered. "What's wrong Kagome-san? Afraid to tell the mutt it isn't his pup?" he said, with a malicious gleam in his eyes.

Sesshomaru growled inaudibly, while Kagome hopped off Ah Un. She wobbled her way over to the half-breed, and glared at him with all her power.

"Look here you stupid bastard! These pups are Sesshomaru's!" she yelled, not thinking. "I am sick and tired of your SHIT! Leave me the hell alone or I'll kill you with my own two hands!" she yelled, raising her fists to make her point get farther through his fat skull, and quicker.

Inuyasha stepped back and growled. "Wench!" He yelled, raising his sword. "I am sick and tired of you! You should have died when you found out I wanted Kikyo as my mate instead of you!" He yelled again, sweeping it behind him and swinging forward at Kagome with all his half demon strength.

As soon as the blade should have connected with Kagome, a blur of movement stood in front of her, blocking the attack.

"You will die by my sword now mutt. I will not tolerate you attacking my mate." He growled, with as much hate and anger, that someone would have thought he was Inuyasha.

Sango and Miroku gasped and ran over to Kagome. "Kagome! Let's get somewhere safe! Sesshomaru will be fine!" they yelled, tugging at the frozen Kagome.

Kikyo decided to make her presence known then. "Move one inch and I'll have you all skewered to a tree." She hissed emotionlessly with her bow drawn, shaking and ready to fire at any moment.

Sesshomaru laughed. It wasn't a laugh he used when he was alone with Kagome, it was filled with acid and pure evil. "Do you really think you can hurt me wench?" I growled.

"No. but I know I can hurt her." She hissed back, letting the arrow fly.

Again, Sesshomaru laughed. Quicker than the human eyes could see, he threw Inuyasha into a tree and had the arrow in his hand. He didn't even wince as the sacred arrow burned at his skin.

Another arrow came his way. This one seemed to have more power and force put into it. He held up the Tensaiga and watched as the arrow burned.

Kagome, having just come out of her near death trance, stared at Sesshomaru with fresh tears brimming in her eyes. "Sesshomaru…" she whispered, reaching out to him.

"Go with the monk and slayer." Was his reply. "This clay pot shall die by my sword today.

Sango and Miroku nodded and called Ah Un over to them. They gently placed her on the dragon and started to move.

The village was the first place they would have gone, but Inuyasha knew the way there all too well.

"Take me… take me to the village." Kagome moaned, gripping the saddle tighter.

Shippo, who had been behind them all staring at Inuyasha, squeaked. "S-Sango! Inuyasha is getting up!" he yelled, jumping up and down.

"Who said you can go anywhere wench." Inuyasha growled and stood up shakily.

Kagome clutched her stomach with one hand, and the reins in the other. "Up!" she yelled at the two-headed dragon. Ah Un was in the air and away from that part of the forest in seconds, with Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara following close behind.

Another scream escaped Kagome's lips as she landed in the middle of the village. Kaede hobbled out of her hut just in time to see Kagome gasp and slide off the dragons back.

"What is wrong with ye?" the old woman questioned, but gasped when she saw Kagome's large bump. "Can ye walk?"She questioned again, but didn't give the miko time to answer.

She called for a few men and ordered them to carry Kagome into her hut. Kirara landed right as Kagome was taken into the hut. Sango followed, but told the boys to stay outside in case Inuyasha followed.

Back with Ms. Clay Pot and Sesshomaru…

Kikyo was on her last arrow. Literally. She stood before Sesshomaru and glared icy daggers at him.

"I will not allow you to harm my mate in any way Kikyo-teme. This is the last time she will have to see your pathetic self." Sesshomaru said; his normal façade back on.

Before she could draw another arrow and burn more or his skin, he swiped Tokijin threw her shoulder, down to her hip. Her clay body exploded into ashes, while small white orbs left her body and went their separate ways.

One went in the direction of the village. Sesshomaru sheathed his swords, punched Inuyasha into a tree and followed the soul.

He heard Kagome scream, and something inside him snapped. Using his demon speed, he raced towards the village, destroying anything in his way.

Sango was outside the hut getting water that Kaede wanted. Kagome was going into labor. Early, from what Kagome had said in between gasps and muffled screams.

A large dust cloud began to form at the end of the forest, and Sango knew it was Sesshomaru. "Lord Sesshomaru! Calm down! Kagome is fine! She has gone into labor!" she yelled, knowing full and well he could hear her if she whispered.

With that, she got the pale and walked back into the hut.

Kagome lay on the floor of the small hut, a fresh sheen of sweat covering her face and soaking her tight black sleeveless shirt. Sesshomaru walked in and sat next to Kagome's head.

She looked up at him and smiled weakly, then screamed again.

"We need to get these off her!" Kaede yelled, looking at Sesshomaru.

Using a skilled claw, he cut her pants open, and her shirt. She gasped as the cool fall air hit her wet flesh. Slowly, he cut threw her panties too. From there, Kaede covered her in a blanket.

((I know nothing and don't want to know anything about the birthing process, so I'm a just skip that part. :)-))

After Kaede had gotten the second baby out (and Sesshomaru had gotten through his shock) the group began to hit some turbulence.

Kaede shook her old head sadly. She looked up at Sesshomaru, and then back down at Kagome. "she has not the energy to get the last one out Lord Sesshomaru. We will lose them both if we can't get it out." She said sadly, tears filling her old eyes as she looked back down and Kagome's worn out form.

"s-Sesshomaru…?" Kagome asked weakly, looking around slowly.

"I am here." As soon as he finished his sentence, the little soul he followed earlier came into the hut.

Kaede gasped as the soul entered Kagome's heart. "You killed Kikyo?" she asked, mystified.

Something began to change in Kagome. She could feel her blood pumping faster and harder, and not because she had just pushed out two babies without any sedatives.

"Kaede… I can do it. Help me." Kagome muttered, her voice already stronger.

The old woman nodded and helped Kagome get out her third pup.

Sango wiped her face off with the wet rag while Kaede wiped off the pups.

She gasped when she looked at them for the first time. That was when they were still covered in gunk, but when she was able to really see them, their beauty was amazing.

The first born was male, with black hair and golden eyes that held black specks in them. In his black mane of hair, small sliver stripes could be seen. He had cute human ears just like his mother, and a wolfs tail. Also like his father, he had magenta stripes, only they were dark blue and seemed to be going threw his eyes, starting at his forehead directly above his eyes, and ending slightly below his bottom eyelid. In the middle of his forehead was a dark blue star.

Second born, was a little girl. She had a wild mane of silver hair, which held black tips and bangs, with Inuyasha like ears. Her eyes were like her mothers, exactly the same color black, only they were slightly clouded over. She had a crescent moon in the middle of her forehead like her father. On her neck were four stripes (2 on each side) that went lengthwise.

The last one was a girl with black and silver hair. One side held mainly black, while the other side held mainly silver. Her eyes were the oddest colors. One eye was black with amber flakes in it, while the other side was golden, with black specks. Like her sister and brother, she had a cute wolfs tail, and dog ears like Inuyasha's, but in the middle of her forehead, something no one expected to see. On her forehead were two shapes, a star, inside of a crescent moon. On her neck, were two magenta stripes, one on each side, going threw her eyes were the other two stripes just like her brother. Looking at her was like looking at her brother and sister put together.

Like their father, they all had sharp and pointy fangs that screamed 'deadly sharp' at first look.

Sesshomaru looked over Kaede's shoulder and just barely stifled a gasp and his three pups.

"Can I…can I see them?" Kagome asked slowly, still trying to catch her breath.

Sango looked over to the pups and gasped. "They…they're beautiful!" she exclaimed loudly.

The older miko nodded and gave the first born to Kagome. "He's so beautiful." She mused aloud.

"What will you name him Kagome?" Sango asked curiously.

Kagome looked up at Sesshomaru. "Kiba?" she asked more than told. He nodded and she smiled brightly.

Kaede switched out Kiba with their second born. "Can we name her Kiri?" she asked again.

"Mist? Why?" Sesshomaru asked, trailing a finger across Kagome's face and lips.

"Because of the way her eyes seem black, but if you look closer, they are mistier than that." Kagome answer surely. Sesshomaru nodded and took Kiri from Kagome as Kaede switched out the last pup.

Kagome's smile seemed to brighten even more when she looked down at the nameless pup. "I like Tsuta for her. What do you think Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru nodded and smiled, it was only a slight twitch of his lips, but still.

"Kiba, Kiri, and Tsuta. Our three pups. Half demon pups at that." Kagome mused lazily. Sango took Tsuta from Kagome and helped her to lay back.

"They shouldn't need to eat right away, so she should be ok to sleep and rest for a little while." She heard Kaede mutter, then silence.

After a while, Kagome let herself fall into a dreamless sleep, although it did feel weirder. As if she was aware of everything at the same time, she wasn't paying any attention.

She could hear the feet moving outside the hut, and the birds chirping at the forest edge, even though it was half way across the village. I'm just tired… she thought lazily…

Or was she?

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