Title: Hidden Secrets

Summary: When someone from the Simpson's past returns, secrets are reveled and hearts are broken.

Author: vegetasbubble

Fandom: The Simpsons

Pairing: Not telling

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Rape, Sexual Situations, Course Language.

Rating: R

Chapter Rating: PG 15

Chapter Title: Blast from the Past

Chapter Summary: A face from the past returns.

Lisa Simpson, one of the smartest people in Springfield, aged eighteen, was currently working at a chic fashion store called Madam at the Springfield Mall. The reason? In less than a year, Lisa was going to be at collage and needed some money to pay for everything.

Three months ago, after weeks of torturous waiting, she finally got the letter she had been waiting for. The letter from Yale University.

Dear Miss Simpson,

It is with grateful news that we accept you to Yale University for the beginning of our Fall semester. Enclosed you will find information about our school, the classes and...

It was all that Lisa needed to read before she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her twenty year old brother Bart, who was still living at home, came into her room yelling, "Whats wrong, Lis? What happened?" But it was when he saw the massive grin on her face that Bart knew nothing was wrong, but something was right. Passing the letter to her brother, her happy grin still plastered on her face, Lisa replied, "Have a read."

A grin of happiness emerged onto her older brother's face. Laughing with pride, Bart dropped the letter and scoped his sister up in his arms for a hug. Twirling her around the room, this was how their mother and father found them seconds later, laughing like children. Marge congratulated her daughter; Homer was a little upset about loosing her.

But now here she was, three months on and working hard. Her parents had half the money for her, but Lisa didn't want to continue to have their money lead her way. She had found the job at Madam one week after she got her acceptance letter. Walking in the mall with Bart, Milhouse, Sherri and Terri, Lisa had spotted the HELP WANTED sign in the store and ran right in.

When she returned half an hour later, she saw her brother and his best friend and their girlfriends sitting on one of the benches waiting for her.

"They just said bring my resume in and I've got the job," she said, "This is great. Now I'll finally be able to start paying for things." The foursome congratulated her, smiled and Bart announced he would buy lunch for the five of them. Bart had given up his rebellious ways after he graduated from Springfield High School two years ago. He and Milhouse had had a falling out after graduation and every time Lisa asked about it, Bart changed the subject. After a while, the two made up, started dating Lisa's twin friends and started working at the construction site that was to be a new shopping mall on the other side of Springfield.

After the project was completed, the foreman was so happy with the boys work that he kept them on, and now, two years later, they were working full time and earning enough money to keep them happy. Lisa was happy for her brother. But she knew that he had always been happier when his true best friend, Nelson Muntz, was around.

Nelson was Bart and Milhouse's age, two years older than Lisa. He had gone to highschool with Bart and Milhouse up until their junior year, when Nelson dropped out, had a major falling out with Bart and then left town. Lisa knew her brother missed him, it was common sense. Sure he had been a bully and a bit of an asshole back in grade school, but as he grew up and had his friends by his side, he did just that, he grew up.

Shaking her head of memories, Lisa went back to the task at hand and continued to put clothes on hangers for display. "Lisa, customer. Cute one. You do it, I've gotta go out the back." Lisa nodded to her boss and turned from what she was doing. She patted down her skirt and flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder before turning to face the customer. Checking where he was, and wondering what a guy was doing in a girls clothing store, Lisa finally noticed him standing by the window, admiring an outfit on one of the mannequins. She walked over and happily greeted him, "Good afternoon, sir. How may I help you today?"

The man turned and Lisa gasped.

"Hi Lisa."


It was like the whole world stopped. Three years. Three years since she had seen him and now here he was, standing in the store she worked in. He looked the same, same brown hair, same blue eyes. Same handsome face. But there was something...sullen, in his expression.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, not having any clue on how to great her old friend.

"Well, I was hoping for a hug first," he replied, opening his arms to her.

"Oh my God. Nelson," she flustered, crashing into his arms in a giant hug. Tears threatened to fall, but she held them in. Three years. Not a word in three years and suddenly...here he was. When he had been around three years ago, he was constantly at her house. Bart, Milhouse and Nelson were always together. While Bart and Milhouse were close, Nelson had an effect on Bart. Bart and Milhouse were friends; Nelson and Bart were more like brothers. She remembered times when he could come over in the middle of the night because his mother would have gone off drinking again. He would always crash in Bart's room, the two of them staying up all night talking. In the mornings, he would always give her a hug before he left, thanking her parents and telling Bart he would see him later.

But then he left, that was however after the major falling out with Bart. He never told her what it was about, like the fallout with Milhouse, but Lisa knew it must have been big for their friendship to have suffered for it. Now, being held in his arms like she was, Lisa didn't know what to think. Pulling free from his grasp, Lisa wiped away a single tear.

"Have you gone to see Bart yet?" she asked. Straight to the point.

She saw his shoulders tense. He was wearing a casual outfit of jeans and a tee, a black jacket hugging the tee and a soft beanie on his head. Boots on his feet. Very Nelson Muntz. He turned from her, sighing. "I tried. I went to your house and stood there for about ten minutes, trying to ring the doorbell. I think Ned Flanders had a heart attack seeing me back. I think just about everyone has."

"How did you know I work here?" Lisa asked him, curiously.

"Maggie," Nelson answered her, "Saw her at the Junior High School, well, actually she seen me. Ran over to me, slapped my face and told me where I could find you."

"Bart won't be at home," she stated, moving away from him and going back to what she was doing before. She felt him follow her. "He and Milhouse work construction."

"Oh. I see." Five minutes of silence followed.

"He missed you, you know."


"Bart," she repeated, "After your fight, whatever that was about, and you leaving, he was so upset. He didn't go to school for a month. Locked his door and only left in the middle of the night for food and stuff. Didn't talk to Milhouse. They had a fight but they're alright now. But he did miss you. He hasn't been able to go back and play any sport that you played with him. All the photos of you two together, they're all in the attic. The awards, the praise, the hope. I think it all died out of him."

"I didn't want to leave," Nelson replied, "but something came up."

Nodding her head, she continued working.

"You look good." This startled her, making Lisa turn and look at him. "I'm just saying. Three years. Little Lisa grew up."

"Yeah well. That's what happens."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Depends on what it is."

"Does he hate me?"

It was a question that sounded more like a statement to her. But Lisa shook her head. Bart could never hate Nelson.

"Why would he hate his brother?" she replied, turning and smiling at him. "I finish in half an hour. Want to wait around and you can head home with me?"

"Yeah, that would be great." Lisa smiled. "Oh, and Lisa. I'm sorry I wasn't there for your graduation."

"It's alright."

"So, half an hour?"

"Half an hour."

"Okay. Meet you outside later then," he said, waving and disappearing out the front door. Lisa watched him leave and didn't even notice her boss come up to her side.

"Who was he? You guys were talking for a while."

"An old friend."

"I see. Any feelings for this old friend?"

"Some. But they died an awfully long time ago."

End Chapter

Wow! Chapter 1! This is going to be big. I've always wanted to write Nelson/Lisa angst! So, what do we all think about chapter 1? It took a while for me to write this, mainly cause of everything else. Also, a few notes for this story. The episode where Nelson gets his parents back didn't happen in my universe!