I am very very sorry for the extream wait on this and I'm sorry about what I'm gonna type next. I won't be continuing this story. I just don't feel any pull to continue it, the fire I felt for it has extinguished. I'm terrible sorry for all the bad grammar I used in the story and all the other things I know I messed up in this story. I am eternally grateful to all of you that read this and told me how much you enjoyed it, you kept me going when I was really low. I was never able to come up with how I wanted this to end but I will tell you what my direction for it was. Again I am terribly sorry.

I was gonna throw in the Volturi battle with the vamps, or something along those lines. I would have some reason for them to be there, so reason for an all out brawl. I had two different senarios for the end of the fic, this is where I always had trouble. Either: Nick would die during the battle, Essy (Bella) would have seen him being lit on fire and she'd run to him but he would pull her into a vision. He would tell her goodbye and that she can keep living, she has the strength to go on and that he will always love her and be there with her. The vision would feel live forever, but really only last a few seconds. She would be completely heartbroken for the longest time, but then she'd realize all that he's given her and how he's helped her grow. I would leave it open if she and Edward got back together.

Another one was me having both Essy and Nick die. He would take them away peacefully together in a vision that played forever and ever, they would be happy in this world and know only peace and happiness. Lezzy and Ryan would of course mourn them for an incredibly long time but be able to accept their deaths and they'd be able to think of them happily. They wouldn't fully join the Cullens but visit them now and again. They would travel the world as nomads, playing with lifes, and leaving messy bedrooms in their wake.

I never figured out what would happen after the battle and I guess I never pegged on having someone not die. But the good thing about FanFiction and this story being uncompleted is that you can create your own ending.

I'm very sorry if you didn't like how it ended, especially since you've been waiting so long for it. Also thank you all for the tons of support you've given me, with each review and alert. Again, I'm sorry for not continuing this story and I'm terribly grateful for all of you reading. Thank you.