i. reluctant

charlie and edward before the wedding ceremony. edward's pov.

He took me in just as slowly as Bella usually did, but, fortunately, his stare was for the designer tuxedo rather than for my startlingly good features. I could tell he felt under-dressed, but, considering the occasion, he certainly had outdone himself. From my understanding, Charlie wasn't one to get dressed up. The suit he was wearing suggested the last wedding he'd attended was, in fact, his own, and that was a number of years ago. I worked up a smile in response to his grim expression, and did my best to act as cordial as I always had.

"Good afternoon, Charlie," I mustered, flashing him a grin for added effect. He'd been relatively good about the whole thing, I had to expect somethign akin to cold feet on the day of.

What's good about it? he thought, in the tone I was expecting. His response, however, was much cheerier. "You too, Edward," he began, returning the smile. I was in figurative shock. "You haven't seen my daughter, have you?"

I noted the stress on the word 'my', but ignored it. It was for Bella's own good that I blocked out most of her father's grizzly remarks and continued on with polite conversation. "Well, it's tradition that the groom not see the bride before the ceremony itself, and I intend to follow that."

Out with it. "So you haven't, then?"

I smiled again. "No, sir. I'm sure she'll look as lovely as ever, though. Have you seen it?"

His eyebrows knitted together in what I could tell was a combination of disbelief and frustration. Did he just refer to my Bella as an 'it'? "Seen what?"

"Bella's dress."

I could see and hear the relief wash over him. "No, not really. Her and Alice were discussing options, but I never saw the actual thing. Much less on her."

I nodded and let my eyes wander for a moment. He seemed to take this as an indication that I wanted out from the conversation. I, however, took the thoughts from his head as the indication on his part.

I really hope my grandchildren don't get his genes. Oh, god, I hope Bella divorces him before they get that far."Well, then, I s'pose you've got things to do," he murmured, staring me down before taking a step forward.

I nearly disagreed, but, decided to go along with it regardless. To be honest, I'd had little part in the planning of the event. Alice had everything ready, and she'd had it ready for days. She was meticulous, and with several vampire siblings, things like rearranging the hall and crafting centrepieces weren't exactly incredible feats. "I've got a few things to attend to. Nice to see you, Charlie."

He stalked off with little more than a 'goodbye'. I chuckled lightly under my breath. It would be an understatement to call the man reluctant, at most.