Animagus Harry

Pairing: Harry/Remus, one-sided Remus/Tonks

Summary: After the death of Sirius, Harry decides to become and animagus to be with Remus on the full moons. However he gets caught in his animal form and given to Remus while everyone thinks he's run away. Well here is his chance to see what people are like without him around. Challenge Fic.

--Chapter one--


'Merlin why didn't I listen to Hermione? Or better yet why didn't I use the mirror?' These thoughts and so many others ran rampped through my mind as I looked out at the night sky. It is the night before the full moon and another thought comes unbidden to my mind. 'What does Remus think of me? Does he hate me? Who is going to be there for him now on the full moon?' That question stopped all other thoughts I had. Remus was going to be alone now just as alone as me, but I knew we could be a family if I did what my father and godfather did. I could become an animagus, and then Moony wouldn't be alone on the full moons.

I knew it was going to be tuff especially since I was going to be doing it all by myself. So I thought it would be best if wasn't at the Dursley's during the summer. Well staying up late had it's advantages, lets just say by the time the Hogwarts Express rolled into Hogsmeade I had an unplotable cottage by the sea.

I did stay at the Dursley's for two weeks before leaving; it was two weeks filled with chores and beatings. Sometimes I got a full meal sometimes just a morsel. I didn't think I could handle much more when opportunity figuratively knocked on my door. I had been outside weeding my garden, which I loved and was loath to leave it but I knew I could have my own at the cottage, when I noticed Mrs. Figg talking to who I assumed to be Tonks. It looked like they were arguing actually; Tonks must have said something about me because Mrs. Figg walked over.

"Harry," she said, "I'm going to be gone for a week." She seemed a little miffed but all around happy that she was leaving. Maybe she needs a break from this watching job?

"Who's going to be watching me?" I asked hoping it would be Moony.

"Auroa Tonks I'm sorry to say." I just grinned, a plan already forming in my mind.

"That's alright Mrs. Figg. I've met Nymphadora and I think she's alright. See you in a week." This time she smiled and walked back to her house. Oh boy things were about to get interesting.

-- -- -- --

For three days I watched Tonks watching me and saw she did a pretty good job about it but she made a mistake on day four. She talked to my aunt who proceeded to tell the household, that she, Tonks that is, would be leaving that night around eight so she couldn't come over for dinner. This, of course, set my plan in motion. I placed a charmed quill on my desk, instructed Hedwig were to place the letters from the Order and to wait for a reply from the quill. I loved my bird she is so smart. I have a really smart bird.

That done I told my 'family' to pretend to confine me to my room and everything would be okay. A little magic goes a long way after all. I love the room of requirement and the twins, they have the best inventions. A threat here a well place prank there and voila instant complacent family.

At ten that night I snuck out under my invisibility cloak summoned the Knight Bus and headed toward my seaside home. I'm so glad I had the foresight to put a hat on. The ride was bumpy but that was expected as was Stan asking me for a name to which I answered Orion Gryffin. I think I spooked him don't know why but I think I did, because he left me alone after that. By the time we got to the village outside of Penzance, it was midnight as there wasn't many other customers on the bus. I took out my fire bolt as soon as the bus was out of sight and flew to my cottage.

The cottage wasn't very big but it was enough for me, I walked in looked around the barren place and thanked merlin that I could do magic here. The cottage consisted of three bedrooms, two baths one for guests and one in the master room, a kitchen, a den, living room, a basement and attic.

Big for one person but I planned on inviting Remus to stay when I became an animagus since it was located in such an out of the way cove. There wasn't anyone around for miles, and I'm sure we could bring trees to plant in the back. Like I said a little magic goes a long way.

I transfigured a bed and some covers for the night and resolved to buy everything in the morning.

-- -- -- --

One whole week I've been at my cottage and life is good. I've been eating and sleeping regularly the occlumency books and practice has been great. Turns out I'm rather good at occlumency Snape's just a rotten teacher. No I take that back he is a horrible teacher, I bet he couldn't teach his way out of a box.

I have been working out, running and training. Its fun but I have yet to make any progress in my animagus transformation. I tried brewing the animia revelis potion but I let it simmer to long and things didn't go according to plan. So I have to do this the long way, mediation, it isn't bad just boring.

So far I've gotten to a foggy place where there were three figures. So I know I have more then one form but I'm not sure if I can become all three or just one or if I become any one of them. I also know that two were ground type animals and the other I'm thinking is a bird I'm not completely sure though.

Sometimes I would stop and think of Sirius and wonder if he would approve of me running away to do this instead of asking the headmaster or professor McGonagall for help. Then I remember how he became an animagus and I smile as I pictured the look in his eyes and the pride in his voice as he said he was happy I would do this for a friend.

Dobby and Winky helped a lot during that first week. Before leaving school I had commandeered the two house elves into helping me out at the cottage. Winky was very um……bouncy or happy I couldn't tell, but she said something about family and young masters so I'm not all that sure about her sanity. Dobby I could tell was just happy to be asked if he could help me out.

They were given money to buy things for the house my first morning there. They had visited the place early on so they could set up their quarters which were located in the attic. Their choice not mine. Winky mostly did the house work while Dobby and I worked in my garden and the only greenhouse on the property.

Besides working on my transformation and garden I learned other things too. Like how I'm a lord and I have some very distinct titles. Like Lord Harold James Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Black, Heir of Hufflepuff, Heir of Lymis. Which turned out to be where the Merlin line went, the Lord of the line is my mothers brother who has absolutely no idea I exist. At least that's what I had gathered from everything that was said. Either way it doesn't matter.

I don't care that I have all those titles or that I will get some huge power surge on my sixteenth birthday……wait power surge. Oh yeah, power surge it only happens to the decendents of the Lymis line. Mother had one, father never did but he wasn't of the Lymis line so he wouldn't have gotten one. He did get some other little nifty trick when he turned sixteen, not sure what but I might get one too.

-- -- -- -- --

-- --


A/N: I know I took down the story but I had good reason to. I decided that I should just write as much as I could before posting so there. -Rose