Blood from the Clean
Part 03
by Myka
Spoilers: GS4
Genre: Drama, Angst
Pairings: Phoenix/Miles, Klavier/Apollo
Notes: Based off a request from the kink meme.


Apollo joined them an hour later, flustered, red eyed, and already informed thanks to Klavier. He joined them on the living room, taking a spot beside Trucy and holding her hand. Very few words were spoken over the next hour. Thalassa would query about food or water which was declined every time, until finally she'd had enough and announced that they had to eat something before the day was over and pulled Trucy with her to the kitchen.

Edgeworth thought it was a brilliant distraction, any moment that Trucy was not spending crying was a moment in a positive direction.

"How are you feeling?" Edgeworth glance sideways at Apollo. He had almost forgotten the young attorney was still in the room. "Ah, sorry, I didn't mean-" the young man fidgeted. "Prosecutor Gavin told me he would be prosecuting when they find a suspect," he tried to change the subject. "I-" he cleared his throat. "I want to help!" he shouted a little to loudly, finding himself embarrassed further.

Edgeworth actually smiled, even if it was just for a brief second. "Thank you, Justice."

The young man nodded, then suddenly jumped at the sound of an odd high tone. "I'm sorry!" Apollo jumped scrambling into his pocket for his cell phone. "Apollo Justice speaking," he said flustered. "Ah, Gavin... What? Slow down, Gavin. Mr. Edgeworth? Yes, he's here. Speak slower, Gavin, I can't understand you. I don't understand German either, Gavin. Gavin... Ga- Klavier! Slow-down." Apollo pursed his lips, but just hummed and nodded after that, his eyes widening for a second, and quickly passing the phone to Miles. "Mr. Edgeworth, prosecutor Gavin needs to talk to you."

Edgeworth grabbed the phone a little apprehensively. "Yes?"

Klavier Gavin's voice was rushed. "Mr. Edgeworth, zum Abschluss! Ahh, excuse me, sir. Fräulein Skye and myself have been trying to contact you for the past hour. Your phone seems to be out of range." Miles swore under his breath, he had forgotten his cell phone was on silent.

"What happened?" Edgeworth stood to step out of the room.

"The fingerprints on the photograph. They've been analyzed. One of them does belong to Mr. Wright like you suspected."

"Only one?" Edgeworth's hopes raised a bit, this could be it.

"The other belongs to Maya Fey."

"Maya..." Edgeworth's hopes slumped. "I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for that, Gavin."

"I agree, sir, but..."

Edgeworth sensed the apprehension in the young man's voice. "Tell me what happened, Gavin." It wasn't a request.

"They want to arrest Miss Fey and charge her with Mr. Wright's murder."

Edgeworth gritted his teeth. His family had gone through enough in just one day. "I won't allow that."

"I thought you might say that..." Klavier faltered a bit.

"What does that mean?" Edgeworth was angry now.

"Mr. Edgeworth... I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but because of your personal involvement in this case, the mayor has ordered you'd be on paid leave until further notice."

"Without talking to me first?"

"It's already done, sir."

Miles had the urge to trash the phone. "Who's replacing me?"

"Prosecutor Payne, sir."

"That idiot..." This was all happening too fast. "I have to make a call. Call Justice if you hear anything new." Miles returned the small red phone to its owner, and picked his own, dialing the numbers half wildly. He spent the next five minutes yelling, cursing, and calling people names he had never used before. It was such a ruckus that Apollo called Trucy and Thalassa because frankly he was too afraid to approach the man himself.

They stared for a while, unsure on exactly how to calm the man. "He's going to have a stroke if he doesn't stop," Apollo whispered, he didn't even realized he had said the words out loud until Trucy was looking at him with wide, mournful eyes.

"Trucy I didn't-" the young attorney started to apologize, but Trucy ignored him and walked up to Edgeworth who was still pacing and yelling.

"You have no business forcing that decision on me! You think I'm just going to step back and watch as-" Trucy grabbed the hand holding the phone and pulled it away from Edgeworth's ear.

"Uncle, Miles..." she started, her voice breaking halfway. Miles stopped and looked at her. She was crying again. "Papa please," she begged, wrapping her arms around his waist suddenly and hiding her face in his chest. Miles opened his mouth, but quickly closed it, letting the phone slip from his fingers so he could hold her shaking shoulders.

Thalassa quietly left the room after a minute. At heart she wanted to join, but she couldn't help but feel like an outsider. Apollo started to follow when-


He turned halfway at the sound of his name, still trying not to intrude. "Yes, Mr. Edgeworth?"

Miles looked up. "I need you to do me a favor.