Summary: Galinda Upland and Elphaba Thropp loathed each other from the moment they laid eyes on the other. Their friendship could not have possibly blossomed as smoothly as the stories told. So, for the curious, read on to find the true, the hidden, story behind the famous Witches of Oz and their infamous friendship.

Genre: Friendship/Drama

Rating: T

Author's Note: A collection of one shots (varying from 200 words to 3,000 words) set in chronologically order about, what I perceive to be, how Galinda and Elphaba truly became friends. Some of the chapters are much darker then others and, for anyone who has ever read any of my other stories this will come as no surprise, there is some pretty severe character torment as I tend to torture my main characters in my stories. Since this story is very, very close to being done updates should be very regular (should be one every day). So that is all, hope you enjoy my foray into Wicked (my favourite musical).

Disclaimer: I don't own Wicked (the book or the musical) and I promise to return all characters physically healthy but they might be a little worse for ware when it comes to their mental health.

This is a fanfic that is both book-verse and musical-verse (though it leans more to be a musical-verse story).



The True Story Behind the Friendship of the Witches of Oz


Chapter One: The Beginning

She was furious. Absolutely, completely, utterly furious. There was one thing she had wanted… no demanded… when she got accepted to Shiz and that was that she must have her own private quarters.

Yet she found herself rooming with her. Not just anyone but… but her! The one person in all of Shiz that had the potential to ruin her perfectly crafted social status and popularity.

The green girl. The green bean. The artichoke. The girl in question had many nicknames, many taunts, that she was addressed as but she did not have a name. At least, not to Galinda.

Galinda Upland of the Upper Uplands was furious beyond words. She stormed into her room, slamming the door behind her. Her blonde curls bounced with every angry step as her heels clicked noisily on the wooden floors.

"I took the bottom drawer of the dresser and the far corner of the closet. It's all I need."

Galinda froze in her tracks; she hadn't expected the green girl to already be in their room. She realized she had two choices; she could be civil and at least try to act nice or she could be a bitch.

Though part of her felt sick for what she was about to do Galinda knew that she had worked too hard on her social status to watch it all crumble beneath her without trying to salvage it. And it was that thought that caused Galinda to whirl around to face the green girl, who had stopped making her bed to look quizzically at her blonde roommate, and level the greatest pissed off and angry look that she could muster.

The green girl let out a small sigh, almost inaudible, before returning to making her bed. Galinda felt her stomach twist in disgust at her own behaviour but she ignored the feeling and plopped down on her unmade bed.

"Your key's on the desk."

Galinda stopped examining her nails, one was chipped, to look up at the green girl. She was faced with only the back of her worn black frock. But if Galinda tilted her head just slightly she could catch the glimpse of a green face… mouth pressed tightly in an aggravated – or was it disappointed? – grimace.

Galinda opened her mouth the reply but a knock on the door interrupted the apology that the blonde girl had planned to say. The green girl looked up from her bed-making and watched, in no small amount of disgust, as no fewer then six servants entered the room with luggage better fit for a family of four than one person.

"Miss Galinda," one of them said. "Where do you want these?"

"Just in the corner," the blonde replied with a bubbly smile as she stood up. "And my beddings in the bottom of the rose pink suitcase. Make my bed, please."

The green girl let out a frustrated sigh at the tone of voice of her roommate as she finished making her own bed. As the servant made Galinda's bed the green girl noticed the very distinct difference in beddings. Worn brown bedding, that might've been a deep chocolate brown at one time, contrasted against the shocking pink and white bedding of Galinda Upland's bed.

Once the bed was finished being made Galinda excused her servants and began to unpack her clothes. The blonde noticed the green girl watching her with interest and she whirled around, hands on her hips, with an air of annoyance. "What do you want?" she asked, her voice louder than she intended.

The green girl, sitting cross-legged on her bed, simply shrugged. "Are all those suitcases clothes?"

"Some of us take a little more pride in the way we present ourselves!" Galinda snapped before returning to unpacking her clothes.

"If anyone asks I'll be in the library."

"Like anyone would ask," Galinda muttered.

Silence. A few seconds later a scuffling of bed sheets could be heard followed by the slamming of the door. The green girl had heard Galinda's whispered words.

The blonde could feel her stomach twisting in on itself and she felt almost sick. Yet she reasoned that her cold demeanor was necessary if she ever wished to stay popular. Besides, it's not like the green girl wasn't used to such treatment.