Animagus Harry

Pairing: Harry/Remus, one-sided Remus/Tonks

Summary: After the death of Sirius, Harry decides to become and animagus to be with Remus on the full moons. However he gets caught in his animal form and given to Remus while everyone thinks he's run away. Well here is his chance to see what people are like without him around. Challenge Fic.

A/N: I decided to give this to you until inspiration hits me again. (In the face with a dead fish. Not a good feeling.)

-Chapter Eight-

I've never turned around so fast in my life as I did right after Alistair said those words. I was a little shocked I mean it was one thing for the twins to figure out who I was but, Moody?

"Get that look off your face Potter, I knew who you where after The Prank. Now then what is it that you needed?"

He was smirking, that smug S.O.B. was smirking! Well then I wonder what happens now? Oh right, I have things to ask him.

"Did you tell anyone?" I asked him as I tried to find my balance again after that shocking first sentence.

"No and I have no intention of telling anyone. That you want to spend your time as a fox is your prerogative. Now that you know that I know what do you want to talk to me about?"

I smiled a little, "Alright here's the thing I am going to Hogwarts this year but I need some things first."

"Like what, Potter?" As I handed him the list of supplies I had created after my other self had left. A truly evil smile settled on my face, Hogwarts wouldn't be the same.

-00oooo00 - - -

The fact that Severus T. Snape was not a handsome man nor a nice man didn't bother Remus. No, what really irritated Remus J. Lupin was that he never could keep his mouth shut when it came to Harry J. Potter.

"Now that The Brat is back I assume there is no need for search parties every day? If indeed that is the case I'll take my leave."

As the not-so-nice Potions Master started toward the floo Remus said in a soft yet iron voice, "He isn't a brat nor is he is father Severus."

The not-so-handsome man turned with a snort, "He is the very image of his father a spoiled little bully of a boy with no respect for his betters. If you see something different it is merely because James Potter was your friend and that would blind you to every fault that boy has."

"You know it really is something to behold when a grown man can't tell the difference between two people. I mean sure I have my fathers facial features but from what I can gather he was a rather tall guy. Not to mention the fact that he never worked a day before graduating from Hogwarts. Though people who have jobs tend to get paid I was lucky to get fed. Still no harm done, right? After all I'm still here, still breathing and that's the best anyone can hope for."

There was dead silence as Harry's voice cut through the noise of the family room. Remus' looked like Moony was close to chomping on something. Molly looked ready to cry and everyone else were confused, why? Not sure.

"But again since that same grown man refused to see the evidence laid out before him it's just as well. So what for supper?"

That seemed to break the atmosphere as Molly rushed off to cook something, Remus growled loud enough to be heard across the room and Harry tried valiantly to keep from laughing.

Chaos control with just a few words. Got to love it.

- -00oooo00- -

After eating, fending off more questions and my conversation with myself I decided it would definitely be in my best interests to get the heck out. So with my newly acquired assets I left hectic house for a little me time.

Knowing that I could, as Mischief, be missing for a few hours I thought I'd go to the Shrieking Shack to relax. I know what you're thinking; why in the world would someone one want there to relax? Well I wasn't going to just relax. I was going to fix some things inside and add a little something to it. Of course I knew that Remus would probably be frantic by the time I returned to hectic house but I had to get away from things for a little.

- -00oooo00- -


Sorry its so short.