by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Justice League.

Summary: While the new Justice League gets a handle on their new powers, Batman decides to test their limits by setting them up to fight against Luthor and his Injustice Gang.


Chapter 4
Training For Power

While Superman talked to the rest of the new Justice League, Batman had wandered into a secluded section of the Justice Cave, where Shinji 'Red Arrow' Ikari was brooding.

"What's wrong?" the dark knight asked the crimson archer.

"Nothing, sir." the young man said.

"If it were nothing, you wouldn't be brooding."

Shinji looked over to Batman and sighed.

"I'm just not sure how to deal with all this, sir."

"It's not like you're alone." he said, still remaining behind the young man.

"I know. But... it still feels that I am." he said, turning back to the pool of water that connected the cave to the ocean through an underwater outlet.

"Is that from your time as an Eva pilot?"

"Yes, sir."

"You're not in the military Shinji. Just start at the beginning." he said, in an almost demanding way.

Sigh. "I was four years old when I saw my mother die. She was doing an experiment with Unit 01 when she just.... disappeared. They told me she died, as if I was supposed to understand. My father sent me away shortly after that to live with a teacher. Ten years later he called me back to Tokyo-3 because he.... had a need for me." he said, the words leaving a bad taste in his mouth.

"Go on." Batman said.

"When I arrived, I was nearly killed by the Third Angel when it arrived in the city."

"It arrived the same day you did?" Batman mused.

"Yes." he said, now wondering if that hadn't been part of his fathers plan. "Misato barely arrived in time to save me from the Third Angel, and took me straight to NERV, the organization my father commanded. It was there that I met Dr Akagi and Unit 01, which I didn't know contained my mother's soul. I also met Rei there. She was... injured. Bleeding from a lot of different wounds. She.... she was in so much pain. They told me if I didn't pilot Unit 01 that she would have to. I had no choice."

"Even though you were being used."

"Yes. I wasn't sure about it at the time, but... yes, I was. Everyone in NERV pretty much used me. My father, Dr Akagi, Misato. And eventually, Asuka came into that picture."

"And how did you feel later on?"

"Misato and Ritsuko didn't.... I never.... eventually I realized they were only doing their duty. They didn't have a choice, since I was their only pilot. I think they even felt sorry for forcing me into that. My father never did. I realized he didn't really want me, but he needed me."

"I won't ask you about your battles with the Angels, but how did you feel about them?"

"Not good. I mean.... I was told that what I was doing was for the sake of the world.... but I.... I never really felt that what I was doing was..."


"Some things about it didn't make sense. Why the Eva's felt almost alive.... why the Angels kept coming to Tokyo-3 where we had the only reliable defense.... why Asuka didn't arrive until the Sixth Angel.... why my father remote controlled my Eva in order to destroy Unit 03... with Toji still inside it... why NERV had an Angel locked up inside our base and no one knew that. A lot of things that didn't make sense before.... and now they do."

"Because of your father."

"Yes. But now my... our... situation is different than before. Especially if what you said about my body is true. Or... Red Arrow's body."

"You are Red Arrow." Batman stated.

"But I'm not! Red Arrow was a hero. Our lives may be similar, but.... he actually was a hero. People called me that but I never felt like it."

Batman almost smiled at the humility the boy displayed. Even if he was sad about the whole thing.

"I've never even shot an arrow before." he said, taking out one of his arrows with his right hand, his bow in his left.

He stared at them as if they were foreign objects as Batman squinted his eyes at the young man.

He might be right. There's only one way to know for certain. He thought as he pulled out one of his folded up Batarang's.

Shinji heard a click behind him as he turned around to see the dark knight hurl something across the stone walls of the cave. Quicker than even he expected, Shinji pulled the arrow into the bows string, notched it and fired the arrow at the dark weapon, striking it and impaling it into the cave wall.

Batman smiled as Shinji gasped.

"Impressive. You've never used a bow before, yet you manage to hit a small moving target in a dimly lit environment on your first attempt. It seems as if Roy's talents have passed on to you."

"But... how?" Shinji gasped.

"Instinctive knowledge. Roy's body was honed by years of training. His soul may be gone, but his body remembers what to do."

Shinji looked at him in shock. Confused and curious, he pulled another arrow from his quiver and fired it directly at the first arrow.... and split it right down the middle.

"Whoa." Shinji gasped.

"It seems your archery skills are top notch." Batman said as he detached his cape from his cowl. "Let's see how your fighting skills are."

Batman leapt at Red Arrow and threw a fierce kick to his red head, nailing him square in the jaw. Shinji rolled with the impact, to his own amazement, and tumbled along the ground before quickly getting back up. However, the dark knight was on him, attacking from behind and nailing him in the shoulder, causing him to spin before falling to the ground. His bow tossed from him, Shinji quickly leaped onto his feet and raced over to it as Batman flipped through the air, landing between him and his weapon. The dark knight lunged at him, throwing punches and kicks that connected to his head, neck, chest, stomach, arms and legs, forcing Shinji to defend himself while he backed up. Batman threw a roundhouse kick to Shinji's head, the crimson archer ducked low but shot his hand up to jab the man in the ankle. The blow barely slowed the dark knight down as Batman spun around and went low to leg-sweep Shinji onto his backside.

Shinji hopped back onto his feet as Batman threw a strong punch to his chest. Shinji blocked the punch with his left and threw a right punch to Batman's chest. However, Batman blocked the punch with his hand, Shinji's hand directed off course to clip the dark knight in the shoulder. Batman brushed off the punch and grabbed Shinji's arm, pulling him forward and flipping him onto his back. However, as Shinji flew through the air he managed to clip Batman in the shoulder. Shinji landed hard as Batman stumbled back, but not down. Shinji scrambled to his feet as the dark knight leaped into the air and threw a roundhouse kick that connected with Shinji's head, dropping the boy onto his back.

Deflated enough by his loss, Shinji relaxed his body, letting Batman know he was done.

"Excellent." Batman said with a smile.

"Excellent? How was that excellent? I lost." Shinji groaned as he struggled to sit up. "Badly. I didn't even get a solid punch in."

"Maybe not a solid, but you managed to tag me three times during our match. Roy was never able to do that even once." Batman said as he walked back over to where his cape rested.

Shinji looked at the dark knight. "Really?"

"Let me put it this way. Judging from what I've just seen, if my martial arts skill level is 12, yours is about 10. Roy never really went above 9." Batman explained as he put his cape back on.

"But I've never been that good before." Shinji stated.


"No, I mean... I never had any formal combat training. Never!"

"You couldn't convince me of that a minute ago."

"But... if Roy was never able to even hit you... and I never had any formal fighting skills..."

"Instinctive knowledge, just like your archery skills."

"So, I really do know how to fight?" he gasped in amazement.

"More so than even you consciously knew. Take a few minutes rest and then get yourself back up to the meeting room." the dark knight said as he left the inner cave.

As Batman walked out of the inner cave, he ran into Yui 'Zatanna' Ikari.

"Thank you." Yui said to him, with a smile.

"For what?" Batman asked.

"Helping my son. What you just did was far more than his bastard father ever had."

Batman just stared at the woman. "All I did was talk to, and spar with, him."

"I don't think Gendo even spoke more than a couple sentences to him. He never did anything to try and make Shinji stronger. He needed Shinji weak, you see. So, again, thank you."

Nice father. He thought with distaste as Yui leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

He looked at the woman as she smiled and then left to find her son.


"Go Misato! You Can Do It!" Kensuke 'Wind Dragon' Aida shouted.

"Don't give up Asuka!" Hikari 'Hawkgirl' Horaki cheered.

"You Can Do It Major!" Makoto 'Flash' Hyuga shouted.

"Come on Misato, this is childish, even for you!" Ritsuko 'Black Canary' Akagi snapped at her oldest friend.

"If we're taking bets, who do you favor?" Ryoji 'Booster Gold' Kaji asked the blond.

"If they were in their normal bodies, I'd say Misato, but with these new bodies I just don't know." Ritsuko said. "Actually... I should be asking... what are you going to be doing if Asuka wins?"

Kaji gulped at that.

"I don't believe this." Superman groaned as he watched the pair struggle against each other.

"What's going on here?" Batman asked as he appeared next to the man of steel.

"What's it look like?" Superman asked the dark knight as he took quick stock of the situation.

"It looks like Wonder Woman and Powergirl are arm wrestling." Batman said.

"Exactly." Superman said as the dark knight shook his head.

Over at the meeting table of the Justice Cave sat Misato 'Wonder Woman' Katsuragi and Asuka 'Powergirl' Sohryu who were currently engaged in a right-arm struggle for dominance.

"How did this start?" Batman asked.

"Well... apparently Asuka is still in love Kaji, but Kaji is still in love with Misato. Even in these new bodies. So Asuka decided to settle their troubles once and for all... and challenged Misato to an arm-wrestling contest to see who would get Kaji. Misato didn't want to, but..." Superman explained.

"Right. So who's winning?" Batman asked.

"It's pretty even right now." he said.

"It won't be."

"What do you mean?"

"I just did a quick training session with Shinji. If I'm right about him, then Wonder Woman is going to win." Batman deduced. "Then again... if I'm right about their opinions of the man... then..."

Suddenly, Misato grunted as her arm twisted back as Asuka slammed her

"YES!" Asuka shouted, standing triumphantly as she shot up from the table.

"Well... you won. Guess Kaji's yours." Misato said with mock disappointment.

"You know, Misato, you could at least try to be upset that you lost." Kaji groaned as Asuka suddenly latched onto the blue and gold garbed hero.

"Or at least try a little harder to make it seem like you lost." Ritsuko said.

"What do you mean?" Asuka suddenly asked, as Misato looked away, as if to hide her guilty look.

It suddenly became clear to Asuka.

"YOU LET ME WIN?!!" she shouted.

"You think?" Ritsuko said with a small snicker.

"Look, I don't see what the problem is. You wanted Kaji, you got him." Misato said.

"Yes, I did, but I wanted to win him, not you give me him!" Asuka shouted.

"What's the difference?" Misato groaned.

"I feel like a passed around gift." Kaji groaned.

"You Could Have At Least Tried!" Asuka shouted.

"I'd Rather Date Shinji!" Misato shouted.

"Well now that he's in an adult body, you could." Fuyutsuki said.

"Adult body or not, Shinji's a boring little boy! He could never compare to Kaji!"

"Oh, here we go again." Ritsuko groaned, as she hid her face.

"So what do you think?" Superman asked Batman. "I'd say Asuka probably would have won."

"I don't think so." Batman said.

"What do you mean?" Asuka spat at the Dark Knight.

"I just had a sparring session with Shinji. His skills are slightly better than Roy's were. Which is odd since Shinji says he doesn't know how to fight. But if that's any clue as to what's just happened here..." Batman said.

"Wait, wait, wait! Shinji was sparring?" Misato gasped in disbelief.

"Yes." Batman answered.

"Our Shinji Ikari?" Ritsuko asked.

"Yes." Batman replied.

"With you?" Kaji asked.

"Yes." Batman replied.

"But that's... impossible. Shinji doesn't know how to fight. I've never seen him throw a punch even in jest, or training." Misato said.

"Well he does now." Batman said.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Asuka snapped at the dark knight.

"Your skills and abilities combined with the skills and abilities of the bodies you now possesses." Batman stated. "Instinctive knowledge possessed by the person who previously owned that body, combined with the abilities you yourselves held."

"So.... since Misato was an adult and Asuka was a teenager when they died, Misato would naturally be stronger." Ritsuko deduced. "Unless Powergirl was stronger than Wonder Woman." she asked, looking at Superman.

"They were pretty much even in strength." Superman said.

"There you go." Batman said.

"That's Such A Gip!" Asuka shouted.

"Get over it, Powergirl!" Misato grinned.

Shinji and Yui eventually returned to the main table as Batman nodded to them both.

"But that still doesn't explain how Shinji became better than Roy." Superman said.

"Just because a person never exhibits any skill in fighting, doesn't mean they don't know how." Batman said. "But to be on the safe side, we're going to have to train all of you!" Batman said to the group.

"Training?" Kensuke perked, himself anxious for combat training.

"We need to know that you know how to handle your new bodies, so that you don't get killed when you use them." the dark knight explained. "Or get innocents hurt in the process."

"Team training?" Superman asked the dark knight, who nodded in response.

"Which teams?" Misato asked as Batman walked over to the computer.

Batman brought up the different files and quickly put the team into five different groups.

"Team 1 will consist of Kouzou Fuyutsuki, Yui Ikari, and PenPen." he said, looking over at Jonn Jonzz, Zatanna, and Aquaman.

This made sense since they all had some form of mental power.

"Team 2 will consist of Misato Katsuragi, Ritsuko Akagi, and Ryoji Kaji." he said, looking over at Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Booster Gold.

This made sense since they had all attended college together.

"Team 3 will consist of Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, and Asuka Langley Sohryu." he said, looking over at Red Arrow, Faith, and Powergirl.

This made sense since they were all Eva pilots beforehand.

"Team 4 will consist of Maya Ibuki, Makoto Hyuga, and Shigeru Aoba." he said, looking over at Vixen, Flash and Green Lantern.

This made sense since they were the 'bridge bunnies' who worked closely together.

"And Team 5 will consist of Toji Suzuhara, Hikari Horaki, and Kensuke Aida." he said, looking over at Long Shadow, Hawkgirl, and Wind Dragon.

This made sense since they were all classmates and the other half of the pilots circle of friends.

"Teams of Three! It's just like Naruto!" Kensuke gushed.

"Somehow, I knew he was going to make an anime reference." Hikari groaned.

"Could I train with Shinji?" Misato asked.

"Why?" Batman and Kaji asked.

"Because I trust Shinji to watch my back while not ogling my butt." she said. "Unlike some other people I could name, who have x-ray equipment." she said, glaring at Booster Gold.

For some reason, Kaji felt hurt being singled out like that, even though she was right about him.

"Oh, come on! Shinji's a pervert just like his stooge friends!" Asuka snapped.

"Then you have no complaints about trading with me to be with Kaji." Misato said.

"Done!" Asuka said.

"Undone!" Kaji quickly said.

Asuka looked at Kaji, as if hurt.

"Why?" Asuka asked.

"Because..... uh... Batman wouldn't have put us on these teams if he wasn't sure we would be compatible." Kaji argued.

"We're very compatible, Kaji-kun!" Asuka stated with a smile.

"Asuka, I really think it would be better if you went with Shinji and Rei on this." Kaji said.

"Why? I'm sure the Baka and Wondergirl would just love to be alone with each other." Asuka stated.

"Asuka, this just makes sense, so don't argue!" Misato snapped.

"This isn't NERV, Misato! You're not a Major, nor are you the director of operations! Heck, you probably aren't my guardian anymore, so I don't have to follow your orders!" Asuka snapped back.

"It's more like a request, Asuka. So just do it!" Misato snapped back.

"Why should I?" she snapped, getting into the amazon princess's face.

"Because it's more balanced! That's Why!" the amazon said to the Kryptonian woman.

"Balanced?" she gasped.

"Yes. With you the muscle, Shinji the skill, and Rei the brains." Misato said as Ritsuko and Shinji groaned, knowing what was going to happen next.


"What I mean is... Rei's got the telekinetic power and Shinji now knows how to fight and shoot. And with your muscle, the team is properly balanced." Misato explained.

"If I can't be with Kaji, then put me with Hikari!" Asuka demanded.

"And we can go with Misato!" Toji and Kensuke said together.

"Now wait a minute!" Makoto shouted.

"And why can't I go with my son?" Yui asked.

While the group continued to argue, an exasperated Shinji just hung his head as Batman pulled him, PenPen/Aquaman, Fuyutsuki/Jonn Jonzz, Maya/Vixen, Shigeru/Green Lantern, Rei/Faith and Ritsuko/Black Canary behind him.

"So... what do we do now?" Maya asked as she followed the others out.

"Change of plans." Batman said as he lead the group to one of the lower caves where he kept a new Javelin 7 ship he had just created.


While Superman tried to keep the peace between Wonder Woman, Powergirl, Hawkgirl, Zatanna, Flash, Long Shadow, Wind Dragon, and Booster Gold, Batman had lead the other new heroes out to the city of Metropolis.

The group was currently perched on the rooftop across from a large, imposing building that said 'LexCorps' on the side.

"Kouzou, can you sense anything?" Batman asked the Martian.

"Yes. I sense about a dozen people... unusual people.... inside that tower. Top floor." Jonn said.

"Is one of them Lex Luthor?" the dark knight asked, peering through his own binoculars.

"Bald man with an evil, cunning and brilliant mind?" Jonn asked.

"That's him." Batman said as he put his binoculars back into his belt.

"And the other people?" Red Arrow asked.

"Metallo. Livewire. Parasite. Toyman. Weather Wizard. Volcana. Solomon Grundy. Luminous. Copperhead. Deadshot. The Shade. And Aresia." Jonn stated.

"Wonderful. More of them than us." Green Lantern said, his ring creating hard-light Roman numerals in mid-air. "13-to-8 in their favor, unless I miscounted."

"I know. It's perfect." Batman said.

"Perfect? But we're outnumbered!" Vixen said.

"Which works to our advantage." the dark knight stated.

"So.... let me get this straight: We're going to attack a bunch of supervillains?" Black Canary asked. "People who have more experience in using their special powers and skills than ourselves. And we're still getting used to being these new heroes?" she said, pointing to herself.

"Yes." Batman said.

"But.... I thought we were going to train first." Red Arrow said.

"This is training." Batman stated.

"THIS is the training?" Green Lantern asked.

"Think of it as 'on-the-job-training'."

"How about we think of it as 'insane'!" Vixen said.

"So.... why didn't we bring the others? I mean... Superman, Wonder Woman, Powergirl, Long Shadow.... I mean, they're the muscle, right?" Green Lantern asked.

"What am I? Chopped halibut?" Aquaman muttered under his breath. Mmm! That sounds good!

"We'll manage." Batman said.

"But we do not know what these villains are capable of." Faith said.

"Jonn does."

Understanding what Batman was implying, Jonn used his Martian mental powers to transmit the knowledge he read from the villains to the minds of his teammates.


Inside Lex Corps Tower, a meeting between Lex Luthor and his new associates was taking place.

"So that's your plan?" Metallo, the cybernetic criminal with the torn off skin asked.

"You can't be serious!" Livewire, the pale-skinned, blue-suited electrical villainess snapped.

"Why not? It wouldn't take but an inkling of our combined talents." Lex Luthor, who was dressed in his usual purple and green outfit said to the group.

"And what about.... resistance?" Volcana, the redheaded super pyrokinetic in the skin-tight red outfit asked.

"Who? The Justice League?" Luthor asked with a smirk.

"They're not all gone, you know." Weather Wizard, who was dressed in a bluish-gray suit with a visor over his face said.

"True. But going into hiding like scared rabbits is the same thing. There aren't enough of them to oppose us!" Luthor said.

"And yet you insist on organizing." Luminous, the blond-haired master of light and illusions, said.

"I like organization." Luthor said.

"With you in charge." Aresia, the long-blond-haired rogue amazon, declared.

"Of course. Who else?"

"And what do we all get out of this?" Parasite, the purple-skinned power-drainer asked.

"Aside from money? Power, Freedom, as a start." Luthor said.

"Freedom?" Copperhead, the snake-like thug-for-hire, asked.

"The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, how ever you want." Luthor said.

"While the money sounds good, and the freedom even better, I'm still a little unsure about this plan. I mean... the president?" Deadshot, the master marksman, weapons expert, hitman asked.

"You really expect the whole country to go along with this, Luthor?" the pale-skinned, dark-garbed, shadow-manipulator The Shade asked as he adjusted his top hat once again. "Justice League or no, it won't be as easy as you say."

"Why not? The most powerful office in the world will be ours for the taking. And once we have it, the whole country will have to do what we say. Sheep are like that." Luthor stated.

Suddenly, the ceiling exploded overhead as a dark figure dropped into the middle of their table.

"World domination, Luthor? I expected something more original from you." Batman said to the bald man.

"And I would have expected more brains from you, Batman." Luthor said as the assembled group of villains rose up around him.

"Like bringing back-up?" Batman asked.

"Yes." Luthor said, going for the gun in his underarm holster.

Suddenly, the windows of the meeting room exploded open as Red Arrow and Vixen broke through the glass and landed on the plush carpet.

Faith and Green Lantern flew through the open windows a second later and landed next to their teammates.

Black Canary sonic-blasted the large double-doors to the meeting room and rushed in, followed by Aquaman.

Jonn Jonzz phased up through the table and stood back-to-back with Batman.

The super villains gasped when they saw the seven former members of the Justice League standing before them.

"What?" Copperhead gasped.

"How?" Weather Wizard asked.

"Where did..." Livewire began to ask.

"Is this some trick of yours?" Luthor asked Batman.

"You know I don't do magic, Luthor." Batman said with a grin.

"GET THEM!" Luthor shouted.

All at once the room exploded into violence.

Deadshot aimed his double-barreled wrist-mounted machine gun at Batman, only to have Red Arrow fire two arrows at him, stabbing the gun and his arm, as Batman flew in to punch him out.

Parasite lunged at Black Canary who let loose a sonic scream that blasted him backwards into Livewire, the pair's powers knocking the other unconscious. Livewire's electricity rendered Parasite unconscious while Parasite's leeching power stole Livewire's regular energy as well.

Batman hurled a Batarang to knock Weather Wizards storm rod out of his hands as Red Arrow leapt in and punched him out, slamming his bow across his face.

Jonn moved quickly and punched Solomon Grundy out of the meeting room to the other side of the building.

Vixen uses her powers to slam into Metallo like a rhino, knocking him into the concrete walls, which stunned him long enough for Vixen to rip out the Kryptonite stone in his chest, depowering him.

Aquaman uses his new psychic water-controlling powers to make Aresia sick, seeing as a person's body is mostly water, and caused her to faint.

Green Lantern fired a blast of emerald energy at Volcana as the fiery female shot her own fire bolts at him to block his attack.

Shade aimed his nightstick at Green Lantern in an attempt to encase him in shadow, when his weapon was knocked from his hands by a red bow. The nightstick twirled upwards as Red Arrow slammed his bow into Shade's stomach, causing him to bend over as the archer grabbed the falling nightstick and brought it down over Shade's head, knocking him cold.

Faith quickly used her telekinesis to redirect the acid in Toyman's water-pistol into Luminous's electrical circuit control, then hurled both of them across the room into the wall.

Copperhead leapt at Jonn from behind, hoping to sink his fangs into his Martian neck and poison him, only to have the Martian sense him and quickly turn to super-hard stone. Copperhead's teeth were chipped against the hard skin, as Jonn turned back into his regular form and backhanded the snake-villain.

Solomon Grundy, who had revived rushed back into the meeting room, only to get tripped by Vixen and tumbled onto the conference table. He tried to get up, only to have Batman throw a couple knock-out gas pellets in his face, rendering the super-strong zombie unconscious.

Red Arrow fired a foam-arrow at Volcana from behind, which snuffed her fire powers and gave Green Lantern the opening he needed to encase the woman in an emerald bubble.

Luthor pulled out his gun and was about to shoot down Batman, only to get his gun shot out of his hand by a red arrow, from Red Arrow, enabling the dark knight to punch him out before he could escape or go for another weapon.

Green Lantern encased the villains in an emerald bubble and quickly took the bakers dozen of super villains to the nearest prison, with Jonn Jonzz and Faith as his escorts.

The rest of the League returned to the Justice Cave, after Batman had confiscated the security tapes of their fight with Luthor and his new Injustice Gang.

Within two hours, every news service in the world was given their first look at the reborn Justice League, which was confirmed by the Warden of Strykers Island Prison when Green Lantern and the others had delivered the supervillains to them.

And that had ultimately been Batman's plan: deal a crippling blow to the super villain community and announce the return of the Justice League.


When the team had returned to The Justice Cave, the rest of the team was cheering the League's victory over Luthor's Injustice Gang.

"I'm so proud of you, Shinji-kun!" Yui/Zatanna cried as she hugged her son tightly.

"So you actually made the water in her body churn until she was sick?" Hikari/Hawkgirl asked PenPen/Aquaman.

"So what could these villains do?" Kensuke/Wind Dragon asked Shigeru/Green Lantern.

"You mean you actually plowed into this cyborg-guy like a rhino?" Kaji/Booster Gold asked Maya/Vixen.

"So how powerful is this scream of yours?" Makoto/Flash asked Ritsuko/Black Canary.

"So, let me get this, straight," Misato/Wonder Woman asked. "You took on 13 supervillains, when you were outnumbered, didn't have the home-field advantage, and without proper training to know if you could do all this?"

"Batman suggested the element of surprise and our limited numbers would give us the advantage we needed." Rei/Faith explained to the amazon.

"And actually he said this would be better than training." Fuyutsuki/Jonn Jonzz added.

While the group continued talking, Superman pulled Batman away from the new team.

"I can't believe you'd do something so reckless!" Superman said to Batman.

"It wasn't reckless. It was planned." the dark knight said.

"You could have at least let me in on it." the man of steel said.

"You'll all get your chance. I only took half the team to assault Luthor's meeting, and not the most powerful members at that. This was just the beginning to rebuild the League."

"You mean reincarnate." he grumbled, then leaned in closer to the dark knight. "You still haven't told him, have you?" Superman whispered.

"Told who about what?" the dark knight asked.

"Shinji. About Lian."

Batman stared at Superman. "He'll find out about it soon enough." he said.

"Bruce!" the man of steel hissed.

"It's not something he could handle just yet." the dark knight explained.

"That... or the fact that he had this child with a known supervillain?"

"Both." Batman said "And besides, have you told Asuka about what happened between Powergirl and Green Lantern?"

Superman looked away for a second. "Of course." he said quickly.

"You're a terrible liar, Clark." Batman said as he went back to the talking group.

I hate when he calls me on that. Superman thought as he too went back to the group.


Author's Notes:

Hope everyone enjoyed this chapter update. Sorry if it's a little short in some places.

The sparring scene between Shinji and Batman was intended to start a kind of father-son bond between the two, as well as a Batman/Yui relationship when she kissed him.

If the fight-scene with the villains wasn't to your liking, let me know and I'll do something about it next time.

Also, I got a little carried away with the Omake's, so I hope everyone likes them.



Everyone continued arguing as Shinji hung his head, his frustration growing.

"Shinji? Where are you going?"

"I'm going to go somewhere nice and quiet, I'm Going to Notch Up A Boomerang Arrow, I'm Going To Fire It And SPLIT MY HEAD DOWN THE MIDDLE!!" Shinji shouted as he headed back into the cave while the others continued arguing.

Superman and Batman just looked at each other.

"You don't think he'd really try it... do you?" Superman asked.

"He'd have to be incredibly depressed, upset, frustrated and introverted to..." Batman said, suddenly remembering who he was.

The pair quickly raced down to the grotto in order to stop him.



"My name is Roy Harper and I'm.... a martial arts archer, what's Moo Gi Gong?... who was adopted by a Native American hunter after my father and mother died..... adopted again by a costumed hero called Green Arrow.... abandoned by Green Arrow when he lost all his money..... oh, wonderful! I've got a history of drug abuse!"

"That wasn't you, Shinji!" Misato stated.

"No... but Roy's life and mine are a lot alike." Shinji said.

"But Shinji-kun, you never did drugs! Heck, I never even let you drink!"

"But I could have, Misato. I lost both my parents when I was only four. My mother 'dead' and my father abandoning me. I was raised by a teacher for ten years before I was called back to Tokyo-3 by my father who didn't even want me. If I hadn't been taken in by you, Misato, I..... I could have ended up exactly like Roy. I might have even tried to take my own life."

Superman and Batman looked at each other, both thinking that maybe it was fate that Shinji had taken over Roy's body. The pair seemed too much alike.

"I'd never have let that happen, Shinji!" Misato said as she pulled the young man into a tight hug, arms wrapping around her from behind. "I may not have been the best guardian, but I would never have let you hurt yourself that way!"

"Neither would I!" Yui stated as she pulled herself to hug Shinji from the left side of his body.

Rei suddenly pulled herself into the group hug, embracing Shinji from right side. "And I have sworn to protect you with my life if necessary." she said.

The group of superheroes just stared in shock and awe as the red-haired archer was being cuddled by three extremely attractive women.


"HEY! WHO'S HAND IS THAT?!!" Shinji shrieked.

"Who's do you want it to be?" Misato asked in a husky voice.

"Uh..." he said, blushing brightly.

Yui looked over to Ritsuko and Maya. "You want in on this as well?" Yui asked.

"Alright." Ritsuko said as she dragged Maya over to them and glomped Shinji.

"Grrrrr! I'm not going to be out done by you tramps!" Asuka shouted as she jumped in.

"Hey! I want some of that!" Hikari shouted as she jumped in.

The other League members just watched as Shinji was molested by a group of sexy women.

"God! It's always Shinji!" Toji whined.



"Are you sure about this, Kaji?" Toji asked.

"Trust me boys, this will be a day to remember." Kaji said as he handed the boys their own specially made X-Ray glasses to peak into the girl's room.

"Hey! There's Asuka!" Kensuke said.

"Don't look or you'll burst into flames!" Toji shrieked.

"Hey! Hikari's coming." Kaji said.

"You look and I'll kill you both!" Toji growled.

"Hey! Here comes Misato!" Kensuke said.

The boys all stared at the woman as she walked into the locker room. They paused and looked back at each other in confusion.

"Is it just me, or is Misato.... covered in mud?" Toji asked.

"She looks like she's made of mud." Kensuke said.

"Huh. I didn't know they had a mud-bath installed." Kaji said.



"YOU LET ME WIN?!!" Asuka shouted.

"You think?" Ritsuko said with a small snicker.

"Look, I don't see what the problem is. You wanted Kaji, you got him." Misato said.

"Yes, I did, but I wanted to win him, not you give me him!" Asuka shouted.

"What's the difference?" Misato groaned.

"I feel like a passed around gift." Kaji groaned.

"You Could Have At Least Tried!" Asuka shouted.

"He's Not Worth It!" Misato snapped back.

"That's not what you thought when you came to visit me after Shinji was done being absorbed by Unit 01 for a whole month." Kaji grinned.

Misato practically glowed at that memory.

"Well what did you expect?!! Jump Shinji's bones right when he got out that EVA?" Misato spat.

"Well now that he's in an adult body, you could." Fuyutsuki said.

"Adult body or not, Shinji's a boring little boy! He could never compare to Kaji!" Asuka said.

"I'll be the judge of that!" Misato said as she turned around and stormed off towards Shinji and Yui, gripping the slightly injured Shinji and pulled him back into the cave. "Come with me, Shinji-kun."

"Oh, here we go." Ritsuko groaned, as she hid her face.

"What are you going to do? Have sex with Shinji just to spite me?" Kaji shouted and tried to go after them, only to have Asuka grab him and pull him into the cave after Misato and Shinji.

"Come on, Kaji-kun! Let's show them how it's done!" Asuka said.

"Now wait a minute!" Kaji cried desperately.

"Not So Fast, Second Child!" Rei shouted as she flew down the tunnel after them.

"Did I miss something?" a confused Yui asked the group.

"God! It's always Shinji!" Kensuke whined.