Disclaimer: Caspian and Susan belong to C.S. Lewis


Being the king's mistress is an honor.

Very few maidens are ever called upon in Narnia to serve a king's primal needs. Normally that duty is left to his wife, the queen. This king has no queen. Nor does he want one. Without me, the palace would fall victim to his frequently volatile moods that would otherwise go unchecked. I provide him the distraction and company he needs and wants.

Being the king's mistress is a privilege.

I've seen the looks that the women in the village give me. They are scandalized by something as natural as breathing itself. Jealous as well, the lot of them. Any of them would love to have me out of the way and take my place. As though a woman of my station has no business being with him. The advantage I have is that the king is more experienced in intimate relations and easier on the eyes than their husbands, of course.

Being the king's mistress is a curse.

He tries to conceal the pain he endures, but he simply can't. His every move both in and out of his bed are strictly mechanical. He is a ghost in a man's body. His eyes that at one time were full of life are now dead and vacant. There is nothing that I can do to alleviate his misery that has long since consumed him. He doesn't realize I know he calls out for Susan to heal him. Whoever she was, no one else can dare replace her in his world, nor does he want anyone to.