by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or the Justice League

Summary: After Third Impact, the souls of Shinji and his friends are pulled into another universe to become the resurrected members of the deceased Justice League.


Chapter 1

The Last Heroes

They were considered the best of the best, the balance of all heroes. One represented light, the other represented darkness. One was the role model of what all superhumans could be, the other was the epitome of what humans could be. One had the strength and raw power, the other had the brains and honed skill.

At times they were best friends, as close as brothers, while other times found them at opposite sides of the chess board.

They were known by many names. One often called The Man of Steel or The Last Son of Krypton. The other known as The Caped Crusader or The Dark Knight Detective.

But everyone in the world knew them as Superman and Batman.

And right now, they were guilty of breaking and entering.

"We shouldn't be here, Bruce." Superman said as he continued to scan the entire room, loaded with all manner of mystical and magical objects. Things that made him more than nervous.

"We'll be out of here in twenty seconds, Clark." Batman said as he continued to look over all of the items on the large stone bookcase, looking for one in particular.

"Okay and just how could you possibly know that?" the red and blue boy scout asked.

"Because Faust and his associates are on their way back." the black and gray detective said.

"What? I don't hear any..."


Both Superman and Batman turned towards the door as a half-dozen costumed supervillains emerged through it.

"YOU! STOP!" the demented sorcerer Felix Faust shouted as he and his associates

"I Got It! Let's Go!" Batman shouted.

The evil members of Faust's cavalcade attacked, the group consisting of the super-strong zombie Solomon Grundy, the sexy mermaid villainess Siren, the 2-dimensional nearly intangible villain called Shadow Thief, the death-wailing villainess Silver Banshee, and lastly the illusion-casting villainess called Spellbinder.

"Go My Sinister Society! Destroy Superman and Batman!" Faust shouted.

Grundy was the first, the 7 and a half foot tall zombie lunched forward and tried to nail Superman, only to have the last son of Krypton lash out and nail him straight in the gut, sending him up into the air and crash through the now broken door.

Batman quickly pulled out his batarang's and hurled them at Silver Banshee and Shadow Thief. The batarang's explode with powerful knockout gas, rendering them unconscious.

Superman clapped his hands, the force of the shockwaves knocking back Siren and Spellbinder.

Faust growled at the two heroes and pulled a scepter with a red jewel on the tip. He quickly turned it on Superman and blasted him in the chest.

"ARGH!" the man of steel shouted as he crashed into the back wall.

Faust then turned towards the dark knight, but before he could do anything, something was hurled at his feet. Faust looked down as the concussion grenade blasted and propelled the sorcerer into Grundy's stomach.

Grabbing Superman by his left arm, Batman leaped out of the nearest window and swung away on his grappling bat-line.


"Clark? Clark?" Batman said, repeatedly slapping the man of steel. A nick-name that was anything but exaggerated. "Ouch! Stupid steel skin." He grumbled.

"It's saved my life more than a few times." Superman said as he groggily opened his eyes. "Sorry about your hands." he said, sitting up.

"Never mind. How's your head?"

"It's not my head that got blasted." he said, rubbing his chest.

"You'll live."

"For now." he said as he rose up and looked around, noticing that they were in the cemetery outside of Metropolis. A very specific cemetery. "What are we doing here, Bruce?"

"We need help, Clark. People we can trust." Batman said, passing by the headstones upon which were written the names of many of their friends. Both real and costumed. "Ever since Luthor and his Injustice Legion organized every villain in the world to destroy us, we've been hunted, forced into hiding, and nearly all of our teammates killed."

This was the Justice League cemetery.

"We need our friends, Clark." Batman said.

"But our friends... they're all dead." Superman said.

"Yes. But we can change that." the dark knight said as he pulled out a strange looking scepter.

"You can't be serious!" he gasped. "That's what you took from Faust?"

"It is, and I am."

"But this is... you can't just..."

"Why not?"

"It's desecration!"

"It's imperative!"

"We are not bringing them back to life!"

"We need reinforcements!"

"Then we'll find other heroes elsewhere."

"1-All the other heroes on this world are dead, in hiding, or have given up completely. 2-We don't have time to locate and train any new talent. And 3-"

"3... it won't work!"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you remember what happened when Felix Faust used that thing? The people he brought back were zombies. They were controlled by him." Superman argued.

Bruce groused at that. It was an event he was trying to forget, as two of the people he had bought back were his parents. He had mostly forgotten that. At least he tried too.

"I'm well aware of the dangers and risks involved. But the world is in a desperate situation. I'm not going to endanger amateurs to the risks that lie ahead. The scepter can resurrect and regenerate their bodies. But it can also summon back their spirits." the dark knight said.

"But don't we need the Jewel of Abathar for that?" the man of steel asked.

"Yes, but we don't have it." the dark knight said.

"Then it's gonna take at least an hour to summon their spirits back here and we don't have that kind of time."

"Not with Faust, Luthor, Savage, Grodd, and every other supervillain in the world looking for us." Batman said. "We probably don't have much time here as is."

"Are you sure there isn't another way?"

"Not unless you know a couple dozen good souls who are looking for new bodies to inhabit."


Author's Notes:

This chapter is fairly short, mostly because it is a prelude to a larger part of the story. It's mostly a set up for what is to come. Also, this story basically takes place in the DC Comics universe, not the animated series. I actually wrote and posted a story, called 'Second Son of Mars' where Shinji gets teleported to the Justice League universe, gets turned into a Martian, and is adopted by Jonn Jonzz of the Justice League. I even gave him an enemy: the bratty kid-sorcerer Mordred.

This is not that story. This is a story I've been working on because I've been struck with inspiration thanks to another story. This story was called 'Superwomen of Eva: Emerald Fury' by orionpax09 which had the premise of putting Misato in the role of the superhero instead of Shinji. This was something that had rarely been done, so I thought 'why not do the same thing?'

That's the basic idea here. I'm not just giving Shinji a new superhero identity, I'm giving all of his friends and NERV associates secret identity, with powers to go along with it.

Also, I am writing this up as a three chapter story for now, to see if I should go on with this, and to what fashion.

Granted most of my stories have demanded an update to see where it goes, but considering what I am doing with the NERV crew and the Justice League, it seems rather appropriate that I make this point clear as crystal.

Hope you like it and will give me a good review. Also, this chapter is short on purpose.