Regan had had a miserable day. She had seen no flying carts and nobody she had asked for help had seemed very friendly. Towards sunset she had sat down, exhausted, and on the verge of a frustration bawl. She was seriously pissed about her helplessness in finding the man on the flying cart. Not being able to fly or climb only compounded the problem, so she decided to rest for a few minutes and just wait until she changed. When the time came she slipped into an alley and emerged rejuvenated and once again herself. She climbed up the side of a building and took to the air. If that man were still in the city, she would find him tonight.

Regan was not flying long before she did indeed find him. He was just as the woman described-older, with an air of nobility-wearing some sort of suit and flying around on a swift, flying machine. He seemed intent on looking for something. Regan decided to follow him and see if he would lead her back to where Leer was, but he was a swift mover, ducking up and down and in-between the tall solid buildings and tracking was difficult. Regan got a bit sloppy as she grew tired and came close to loosing him a few times, and after she tried to make up for a few flights she felt where much too obvious she finally lost sight of him completely after a few moments of overcompensation by hiding. She looked around from her hiding place furiously and moved to turn around, running smack into the man who'd snuck up behind her.

"You!!" She roared, her ill mood finally allowed to flow freely forward as the time for conflict came to hand. She surged forward into him and attempted to grab and restrain him. To her complete surprise, her touch was met by a powerful electric current emitted from the suit and she was forced to pull back violently, somersaulting a few times in a rapid decent before regaining control and flying back upwards. The man put the cart into high gear and attempted to speed off but Regan was hot on his trail. It was all she could do to keep up and she managed to hook her claws into the machine. The man looked down and then made a sharp turn around a building, slamming her into it in an attempt to scrape her off. She managed to duck down under the cart and she took the opportunity to rake her claws down the entire underside, sending the cart into a sputtering, smoky decent. The man and cart crashed violently into a rooftop as Regan released her hold and landed on her feet.

The man recovered form the fall quick as lightning and he drew a laser gun, firing furiously at his attacker. Regan ducked behind an air conditioning unit and stayed for a moment. Macbeth took the opportunity to speak.

"Who are you! Why are you attacking me?"

Regan peeked out at him from behind her shelter. "You kidnapped my friend! Where is he?"

"Your friend? You mean the gargoyle on the beach?"


"I took him to save him. He was in grave danger, and is right this very moment. The men who I was trying to protect him from attacked me shortly after I attempted to move him and they got away with him. I was trying to track them the very minute you assaulted me."

Regan scowled.

"I don't believe you. I'll bet you where hunting for more gargoyles. Now, where is he!" She leaped from her hold and tackled him into the ground, grabbing his gun and wrestling him for it.

"I tell you the truth! He moved to activate the current in him suit but Regan realized what he was doing first and leapt clear. Macbeth took the opportunity to go and call the others over but before he could do so a black helicopter swooped down and six armed quarry men leaped out.

"Well well, what do we have here?" One snickered, bouncing his electro hammer menacingly on his palm. "A gargoyle, disturbing the peace. Imagine that. Hey." He continued, recognizing Macbeth. "Your the guy trying to save one of these things earlier. Trying to save this one, too? See how it thanks you?"

"It?" Regan roared. "What's your problem?"

"Gargoyle." Macbeth addressed her. "THESE are the men who have your friend. Now, if ye don't mind, I'd rather not be fighting you in addition te these guys."

Regan snarled, eyes flashing. She wasn't going to let the guy off that easily. For all she knew, he and the men where a team, setting up a trap for her to fall into by allowing herself to lower her guard against Macbeth. She backed away, giving herself distance, and was about to take to the air in an attempt to take out the helicopter (and thus their means of retreat) when one of the men began to fire at her. She moved to dodge out of the line of fire but in so doing stepped right onto the target another one had lain and he shot an electric net out and nabbed her. Currents swam through her body like poison and she convulsed, struggling through blackness to stay alert and try to fight her way out, but it was hopeless. A sheltered Avalon gargoyle was no match against a team of men who had fought against a 1000-year-old immortal.