Author's Note: This little epilogue is to answer a few questions folks had about the message Evan left for Sheppard... and well... to sort of sum things up with the rest of the plot. If I missed anything - sorry! I had a blast writing this one, and am already working out the next little adventure in my head. And for those who asked, Wodka is indeed a real drink, which burns like a som'bitch when you drink it, and gets you pretty loopy pretty darn fast. So buyer beware! :P

Thanks to everyone for their awesome comments and reviews, questions and advice. As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions, just PM me! :P - Nika

"Mornin' Doc." Evan nodded to Jennifer, setting his tray down and sliding into the empty seat across from her. "How's the head?"

Jen made a face. "Just fine, thank you." Then she shook bite of her toast. "Although my stomach feels like I swallowed pure acid. You?"

Evan shrugged. "I'm good."

"I can not believe you couldn't wait for me." Teyla muttered, dropping her tray onto the table and earning her startled looks from the surrounding groups. She slid into the chair next to Jen.

"Hey." John muttered, flopping down beside Evan, across from Teyla. "You know there was only three guys plus the bartender. We couldn't get Hoyle to agree to a waitress."

"Mr. Woolsey was allowed to attend."

"Yes." John nodded, his mouth full of scrambled eggs. He swallowed. "But Woolsey was there as an observer."

"I could have observed." Teyla pouted.

"You could not." Rodney walked up to the end chair between John and Teyla. He carefully set his loaded tray down and reached for his water bottle. "You wouldn't have been able to resist. Trust me."

"But everyone got to hit him but me." She sighed.

"And me." Jen nodded.

"You gave him a smack-down on the planet." Ronon said, dropping into the last chair at the end beside Evan and Jen.

"Smack down?" Evan raised an eyebrow.

"Sheppard's been letting him watch WWF." Rodney nodded, opening the top of a yogurt container.

"So everyone did get to hit him but me." Teyla sighed again.

"Don't worry. I threw one in for you."

Teyla smiled. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"I would like to know, however… " Teyla leaned forward, looking at John. "How exactly did General O'Neill convince Senator Hoyle to the… event?"

John smirked and bit off a chunk of toast. "Let's just say the Senator forgot that Atlantis is, first and foremost, a Military base."

"I don't understand." Jen shook her head.

"Technically General O'Neill could have let Sheppard keep him here indefinitely." Rodney nodded smugly. "And overruled the IOA if Hoyle's return violated any military secrets. Apparently the Senator forgot that little tidbit. So instead he agreed to a… ah… showdown, if you will."

"Oh." Jen nodded. "Yeah. Okay. That I believe." She hesitated. "But seriously. What kind of man would agree to let his son get beat up?"

"One with a guilty conscience?" Evan shrugged.

"We didn't beat him up, Doc." John corrected. "We barely touched him. Hell, Ronon only got one shot in."

Ronon grinned.

"Technically so did McKay." Evan nodded.

Rodney smirked. "That's true."

Teyla sighed again, and John patted her hand. "Don't worry." He nodded. "I promise we'll find a way to get you in next time."

Jen coughed on her water. "There'd better not be a next time."

Ronon growled.

"Sorry - bad choice of words, Doc." John shrugged.

Jen nodded then looked from Evan to John. "Speaking of words, what was in the message you sent?"

"What message?" John tried his best to look innocent, but failed miserably.

"The message Evan sent you before we went to get Major Gillis?"

"Oh." John made a face. "That message."

"Well?" Jen looked pointed from one to the other.

"Um…" Evan looked at John.

"Oh for heaven's sake." Rodney muttered, digging into his scrambled eggs. "It said Goldilocks."

"Goldilocks?" Jen made a face. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Mrrfmmp ooo." Rodney mouthed around his food.

Jen shook her head.

Rodney swallowed. "It's you. You're Goldilocks."

"I'm Goldilocks?" Jen frowned at John, who was glaring at Rodney.

"It's like a, ah... call sign, Doc." Evan said quickly.

Rodney snickered then jumped as John kicked him under the table.

"Ouch." Rodney muttered, rubbing his shin.

"Goldilocks?" Jen looked at Ronon, who shrugged. "As in… the Three Bears?"

"No." John shook his head.

"Yes." Rodney nodded, quickly spinning in his chair so his legs were away from the Colonel's boots.

"Why did you say Goldilocks?"

"The Major was trying to let the Colonel know you were going with him, incase you started a riot or something." Rodney said, ducking when Evan chucked a muffin at him. "What! Oh, please! Like she wouldn't have figured it out eventually! All she had to do was ask Chuck. The guy couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it."

Jen snickered. "So if I'm Goldilocks, who's Baby Bear?"

Everyone pointed at McKay.

"Oh come on!" Rodney leaned back and crossed his arms. "Why am I Baby Bear?"

"My porridge is too hot…" John mimicked in a high pitched, sing-song voice. "My chair's broken. Someone's sleeping in my bed…"

"You'd better not be sleeping in his bed." Ronon whispered in Jen's ear, causing her to cough orange juice into her napkin.

"Okay…" Jen muttered, getting her breathing under control. "I can understand the Momma Bear and Papa Bear thing…" She wiggled her finger between Teyla and John.

"You're Momma Bear." John mouthed at Teyla.

Teyla raised an eyebrow.

"Actually I'm Papa Bear." Evan grinned at Jen.

"Oh." Jen frowned. "Okay. Then who's John?"

"Why Prince Charming, of course." John leaned back in his chair, grinning.

"Captain Kirk is more like it." Rodney muttered, ducking John's banana muffin.

"And Ronon?" Jen laughed.

"The big bad wolf." John shrugged.

Rodney snorted again, forgetting to duck as Ronon's muffin hit him square in the forehead.

"Okay enough with the muffins!" Rodney exclaimed, picking Ronon's muffin off his lap and dropping it onto his tray.

"There's no wolf in Goldilocks." Jen grinned at Ronon.

"There is in this version." John laughed. "It is Pegasus after all."

Later that night…

Jen sighed and snuggled into Ronon's side, her arm thrown across his chest. He pulled her closer, tucking the blanket around her.

He kissed the top of her head, nuzzling her hair.

"Goodnight, Goldilocks." He said softly.

Jen sighed contentedly. "Goodnight, Wolf."