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Six months after the concert that changed everything…

It seemed only fitting that they be married in the same city in which their fates had been decided, Toronto. Now deciding on the location was a different story, but after many weeks of arguing, nearly to the point of brawling, Jude and Tommy had finally decided to have the ceremony outside of G-Major. Darius jumped at the opportunity to host such a momentous occasion, and even pay for half of the cost, while her London label covered the rest. Essentially the happy couple isn't even paying for their own honeymoon; another thing both labels had combined their efforts on.

The G-Major property had been transformed to wedding perfection with the help of course of the best wedding planner a couple could ask for; Sadie Harrison. She had it looking more like a floral garden with beautiful arches decorated in elegant flowers and vines and ribbons. It was feminine yet still had all the touches it takes to be Judeish. However the downside to Sadie Harrison planning the wedding was being forced to stick to traditions! Sure the whole something old something new, borrowed, blue, not so bad; spending the night apart and not seeing each other until the alter? Devastating! But he was coping, though probably driving Darius and Kwest out of their minds. It was hard enough keeping those two from killing each other, but having Tommy on edge too mad it all the harder, since the only reason D and Kwest were on sort of speaking terms was for the sake of him and Jude and their impending eternal bliss.

But despite all the drama, all the issues in the past few weeks or the past few years they were finally here. He fidgets nervously standing beside Kwest at the alter watching first as Sadie comes down the aisle, waiting with baited breath for Jude to make her appearance with Stuart. His pale blue orbs are locked on the other end of the red carpet listening for the click of her old fashion heels and he wasn't disappointed as Stuart Harrison in his tux walks towards him with Jude on his arm.

As she's holding her father's arm lightly in an almost elegantly old fashion manner as she had chosen not to have a bouquet when she walked the aisle, she'd throw one later though; she looks straight ahead of her up at Tommy waiting for her with that look in his eyes and that smile on his lips. He had that look again, the one he saved just for her and it warmed every fiber of her being, even now. Her dress is fairly simple, but perfectly designed for her as the ivory silk fabric rests on her shoulders and comes down a couple of inches past while coming across her chest in a straight line but decently high up. The bodice of the dress resembles something you'd see in the era of the civil war as the skirt is full and brushes the ground; beneath it are a pair of ivory heeled boots belonging to the same time period. Her long platinum blond hair is twisted up with ringlets framing her delicate features, the veil of a delicate lace hanging down in front of her face and behind her to the hem of her gown.

Angelic; that's the word floating around in his mind as she reaches him, like a heavenly vision he's being blessed with. Pagan Smith had been asked to perform the ceremony since he was ordained and all, and who better to perform a rock star wedding anyway, right? Tom barely hears him as he asks who gives the bride away, until he feels Stuart slip Jude's hand into his own.

He can hardly believe he's finally standing here with her, today is their day. Sure he'd been married to Portia, but that was different and everyone knew it. This, it's forever and means more to him than anything on earth. His love for her is coming off of him in waves as he finally turns some of his attention to Pagan as he begins the ceremony…

Perfection; that's what the day had been, but the night is even better. They'd had a hard road getting here, but they were finally here. They are officially Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dutois, yes they had agreed to use his real last name, but professionally they were going to continue using Harrison and Quincy. Here they are now in Thailand where they'd meant to be a couple years ago.

As they reach the hotel room Tommy stops her from opening the door shaking his head silently before scooping her up into his arms, holding her slender silk wrapped frame against his as he opens the door and carries her in, and he doesn't stop or set her down until they've reached the bedroom. He places her ever so gently down onto the king size bed, hovering carefully above her he dips his head down to capture her scarlet painted lips with his own in a deep, tender, and loving kiss before he pulls back slightly.

He lowers his head again brushing his lips as gently as feathers across her delicate skin along her jaw line, down her throat, across her collar bone before stopping just above the swell of her breast peeking up from the very top of her wedding gown. He loves how the gown envelopes her but now it's time to remove it, so he stands up and reaches for her hands pulling her up from the bed, spinning her around he unties the silk ribbons in the back of the gown. Once it's undone he slowly slides the sleeves from her shoulders, his fingertips brushing ever so softly across her velvet skin before he pushes the gown down watching it pool around her feet. He slides his arms around her waist from behind dipping his head down to brush another kiss against her shoulders before leaning back slightly as he unfastens her strapless bra letting it flutter to the ground. He reaches down and grabs her wrist, spinning her back around to face him he captures her lips with his own once more keeping the kiss as chaste as he can withstand for the moment. After all they have all the time in the world to be fast and hard and passionate; but tonight is for slow perfection. Tonight he wants to feel every inch of her and allow her the chance to do the same.

Once she's void of every article of clothing he removes his own with the same finesse before pulling her body against his own as he rests his forehead on hers. His voice is a deep husky whisper, "It's hard to believe you're really mine Girl, forever." He lifts her left hand peering down at the delicate ring he'd placed there and the engagement ring that matches. The engagement band of platinum with the sapphire star and surrounding star shaped diamonds and then a second platinum band with three star shaped diamonds to accompany it, engraved on this was simply the words; 'My Girl'.

"That's right Quincy; you can't get rid of me." Her voice is soft and melodic when she whispers the words to him, his stage name becoming more of a pet name in that act as she quotes her own lyrics with a playful grin. Her velvet finger tips roam over his skin as light as air, tracing every inch as her electric pools of blue stare into his of a paler hue. She can feel his hands doing the same, both mesmerized by each other, and the reality they're now husband and wife.

He takes the first step, reaching down he lifts her slender frame up against his own, his arm under her the swell of her bottom as his other curls along her spin so that his fingers rest at the base of her neck, his lips capturing hers once more in a kiss that while slow in nature has enough fire to set flames to all of Europe. He sets her then carefully upon the bed, lying down with her as he enters her depths slowly to consummate their marriage properly, and for hours to come…

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