So She Dances

So She Dances

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The Dancer and the Voice

Every story has a beginning…and every story has people that are not mentioned…just like a dancer was never named within the Phantom and the Opera story. Perhaps her story was too sad and pitiful, or perhaps people simply would not have understood why the dancer did what she did and why.

The dancer…no one has known her story…until now.

The morning started early for those in the production of Hannibal within the Paris Opera House. Props, musicians, singers and dancers all came together to practice and rehearse and perfect their art, and provide for even a brief moment the idea of fantasy to the audience; taking them away from their everyday struggles and pains, and letting them see wonder and magic through words, costumes and dances.

The chorus members began their scales which radiated off the walls of the Opera House, causing the whole building to come alive…but once the diva La Carlotta opened her large mouth, the blissful sound became horrid and harsh on the ears. Her powerful and strained voice almost shattered the windows as her voice screeched through the morning air. Of course no one would dare to say anything, for without Carlotta there simply was no opera.

"This trophy from our saviours! From our saviours from the enslaving force of Rome!" Carlotta's voice boomed across the stage, while the dancers behind her got to their places and practiced a few arabesques and piles to warm up their tired bodies. The dancers were dressed up as slave girls and were hardly covered. Covered in browns, golds, reds and greens, the dancers listened for their ques and once the singers were off the stage, a blur of color and movement dominated the stage.

The dancers danced with small chains on their wrists that jingled as they leapt through the air and spun on their toes. The ballet mistress, Madame Giry watched the dancers and was quick with her cane to have her points made.

"Meg Giry! That is not how I taught you how to battement frappé!Your foot is to lightly hit the floor, not smashed on the ground like a elephant!" she bellowed while Meg corrected her mistake, and the others taking mental note of what not to do. Meg was the daughter of the ballet mistress, and with a mother as a ballet dancer, Meg had much to live up to and admire. A golden haired, blue eyed dancer was she, with much talent and grace. Her hair was pulled back with a gold ribbon tied like a bow in the back, as it always was.

"Christine, we have better développé's today. Well done my dear." She said placing a light smile in the direction of the dancer. Christine seemed younger than Meg Giry and her talent was not as defined, but she was indeed beautiful and gifted. Born with brown curls and bown eyes, she looked like a beautiful girl with charm and grace.

"Mikelle! Grand jeté involves having both legs straight in the air like a split! Not having your front leg high and leaving the other to drag on the floor! Again!" Cried the ballet mistress at a young woman who almost fell out of her jump at her words. Mikelle was a young woman born with brown wave like hair and deep brown eyes. Sometimes she and Christine were mistken for sisters, but both were from different blood and different talents.

Mikelle loved ballet and wanted more than anything to become a famous ballet dancer…she however had to work very hard due to her feet were not perfect like Meg's or as strong as Christine's. Through it all though, she was well developed with a dancer like body with arms like willow branches, and facial expressions to express her character…in this case, a slave girl wishing for her freedom.

The dancers danced until their pratice was over, and they all hurridly pulled off their pointe shoes, dreading what they might find inside.

"Arg! Another good pair done! I have already broken them in and their soft! So much for the opening show." One dancer complained.

"Your mother was harder on us today Meg! Cant you ask her to lighten up a bit?" Another dancer said pulling off her now worn out ballet shoes.

"Of course not. Mama thinks we all can do better and I agree. We have to push ourselves harder than we have before." Meg said, tying up her ribbons and rubbing her sore toes.

Mikelle pulled off her ponite shoes to find that her lambs wool was now covered in a small area of blood. Although the wool was meant to help cushion and protect the dancers toes, Mikelle's blisters on the edge of her foot had reopened. Sighing heavily, she carefully removed her costume out of the way; so as not to damage it, and wrapped her foot up in cloth for now.

"Don't you have any tape?" Christine asked, pulling her hair back into a low ponytail and stared at Mikelle's feet.

"No…I cannot afford anymore, and I may have to buy a new pair." She said unhappily thinking of how many more paychecks were now gone again to her feet and toes.

Christine smiled and reached into her bag, pulling out a roll of tape. "Here use some of mine." Mikelle gasped, "But Christine, this tape is so expensive and you don't have much left!" she said putting her hands up.

"I don't mind Mikelle, besides I think you need this more than me." She said placing the tape in Mikelle's lap. Nodding in thanks, she pulled and ripped a piece off as she placed it around her open blisters.

"Are you going to come with Meg and I to the market? We were planning to go on a little shopping trip." Christine said changing out of her ballet costume and into a light blue dress, giving her an angelic look.

Shaking her head, Mikelle stood up although her feet cried out in protest. "I cant…I don't have any money to spare and I need to rest my feet." She said smiling a sad smile. "But you guys go and we can meet up for dinner later. Sound alright?"

"Of course. However Im sad that you wont be joining us." Christine said packing her final things up. She placed a chaste kiss on Mikelle's cheek and walked out with Meg, while the other dancers followed her, leaving Mikkelle alone.

"Me too." Mikelle rolled up her ribbons and placed them back into her bag, while limping down the hallway back into the living quarters of the dancers. Closing the door behind her, she wade her way to the bed and flung her tierd body against the soft material, but she was soon disturbed by an angelic voice through the walls.

"Mikelle, I am in need of your services." Said the voice of a man, but was too beautiful to belong in this world.

Sighing she lifted her sore body up and said to the voice, "Now? I have just finished my dance rehersal…surely Erik you can wait for another hour or two." She said running her hands through her hair.

"No it cannot Mikelle." Said the voice sternly, "And you know that you are not allowed to say my name in public…you will refer to me as the Opera Ghost or the Phantom. Do you understand?" The ghost said as if next to her.

"Yes Opera Ghost." Mikelle said straighting her back and saluting the air. "What do you need?" she asked getting up and walked to her chest as the edge of her bed to see what she could wear out of the Opera House.

Out of thin air, a letter outlined in black and with a red skull sealing the letter floated until it landed on her bed. Turning around with a simple brown dress, Mikelle picked up the letter and opened it.

"You want more ink, paper, wax and food…" Mikelle said outloud while tucking the money which was inside the letter in her dress pocket. "Anything else?" she asked placing her hair in a high bun.

"Yes, I want some more red roses and black ribbon."

Mikelle looked at the direction that she heard the voice and repiled softly, "Your going to send Christine some more roses?"

There was silence for a moment, "Yes. She has come a long way from the young chorus girl I have been teaching these past years." The voice said longingly. Mikelle hid her sadness and brightened up right away as if not to show her true emotions.

"Alright, I will go get your things Eri- Opera Ghost. Shall I leave them in the same spot?" Mikelle asked before heading out the door.

"Yes, leave them in box 5 and I shall get it later." Answered the voice.

Mikelle nodded her head and was about to leave when the voice said, "Mikelle…" She turned and faced the voice. "You need to work on your Grand jeté's." The voice sounded amused.

Mikelle thew the voice a mean glance, "Gee thanks Erik." With that she closed the door behind her, while a white masked face watched her through a mirror.