The whir of a small fan filled the pitch black bedroom. The soft noise made the curtains around the bed stir. A still form was sleeping on the bed, illuminated only by the red light of the digital alarm clock on the nightstand, which read 2:59am. The form on the bed moved ever so slightly, the woman shifting from her back to her side.

In the far left corner of the room a shape materializes, darker then the room itself. The figure moves closer to the sleeping women, eyes burning a venomous orange, and begins to slowly pull away the covers. It tosses them aside and leans onto the bed, overtop of the women.

"Hmmmm," moans the woman one the bed, opening her eyes.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Who………what…..please…….don't hurt me!"

The black figure's orange eyes are hidden for a moment as it turns, reaching for something deep within the folds of its black robe.

Suddenly, the hand emerges and the creature throws something that hits the women's eyes. She screams and begins rubbing at her eyes, blind to what is going on around her.

"You sick…please, go away before I kick your ass!"

The figure backs into the corner again and now the woman seems to be concerned with something else.

"Where'd YOU come from?" she questions thin air, "Leave me alone!"

She pounds on the window behind her. The actions becoming more panicked, more frenzied. A look of pure terror is upon her face and the window's glass becomes streaked with blood as the pounding on the window reaches a new level of intensity that seems to go on for hours before quiet fills the room again.

The figure gazes at the once again still form of the woman, whose eyes are wide open in horror, mouth gapping with screams that can no longer be uttered. It turns its smoldering gaze from the woman, once again a shadow, and disappears into the night.