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Chapter 4:

What hurts the most

Arriving at the village Sasuke and Naruto gaped at the familiar gates. Before shaking there heads and turning towards Hiten.

'Konohagakure No Sato'

:They won't take kindly to demons." called Naruto "This is where Sasuke and I lived, the reason we left. I was not accepted for housing a demon, how do you think they will react to real demons stepping foot inside the village?"

Hiten turned his head. "Well they will accept us, because there village resides in the Western lands, where they are protected from other raging demons by the Lord of these lands. Sesshoumaru."

"Who are you? And what is your business here?" called a guard as he leaped from the top of the gates to stand in front of them with his partner following suit.

"Kotetsu, Izumo" called Naruto

The guards blinked and stared at the blond before they smiled. "Naruto and Sasuke. Welcome back. These your friends."

Naruto nodded his head. "Is Tsunade in her office. We need to talk to her."

The two nodded there heads and let them pass. "You should see Hinata as well, you know, she's been depressed since you left."

Naruto turned and nodded his head. "I will." Naruto placed a hand in his jacket pocket and fingered a small box. His eyes grew wet with the urge to cry.

One week later


A figure stood in front of the gates dressed in black pants and a black cloak with the hood pulled over there head concealing there face, hair, skin color and there upper body so it was hard to determine if this figure was a male or a female. Beside the person stood another person also wearing a black cloak with the hood pulled over, the only difference between the two was this person was wearing a loose fitting white hakama. On both of there feet were black boots.

"Ready?" asked the one with the white hakamas

The one in black nodded there head before both took off.


Black eyes peered out of his window, watching and listening to the pounding of the rain against the roof of his empty house. Memories plagued by happier, better times played in his head.

A time when Kagome was still alive.

When he first saw her smile.

Heard her laugh.

His heart gave a painful jerk at the thought of never seeing her again. Feeling the urge to cry yet again, Sasuke turned over on his bed to lay on his stomach and buried his face into his pillow.

One wouldn't even know that this young man was in so much agony unless they looked closely at his trembling form. His body shook with his sorrow. And a single name would be whispered breathlessly between sobs.



I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house
That don't bother me
I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out
I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while
Even though going on with you gone still upsets me
There are days every now and again I pretend I'm ok
But that's not what gets me


Shippo sat on a bed, his mate in his laps, arms wrapped around her form as she lay resting in his arms after crying herself into a dreamless sleep.

On the other bed Raitou was holding his own mate who unlike Shiori was still awake, her red eyes staring at nothing in particular, while Raitou ran his fingers through her hair. Her red eyes turned to stare at her brothers who were just sitting stiffly against a wall along with Miroku.

"Do you guys feel like going out later?" whispered Souten softly

Miroku glanced at the thunder demoness before glancing at the others in the room. "We should go out. We all could use the fresh air. And maybe get some real food as well."

"We can go when Shiori wakes up. This is the first time since Kagome died that she is actually asleep."

Nodding Hiten stood up, "We should all get some rest. None of us has slept since that day."

"I wonder how Sasuke and Naruto is holding up?" called Raiton

"I would imagine that Sasuke is still in a lot of agony. He is in love with Kagome after all. As for Naruto, he is probably still in pain over Kagome's death." called Manten

Kirara rubbed up against Miroku's leg and purred. "You miss Kagome as well do you Kirara?"

'Mew' came the reply as she nodded her head,

Miroku stood up and walked over to one of the single beds while the brothers took the bunk beds that were in the corner of the room. Kirara meowed as she curled up into a ball on the pillow above Miroku's head and fell asleep and the others followed suit.


What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was tryin' to do


Naruto sat at a table inside the karaoke bar, with him were Neji, Lee, TenTen, the sensei's including Iruka, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune and the rest of the rookie nins minus Sasuke.

He sighed softly and glanced briefly out the window.

Miroku, Shippo, Shiori, Souten, Raiton, Hiten and Manten were still in mourning. They were in there hotel room.

Sasuke never left the Uchiha district since they left the Hokage's office, a week ago.

"Where is Sasuke-kun?" came a whiny voice which everyone ignored.

"What is wrong with Sasuke, anyways. His been down in the dumps since entering the village. And what is up with those other people you brought back?" called Kiba

Naruto shook his head, turning his blue eyes towards the table.

"Something bad happened, Naruto?" called Iruka staring at his former student with concern. Whatever had happened was recent and had affected all of them, Naruto included but Sasuke the most.

Naruto nodded his head, raising his teary blue eyes towards his friends. And they knew, in that moment, something terrible had happened. Because Naruto never cried.

Naruto told them about him and Sasuke being attacked shortly after they left the village, he told them about Kagome and Sesshoumaru, how they savcd them, how cool they were. About meeting the others. He told them that Sasuke was in love with Kagome. Everything up until the fight that had cost them the most.

"That bastard had thrown her off the cliff and into the raging waters below it. And there was nothing we could do to save her."

Hinata wrapped her arms around her fiancée and rubbed his back. While the others looked shock that Sasuke had loved someone and that she was killed. Sakura was enraged that someone had tried to steal her man.

"She was so kind though, you wouldn't think that she was because of the mask that she wore to keep people away but once you see the real her, it's amazing. She was like an angel." he whispered glancing at the others with a small smile "I told her about my childhood, about my life growing up. She was understanding, she listened to me when I talked, offered advice and suggestions when I needed it but never forced me into doing it her way. She let me make my own mistakes and helped me out of them if I needed it."

Naruto turned towards Hinata and grasped her left hand. "When I told her about Hinata and I. How I planned to marry her when I return to the village she had grabbed me and rushed off towards the Western Palace leaving everyone behind without an explanation and brought me to the treasury room. This ring..." Naruto rubbed his thumb against the ring sitting on Hinata's finger.

The others leaned in to look at it and gasp at the beauty of the jewelry except Hinata who had done that the same thing the night Naruto had offered it to her.

"Was hers. She said that she had a lot of other ones but this one was the one she thought would best suit Hinata."

"How would she know. She never met Hinata?" called Ino curiously confused

"I said the same thing when she told me that. And she told me that the way I talked of Hinata and how I discribed her spoke more to her than any picture would ever." whispered Naruto "Kagome knew without a doubt that this ring will look good on Hinata. And she was right."

Hinata wrapped her arms around the blond, burying her face into his shoulder. Even though she never knew the girl, she couldn't help but feel that if they had met they would have become the best of friends.

"She sounded like a truly beautiful person" whispered Iruka

Naruto turned his head to look at the academy teacher and nodded his head in agreement, "Kagome was gorgeous on the outside but what made her breathtakingly beautiful was the inside. Everyone loved her. Mask or no mask it seemed that anyone could just tell that she was just..."

Catching a movement from the corner of his eyes, Naruto turned his head towards the window, letting whatever he was going to say trail off , to see Sasuke walking down the street, in the pouring rain.

He watched silently as the raven haired boys head tilted upwards so his face was getting pelted by the rain, the water slidding down his face, causing Naruto to believe that his friend was silently crying and allowing the rain to wash away his tears.

Sranding up from his seat Naruto walked towards the door and out into the rain. The others watched from the window.

Sasuke turned his head towards the blond and it was than that Naruto could see how much pain he was in and wanted to cry all the more, knowing there was nothing he could do for his best friend.

His brother.

He longed to reach out and hugged the raven haired male but he couldn't bring himself to knowing that it would not be wanted at the moment. Sometimes comfort is the last thing someone needs or wanted and Naruto knew that Sasuke wasn't seeking comfort at this time.

But Naruto didn't want Sasuke to be alone at a time like this. He didn't want his brother like friend to do something stupid and get himself killed or kill himself, because to him that is what it looked like.

Bright blue eyes scanned his best friends form, his eyes softening at the sight of his once prideful and arrogant brother figure resembling a kick and wounded puppy. Taking in his soaking wet clothes that clung to his body like second skin he deducted that the Uchiha had been walking in this rain for a while with no destination in mind and that worried him a lot, seeing as the Uchiha district was on the other side of Konoha. He must have been in the rain for a while and he was worried for his friend's health.

"Sasuke, come on. Get out of this rain. Please"

Staring at his partner, companion and best friend, the raven haired male was close to ignoring his request, not wanting to be around anyone and continue walking where ever it was that his legs took him but seeing the pleading and despret look that Naruto was giving made the last Uchiha change his mind so instead of walking off like he wanted he nodded his head and followed Naruto into the bar and to the table where everyone was seated.

"Hey Sasuke" and other such greetings were issued to the Uchiha but he didn't bother to sat anything back to them, just taking his seat beside Naruto and the window.

Kakashi stared at his last student with worry clearly visible. "Are you feeling alright Sasuke?"

Nodding his head, Sasuke turned his head to stare at his sensei from the corner of his eye before his attention was drawn towards the front as well as everyone elses when the owner of the karaoke bar announced that people could go up and sing.

Scoffing softly the Uchiha moved his head to stare at the window unaware of the look that Naruto had shot him before standing up and walking towards the owner and telling him something that no one else could hear. When he walked back towards the table he shook his head at the looks the others save for Sasuke were giving him and took his seat between Hinata and Sasuke.

Thirty agonizing minutes later the owner called out Sasuke's name causing said boy to turn his head and glare at the blond who shrugged his shoulder motioning for Hinata to stand up so he could get out. Hiding a smile, Naruto told Sasuke that he better hurry up and get up there.

Sasuke glared at his so called brother before reluctantly standing up and walking towards the front when the man called his name for a third time. His back towards the entrance he missed when several people entered the bar and took their seats towards the back.

Standing on the stage with a mic held loosely in his hand, Sasuke furrowed his brows not knowing what the hell he was going to sing. He made a mental note to kill his blond friend when his humiliation was finished or better yet send him up here next and let Naruto make a fool out of himself.

Yes that sounded like a good idea.

Coal black eyes scanned the crowd, it wasn't too large thank goodness for that. Mind and heart heavy with the grief and sorrow that plagued his entire being.

Closing his eyes briefly a flash of black silk and a musical hum filled his mind before a memory that felt like it was so long ago surfaced.

A memory of Kagome sitting on a boulder that sat in the middle of a pond, feet dangling over the edge to rest in the cool waters, wind blowing through the area tossing her long hair around her as a gentle hum flowed from her lips shortly followed by an enchanting voice.

As the song drifted around his head Sasuke came to a decision, 'I could sing that song. In her memories.'

Opening his eyes Sasuke glanced at the people behind him that were playing the music and told him what he was going to sing to which they nodded.

"I did not do this on my own free will, but since I am up here now, I will sing something. However I have something I wish to say before hand and I hope that you will listen to it and take it to heart."

"Wow, I didn't know the Uchiha could speak so much words." called Kiba

Naruto grinned, "Yeah, he opened up a lot after he got to know Kagome. She made him talk constantly. It was...funny, how she got him to open up like that in such a short time while we couldn't even get him to say a sentence in the thirteen years that we knew him."

"Hush or were going to miss what Sasuke is going to say" called Iruka

"Yeah, shut up, Naruto" called Sakura as she glared at the blond, who rolled his eyes, before turning her adoring eyes towards the man of her dreams. 'Just you wait Sasuke, you will see, you and I are meant for each other and no one is going to take you from me.'

Sasuke took a breath and spoke his words into the mic.

"The song that I am going to sing is a special song. One that I hold close to my heart because she loved it. She would constantly hum it whenever she got the chance or sing it."

Kakashi blinked his eyes at his student as he poured his heart into the speech. 'poor Sasuke. He must be in a lot of pain.'

"This woman was really special to me and the only regret that I have is that I didn't get a chance to tell her how much I cared for her. How much I loved her. I would never get that chance now since she is gone."

A lot of the woman in the bar were near tears as they listened to the boys confession and couldn't help but feel bad for him.

Ino clenched her fist around Shikamaru's vest, Hinata bit her lip, Tenten wrapped her arms around Lee while Sakura...Sakura was in a rage. She couldn't believe that Sasuke was in love with some hussy. A smirk soon graced her lips. 'Well the bitch deserved to die, serve her tight for making my Sasuke-kun fall in love her.'

"So...to all of you that have someone, you should hang on to that person, tell them how much they mean to you, because when they are gone, you won't get another chance. Well that's all I have to say."

Naruto wrapped an arm around Hinata and squeezed her. Leaning down to brush a kiss against her cheek before whispering how much he loved her into her ear which were returned in kind. He saw all around the room that other couples were holding each other tightly, taking Sasuke's words to heart.

Unnoticed by the others, one of the cloaked figures hands trembled the slightest at Sasuke's words before the other cloaked one reached over and placed a calming hand upon the trembling one offering the person a bit of comfort.

When the music began to play Naruto gasped and he wasn't the only one that were surprised by the song choice.

"You know the song Naruto?" called Ino who was leaning against Shikamaru's chest, her hands holding his arms which were wrapped around her waist.

"Yeah, when Sasuke said that Kagome always hummed the song, I thought he was speaking of a different song, not this one." he called in surprise

"But it would make sense that he sings this song. It fits his feelings perfectly" came a soft voice causing everyone to turn.

"Who are you?" called Lee

"These are me and Sasuke's other friends. The one that were close to Kagome!" called Naruto introducing his old friends to his new ones and vice versa.

Naruto along with the others turned there attention to the front when Sasuke's smooth but emotional voice reached there ears.



Naruto glanced at his brother figure before dragging his attention towards his fiancée who snuggled up to his chest.

"I didn't know the Uchiha could sing. Lease of all sing good." called kiba

Naruto grinned, "Yeah, it was just one of those things that Sasuke didn't want people to know. I didn't even know he could sing until I happen to overhear him and Kagome singing something together."

"If they were singing together, in the group, why did you overhear them?" called Ino

"Oh they weren't in the group. Kagome had offered to go get some fishes for our dinner one night and Sasuke went along with her. They were taking so long so I told the others that I would go and see what were taking them so long. And that's when I discovered Uchiha Sasuke's secret" smirked Naruto as he tilted his head, "It was cute. I didn't recognized the song that they sang but it was beautiful."



Sasuke's gaze went to the table next to Naruto's and clenched his fist around the mic when he saw the others, Kagome's old friends, sitting there, the two females were crying again. Shiori against Shippo and Souten against Raiton as Hiten, Manten and Miroku held solemn looks. All of them knew this to be Kagome's favorite song.



It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go
But I'm doin' It
It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone
Still Harder
Getting up, getting dressed, livin' with this regret
But I know if I could do it over
I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart
That I left unspoken



One of the cloaked figure sighed softly, almost sadly at the hurt the boy was feeling.

"After the song, you can approach him." stated a males voice

The other unidentified person nodded there head at the statement.



What hurts the most
Is being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do




Closing his eyes a pictured of the last time he seen her before the demons attacked them. Her back turned to him as she raced off into the crowd of raging demons, her hair whipping around her form, sword drawn and blazing as she fought the hordes of lower leveled demons.

With a short instrumental Sasuke's voice came back more powerful than it started off with a lot more feelings that everyone in the bar could tell how much the young man actually loved this female.



What hurts the most
was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do



Opening his eyes, he looked over at Naruto who had a sad smile on his lips, his blue gaze were oddly glistening in the dim lights. And he knew that the blond was trying not to cry.

Shiori and Souten were sniffing and wiping at their eyes while there mates held them.

The other three had there eyes closed imagining Kagome singing this song to them like she use to.



Not seeing that loving you
That's what I was trying to do




When the last note was hit everyone started clapping and cheering the loudest was a remark from Sakura.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the foolish girl. About to step down from the stage his steps halted as his eyes were drawn to one of the two unknown figures as one stood up from their seat and approached the stage.

Everyone turned to stare at the person in curiousity, wondering who this person could be and what he or she was going to do.

Several feet away from the stage did those present know that this figure was indeed a female when the hood that was hiding her head fell away. Revealing a very beautiful young woman.

Dark hair flowed behind her which seem to glow red almost and the most startling pair of dark green eyes that anyone had ever seen framed by thich black eyes lashes, a small nose, perfectly arched eyebrows, high cheekbones, full rose red lips and a healthy pale complexion. All in all everything about this female made people believe that she might have been an angel.

Several gasps of surprise and shock were heard when they saw her apperance while Naruto stood from his seat as did the others of Kagome's friends.

Sasuke stared at the girl standing in front of him in shocked, Leaping from the stage, he landed inches from the female that so resembled the woman that he loved.

"How..." whispered the Uchiha as he took a step towards Kagome and reached out to run the back of his fingers across her cheek before his other arm flew forward to wrap themselves around Kagome bringing her into his arms. The hand that had been caressing her cheek slid to the back of her head, and into her hair.

Kagome nuzzled Sasuke's chest before telling him that Sesshoumaru had come to the cliff where they battled and saved her.


Coming to a stop in front of the cliff, he through his head back and released a deafening howl when the scent of his little sister's blood filled his nostrils and without a second to spare he leaped over the cliff and into the waters below.

Ignoring how heavy his body felt against the restraining fabric of his outfit and thankful that he hadn't put his armor on in his haste to get here.

Kicking his legs and moving his arm he pushed his body to go lower. Golden eyes scanned the water and seeing a small form on the bottom of the ocean, he quickly swam lower until he was close enough to grasp Kagome's small form.

Holding her close to his body and straightening out his body so he stood upright, he kicked off the sand covered floor to shoot up.

Breaking through the water, Sesshoumaru took a deep breath and glanced at Kagome, when she coughed and spat out water, to see she was paler than usual.

Summoning his cloud Sesshoumaru urged it to the west so he could have his healers look at her. He hoped that she would be alright.

End flashback

"I died before we reached the palace and he revived me with the tensaiga. But I was still unconcious and running a fever, but at least my heart was staff and healers at the palace worked day and night to keep my fever down. It was a couple of days later that I had awakened. I would have come sooner but I was too weak to move. I couldn't even stand on my own. I am sorry for worrying you though" she whispered softly.

Sasuke shook his head, "I am just glad that you are alive!" he whispered tightening his hold on her. Kagome turned her head, so her left cheek was against his chest before snaking her arms out to wrap themselves around Sasuke's waist.

'As am I, Sasuke, and I am also happy to be in your arms. Maybe one day I will have the nerve to tell you how much I love you!'

End chapter

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