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AUTHOR'S NOTE – Hi there! This is BeeKay84! Maybe you already know me from my other fanfics – of which my Lion King fanfics The Lion King 3: Don't Defy Destiny and Nivio: The Cubhood of Loner are most popular, I believe. In case you don't know me or my fanfics, the first thing you need to know is: I'm from Germany, that means English is not my native language and my English is not perfect. From what I've been told, it must be quite good, though. ;) On another note, this is my first Kim Possible fanfic. I never dared to write a KP fanfic before, because I'm not all that good at writing action and/or fighting scenes, which usually appear in KP episodes (and because I lacked ideas, of course). But I hope I'll manage to write a good story anyways and stay true to the characters.
For those who do know me and who might have seen the poll "What kind of fanfic should I write next?" on my profile page: I hope you're not too disappointed by the fact that I'm not writing a new Lion King fanfic now. Out of 5 unique voters (and one of them was me D), 3 voted for a sequel to my Lion King sequel TLK3D. But as it says in the poll, it was "just for fun". I just wanted to see what people would like me to write, but I didn't want to "force" myself into writing a fanfic when I still lacked both ideas and time. Some day, I really want to start writing a TLK4 of my own, but not as long as I don't have a single idea for it. I hope you understand.
As for this KP fanfic, it was actually a spontaneous idea I got after I've finally seen the fourth season for the first time. The idea developed fast, and soon I was writing the first chapters for a German KP forum. In German, of course. The story isn't even finished in German yet, but I decided to start translating the first few chapters into English to be able to post them here. The story is set within season 4, somewhere between the episodes "Oh No! Yono" and "Graduation". That means, Kim and Ron have been dating for a pretty long time already, about eight to ten months would be my guess. But it's a little hard to tell, because the only thing we know is that in the episode "Clean Slate", they've been together for half a year, and in "Graduation", it must have been one year. Well, and just to be sure, I've rated the story T, because there will be some hints to and jokes based on adult themes. Now – enough babbling! Hope you enjoy. ;)



Chapter One: A Sitch at the Wrong Time

It was an early Friday evening, when Kim was burrowing through her wardrobe. Same as always: So many clothes, nothing to wear! Should she pick a nice dress, or something casual? Soon, her telephone rang. Absent-minded, Kim grabbed it and answered the call: "Hello?"

"Hey, KP…"

A smile appeared on Kim's lips as she heard the light-hearted voice of her boyfriend – actually, her boyfriend and best friend. "Oh, hey Ron!" she replied happily, while she continued searching her wardrobe.

"So, are you coming over then?" Ron asked.

That was when Kim hesitated: "Wait a second, I thought you're coming over and we hit the town?"

"Uh, yeah…" Now, Ron's voice sounded a little nervous, and he cleared his throat: "Ahem, you know, KP, …my …my parents aren't home tonight, and… err, I…"

"Oh, you gotta look after Hana, right?" She anticipated his next words (or so it seemed).

After a short pause, Ron stuttered: "Uh… yeah… he, he… you got it… yeah…"

"That's okay, no big. Then I guess I'll come over and we'll look after Hana together. We'll handle her!"

"Right… so, uh… see you later, KP."

"Yeah, see you!" Kim hung up and glanced over her wardrobe once more. Then, she decided to just stay in the clothes she was wearing: A magenta colored t-shirt with darker sleeves and grey jeans. That was how Ron liked her most anyway: Just the way she was.

A short time later, Kim went downstairs, stopped at the front door once again and shouted in the direction of the living room: "Mom? Dad? I'll be over at Ron's!"

At that, her mother appeared from the kitchen, carrying a few snacks she just fetched for TV night and said: "That's fine, honey… But I thought he'd come over and you'd hit the town?"

"Yeah, that's what I thought, but it looks like he's stuck at home babysitting. Too bad… But no big."

"Well, have fun with the little one. Hope she won't trouble you."

"Nah, not little Hana… not any more. So, I'll come home as soon as Ron's parents are back, okay?"

"Alright, honey. Have fun!"

"Thanks, Mom." And with that, Kim stepped out of the door and started walking the short way to the Stoppables' house.


Once she arrived, she rang the doorbell. A short time later, the door opened very slowly – and Ron appeared, grinning in a lovey-dovey, if not seductive way: "Hi KP…"

"Hi Ron," Kim smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then, they entered the house and went towards the living room. On their way, Kim asked: "So, are your parents already gone?"

Ron answered this question with a lengthened and contented: "Uuhhh-huuuuuh…"

Only when they reached the living room, Kim noticed that it was quite dark in the house. The only light in the living room was the shine of some candles standing on the table. However, Kim asked about something else first: "Where's Hana?"

Ron's radiant smile turned into a questioning, confused look: "Han? Oh yeah… Uh, …not here."

"She didn't escape you again, did she?"

"What? No… Hana is with my parents!"

"Huh, come again?"

"He, he, yeah…" Ron gave her an embarrassed smile. "Well, that's the great thing: Mom and Dad are at some kind of meeting for adoptive parents of Asian kids or something… And of course, Hana's with the party."

"Oh…" Kim sat down on the couch, "And her big brother isn't?"

"Uh, well, that's another thing…" Ron took a seat on the couch next to Kim. "They would've brought me along, …but imagine what could've happened, if the people there had asked me about what I teach my little sister…! I mean, no one knows she's a ninja baby, …except for you and me, …my parents, …Sensei, Yori, …Monkey Fist, …who now is some kind of a stone slab…"

"Okay…" Kim interrupted him, "I got it. So, your parents left you at home alone, and you told me you had to babysit… Ron, Ron, Ron…"


"I never thought you could be so... cunning…"

"Uh… you don't mean that… in a bad way, now, do you?"

Kim smiled, touched Ron's face with her hands and said: "Let me show you how I mean it…"

But shortly before they could kiss, a small hairless rodent hopped onto the couch between them and uttered a barely understandable: "Hey!"

"Aw, Rufus…" Ron said in an annoyed manner, „You're not the chaperone around here… Hey – by the way, there's cheese in the kitchen!"

"Yum, cheese!" Rufus squeaked and was up and away.

"Well done, Ron," Kim complimented, and they carried on right where they had been interrupted… They kissed, embracing each other, and Kim let herself slowly fall back onto the couch… But at that moment, a familiar beeping tone sounded. Kim was startled, and Ron fell off the couch.



Then, it beeped again, and Kim got her kimmunicator wristband ready, while Ron said in a disappointed way: "Aw man, why now?"

Before Kim pressed the button to accept the call, she replied: "Ron, you know, the world comes first…"

Then, when it beeped for the third time, she connected and asked: "What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Hey, Kim, I almost thought you wouldn't answer…" Wade said on the display. "I just got a break-in at… Uh, say, why are you sitting in the dark?"

"Uh… short circuit. A break-in? Where?"

„A secret lab of Global Justice, one that hardly anyone knows about, actually. I just registered the break-in via motion detector. Probably the guards positioned there won't be able to handle this, they're too small in number."

"Okay, maybe we'll get there in time… Where is this lab?"

"A few miles outside of Upperton. I'll send the exact position to the GPS in your car as soon as you go."

"Please and thank you! We're on our way!"

Kim was just about to disconnect, when Wade added: "By the way, I can't detect a short circuit, neither at your house nor at Ron's…"

"Say, Wade…" Ron, who had picked himself up off the floor by now, asked, "What in this world didn't you wire?"

"Uh… you guys better get going now." That was where Wade ended the call.

"He's right, Ron," Kim said in a serious tone. "Go put on your mission outfit – I'll head home right away to put mine on and get the car keys. Meet me at my car, got it?"

"Uh, …yeah, got it, KP," Ron said with a hint of disappointment in his voice.


Only a short time later, the front door of the Possibles' house flew open, and Kim raced to her room upstairs like a rocket. Surprised, Kim's father looked out of the living room into the hall, then to the stairs and asked: "Kimmie cub, is that you?"

Kim's mother also peeked from behind the wall: "Everything okay, Kimmie?"

Kim's voice sounded from her room on the attic: "No time! Gotta go! Got a mission!"

Shortly after that, Kim raced downstairs again, wearing her new mission outfit, but before she had reached the still opened front door, her mother inquired: "And what about the little one?"

"She's with Ron's parents," Kim just answered quickly, without thinking. "Gotta go! See ya!"

And away she was. Kim's parents exchanged a confused look, then they both sat down on the couch in front of the TV again. But then, a thought struck Kim's father, and he said in a startled way: "Wait a second… If Ronald's parents took the baby with them, ...I deduce that Ronald was at home alone… and that means… OH MY GOODNESS!"

His wife patted his shoulder in a soothing way: "Honey, calm down…"

Mr. Possible's breathing went all shallow, but then he inhaled and exhaled deeply and sighed with relief: "Good thing they have to go on a mission now…"

Mrs. Possible gave her husband a strange look, then she went back to watching TV.

End of Chapter One


AUTHOR'S NOTE – Well, yeah, that was the first chapter of my KP fanfic "Perfect Planning". I know, it was rather short. But don't worry, the next chapters will be getting longer eventually, and they'll contain more descriptions, too. This first chapter could be seen as a prologue as well. Or you could imagine it as the first scene of a KP episode, you know, right before the show's intro. So, enjoy the theme song "Call me, beep me" while you wait for my next chapter. ;) Okay, I honestly don't know when I'll get to upload the next chapter. Translating a written story is almost as much work as writing one. And like I said before, it isn't even completely written yet. But the first 6 chapters already exist in German, so I hope I'll get to translate them soon. 'til then, please review! I'd really like to know what you think of this story so far. Well, see you around! :)