New Moon times,Edward left and Bella was changed,but Bella died,she fell away and hatred brew up and boiled in her mind,hate for Edward of what he did to her,that he left hated him so happens when they meet again though?Read to find out.

(Warning:Editing Chapters!)

I was flying threw the air, okay I wasn't flying I was running, really really fast. I am the fastest of us after all.

We were looking for our next meal, we choose to eat animals here 'cause it was a small town and people would probably be noticed if someone went missing.

I saw a deer and threw myself at it.

"I didn't know you were so hungry!" Nick yelled to me.

I ignored him, I was eating, I hated it when he spoke while I ate.

I was finished with the deer in fifty six seconds. I ran next to Nick and rammed him into a tree, he was knocked off balance and fell backwards, I kept running an evil smile on my lips.

I ran at another deer but was shoved forward into the mud.

"What the hell was that for you ass hole?!" I screamed at Nick.

"You shoved me into a tree I thought this was only fair." He replied with a smile.

I lunged at him with anger and malice on my face. I hated when he acted so stupid and didn't try keeping away from the stuff that annoyed the hell out of me.

I threw him onto the ground and started punching him in the face, he threw me off of him and tackled me into a tree, it snapped and we rolled down a hill, still punching each other as we went tumbling down. I landed on top of him when we stopped and punched him full force in the gut. He huffed out at the blow but kick me in my stomach. I was launched fifty feet back and hit right on a boulder. My back hurt a little but not enough that I still couldn't be Nick's worthless ass.

He appeared in front of me in an instant with a smug look on his face. I punched him into another boulder and he fell back from it onto the forest floor. I started kicking him in ever place I could get my boots at.

"Awww you two love birds look so adorable." Lezzie squealed.

I turned my face to look at her, still kicking Nick, and growled and sent her such cold stares that would burn her alive (The shear coldness would burn).

She gave a fake hurt look. Ryan appeared by her side making kissing noises.

"You want me to skin you both?" I asked them acid flowing from my mouth.

"Oh please you know you wouldn't be able to do remember?"Lezzie said giggling like I was mental.

"Well I could probably do that, and much wor-"I was cut off by the swift motion of Nick grabbing my leg and pushing me down on the ground. I tried pushing him off me but he held me down with allot of strength.

"Get off me!" I yelled at him, shoving under him.

He looked at me and held my face with one hand, but still holding me down, he looked at me fully in my eyes.

"Don't you dar-"I only got some out before his lips went down on mine.

He kissed me hungrily and fully, I kissed him back, my tongue tracing his lips.

"Ewww! Knock it off please!" Yelled Lezzie. But my lips didn't part from Nicks.

"Lets just leave them, shall we my beauty?" Ryan asked Lezzie seductively.

She giggled and ran in the direction of our house I take it.

Nick and I kept kissing on the cold, damp, mossy forest floor, well we started doing more than kissing if you know what I mean.

"Your beautiful when you mad babe." Nick said.

I snorted at his comment and started getting dressed.

"You know Essy, its not healthily for you to be so hostile all the time." Nick said when were we getting ready to start running back home.

I rolled my eyes and kissed him on the cheek. Its completely healthy.

Hope you like it more to come.